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[ I spend a LOT of time talking to Fulcruxes. Gonna post the ones I have logs for! And I'll be upkeeping this thread with future ramble-at-fulcruxes as they come!
This first, relatively short one was at @Drocilla ]

You purse your lips, contemplating a graceful bracelet of night-blooming jasmine thoughtfully.

Softly, you say, "My Lady...? I am sorry to trouble You with prayers again, as I am still without word. But, I... I can feel my path changing, again. I do not want to give up the pursuit of living a life that makes me happy, and now... You are all that ties me to my current life. The last part of it that I love."

Softly, you say, "I cannot stay in Gaudiguch any longer. The gas-lighting and childishness threatens to drive me from the realms entirely. And I cannot go back to Magnagora, whatever fond memories I have do not right the issues I have with... a few certain people that yet linger there. They have already succeded in driving me from the realms, for decades at a time and... I want to live."

Softly, you say, "I wanted to write a play for You. I wanted to create so many things for You, but my life is taking me to places that will have all of me, but will not have You. You will ever be the nearest Goddess to my heart, but if I am to move forward, I will have to leave behind the trappings of formal worship."

Softly, you say, "I hope that You can forgive me this uncertainty. You deserve better than the weak-hearted anyway. And, well... if You can't, I understand. But know that I will always love You anyway, and will always think fondly of twilight."

You have emoted: Olethea gazes quietly at Bewitching Prayer Beads of the Enchantress, taking a moment to hug them to her chest.

Softly, her voice starting to crack, you say, "And that I will miss You."

Softly, her voice starting to crack, you say, "If ever I become a person that I think You will be proud of, I will come home. but right now, I just... did not want to leave without a goodbye."

You have emoted: Olethea nibbles her lower lip for a second, before dipping deeply, silently, into a bow so low her knees, and then her forehead touch the floor. She stays like this a moment, sniffling softly, before she rises, gathers herself, and leaves without another word.


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    [ The next Fulcrux visit I actually logged, because I keep forgetting to grab these... a few days later after joining the Glomdoring, involved talking to @Manteekan ]

    The Fulcrux of Manteekan.

    You close your eyes and inhale deeply, absorbing the scent of your surroundings.
    You let loose a long breath from your lungs, exhaling slowly.

    Softly, you say, "Hello, Lord Manteekan. I am back."

    Softly, you say, "It's... interesting. You are not easy to find solid information on! I am presently awaiting word from Lord Eliron Shee-Slaugh and hope to have a good, proper conversation with him about You, but I find it quite curious how interesting I find this... veil."

    Softly, you say, "Frankly, it's fascinating. Ah, but, I'm rambling. How are You? I wonder where Divine go, when They turn their minds from the Basin. I hope wherever it is, it is pleasant for You. Or at least... not distressing."

    You say, "I wonder where You were before Glomdoring. I wonder what kept You hidden for so long, as I understand You are a new addition to their -- to our -- Divine Pantheon. Were You among the Fae? I've been told that You are so very strongly linked to the Fae, and that is why You came to us. Did You have somewhere before that You called home? Or was it nothing, and then Glomdoring?"

    Softly, you say, "Did it also take You time to adjust? I know things... changed, when You came to us, though I have not found any concrete record of what shape this change took. I... do hope it wasn't painful, Lord. Or at least, I hope it is something You have come to welcome. I hope the same for myself, as I rather expect that I will also be changed."

    Softly, you say, "I wonder how I will change. I suppose that's not something You would know, though, even if Your eyes were upon the Basin. It's strange, but I get the impression that it is deeply personal, somehow."

    Softly, you ask, "Would You like me to tell You about myself?"

    Softly, you say, "My name is Olethea - though I suppose You at least know that - and I was born, for better or worse, into the Magnagoran family of D'cente, to a womanizing hedonist and an admittedly lovely warm woman who nevertheless does not appear to have any morals outside of her own self-interest. It... was not the best situation that could be, but I did very dearly love my Lady Drocilla, and found great fulfilment in devoting myself to religion. I was a teacher for a time, but eventually the stress of my lineage, along with a few... uncomfortably forward encounters with individuals I didn't particularly care for, led me to sleep for some time."

    You say, "When I woke, some forty years later, I left Magnagora. The people I didn't particularly care for were now in power, and no amount of attachment to My Lady would keep me within their grasp. I went first to Celest, but... they would want me to give up my body, and it is one of a few things I truly like about myself. And so I went to Gaudiguch, where my mother now lives, and which was, at the time, allied to the Glomdoring."

    You say, "I had never before had the opportunity to visit, but shortly after my move, members of the Glomdoring invited any from the alliance who wished it to come and see a play. I have ever been terribly in love with theatre just as a concept, so I went, and I met some lovely people who I now call very dear friends - Lord Xenthos, of Shikari, and Friend Gurashi. And others, I don't know them nearly as well, but I expect I shall have plenty of opportunity to grow familiar now."

    You say, "Despite my move, I retained my place in my Lady's Order, but She began to ignore me. She doesn't particularly favour those who stray beyond Magnagora's borders. Ahm... I don't believe I fit in well, there. It is much more wild than my own persuasion and I never was one for substance abuse, particularly. Still, I enjoyed living near my mother again, and I enjoyed being free to wander the Dark Wood."

    You purse your lips pensively, gazing off into the distance as you carefully gather your thoughts.

    You say, "But then Gaudiguch severed ties with Glomdoring. In a span of just three short months of lies we went from what was really a very happy arrangement, in which Gaudiguch took the lion's share of everything we worked together to win to... falling in with Magnagora, Serenwilde, and Hallifax of all Cities. A few scant months after that, and a referendum so quick I missed it, and that 'no longer allied' status was switched to formal hostility. All the while, stories of the Glomdoring's treachery spread from the Sultan's own mouth, despite a lack of substantiation in practice. A single incident of a member of the Glomdoring messing up the timing of a Citymate's attempt to become Enlightened was blown terribly out of proportion and dragged across the coals as indicative of Glomdoring's selfishness."

    You say, "The City wasn't even asked if it wanted to sever ties, it was told that the severence was happening - and the referendum on the Political relationship was only offered after the fact, with two separate options of hostility presented to allow an outweigh of neutrality."

    You run a hand through your fiery mane dripping red-gold embers, stroking the tresses and tucking a lock back into place.

    You say, "...I relayed as much as I could, but the Sultan began to grow suspicious and, as the relationship worsened, it began to cause me very much pain to hear my new friends called such monstrous things. Certainly, the forest can be a violent, terrible and unforgiving place with little care for the injury of those who do nothing to defend themselves, but they had been nothing but supportive of us when we were people that they stood beside in battle, and to hear it spread that they were anything but..."

    You say, "Eventually I spoke to Gurashi of...perhaps moving. My one reservation was my Faith. My Lady had been my only constant in life - but Her Silence since my departure from Magnagora was deafening. Still, it... was not easy to say goodbye. I got somewhat emotional."

    You say, "Gurashi told me of the Gods of Glomdoring and... as much as he knew of You. Your unique position of having come to the Glomdoring from elsewhere struck a chord with me. And that is why, devoid of patron, I now stand here to talk to You."

    You say, "...I do hope that I someday get to meet you. I have more hope for finding happiness in the Glomdoring than I have in my ill-fit among the Cities; I admit I am a strange sight among the trees. Viscanti, flaming red hair, particularly ostentatious attire. But the people have been nothing but kind."

    You say, "They want to see me grow, so that I can help the Glomdoring grow, and... I find myself increasingly more comfortable with that."

    Softly, you say, "Everyone who was awake at the time came to welcome me home. I had never been so warmly received in my waking life."

    You purse your lips pensively, gazing off into the distance as you carefully gather your thoughts.

    You say, "...Again, I do hope that You are well. And if You can hear me, my chatter is not... distracting or unpleasant. Faith has always been a big part of my life, and it is a great comfort to find Someone to Whom I can rededicate my own."

    Softly, you say, "Safest travels, My Lord, and may You return triumphant, wonderous, and terrible."
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