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So, I've seen more than one person putting up logs of their character's arcs (looking at Illyria, Cheliyi, and Rhalkyr specifically, quite possibly Gurashi and others, I am very forgetful! I'd 100% recommend going to check out their logs also, as Esei tends to be a key character.) So, I decided to do the same, but spanning from my first ever logs to ones I've collected now. Some of them may be double-posted somewhere else on the forums, but I thought it might be more prudent to collect them all in one post. I will also be excluding org, order, and guild secrets for... obvious reasons! I also do not appear to have logged a lot, though trust me my three brain cells are working at full capacity to remember everything.

Please note some of these earliest logs took place before non-binary genders were implemented! Others have been recently edited to be more legible and many have been renamed. They are (mostly) in chronological order.

Under the Willow - a novice (and laughingly naive, looking back) Esei and @Lief meet for the first time after Shashi's death.

Doubting the Glomdoring - shortly after the above meeting, Esei talks to @Gurashi and try to define the difference between mercy and patience.

Everything Will Be Okay - sometime after joining @Nocht's order, Esei heads to His fulcrux after a nudge in the Aetherplex. It's a very spooky encounter. (Takes place after Esei's Rite of Awakening)

Shower of Blackthorns - a few RL days after that encounter, Esei returns to Nocht's fulcrux (which is becoming a pattern...).

Potential - Gurashi and Esei talk again - this time about potential.

"A shame you will not save them." - Esei spooks @Elexia and @Coraline (with Nocht's approval, even!)

Rituals and Mysraisms - Esei speaks to Tonatiuh about ritualism in Gaudiguch and the Glomdoring and ends up with @Mysrai, the Shofet of Abyssal Scales, in their manse instead.

A Secret - Esei accidentally helps convert a Celestian to the Glomdoring, with Nocht. There are decapitated heads involved. (Still buying heads.)

silver and sable - Esei speaks to Elexia again, about their manse, and what they care for.

"You, however, have exceeded them." - @Rancoura questions Esei's doubts and self-loathing as they process her offer.

to be full of doubt - Esei worries about disappointing dad Nocht and being unworthy. His resulting pep talk is... predictably Wyrden.

can still surprise... - Esei still doubts, but they're trying anyway. They also slurped some of His godrealm water because of course they did.

Missing - Esei alarms poor @Nepenthe and gets a Talking To from Nocht later.

Esei and Ethna's Wedding - Esei and @Ethna finally got hitched! Too many of you guys to tag but I love every single one of you. Special kudos to @Viravain and Whoever may have been piloting Akuuko and Filib.

roadblocks - Esei returns with a greater sense of self-confidence than ever before (thanks to OOC efforts, go me!) and speaks to Nocht about Rhalkyr, their tasks for Him, and some worries said in His fulcrux.

Seren Child - Esei receives a letter from @Illyria via @Rhalkyr. They are intrigued.

Immoveable Object, meet Unmoveable Force - Esei helps Rhalkyr with his doubts. He really thinks he can out-stubborn them.

Heart's Home - Esei guides young Illyria on her path in the Glomdoring and the Order.

Reassurance - Esei helps Illyria with her doubts, too, as she moves through the Order.

"What really matters?" - Esei returns to Nocht's fulcrux, to think, and ruminate on events they have seen and missed, and on people to bully. Poor @Cheliyi will receive the blunt of it. (Much love for tolerating me.)

"...the nicely Songs?" - Esei becomes sileni, gets teased by @Tikki, and then is drowned in flowers by @Lawrence who really IS naughty. They talk to Gurashi about it, after.

Fears - Esei contemplates Mother Night's liturgy against fear and what it really means. Filib interrupts, and they end up having an excellent, if mildly worrying, chat.

Whoof, and that's a big post! Will be keeping you all updated as Esei charges full speed ahead back into Lusternia. I know I've missed a LOT between joining and now, but hopefully with daily logs and saving each one, I will be better at it. Hope to see you all in the future.
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    Esei's grown so muchly. 

    Many greetings! I do commissions!

    ‘It’s important to be kind. You can’t know all the times that you’ve hurt people in tiny, significant ways.
    It’s easy to be cruel without meaning to be. There’s nothing you can do about that. But you can choose to be kind. Be kind.’

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    And you helped, Gurashi. <3
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    Drown in the flowers
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    Rattle Em, Boys - Esei shows @Gurashi and @Tridemon their bone room and their expanding manse. (Originally took place April 5, 2021.)

    bones and flowers - @Olethea comes to visit. They talk about her protege Gael, Magnagora, and some very fun [redacted] things. (Originally took place April 11, 2021.)
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    @Cheliyi has been struggling lately, more than Esei thought she'd be. So they try to help. And cuddle, a little.

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    Esei said:
    @Cheliyi has been struggling lately, more than Esei thought she'd be. So they try to help. And cuddle, a little.

    the same log, but with *jazz hands* thinks (also god this was. so wholesome. )
    Cheliyi squints. Hesitantly, she asks, "Does He need pants?"
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