Ginger joins the Listeners

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The Listeners had a new addition to the membership and our guildhall this weave. Here's a log of her cutely taking up her duty within the guild

Eyes glittering with eagerness, Ginger Tailsnap moves to and fro here.

Ginger is a furrikin with a particularly fluffy coat of fur bearing the rich golden colour that is her namesake. Mousy in appearance, she has soft, thin ears, long whiskers, and bright, eager eyes that gleam with light whenever she looks upon a new item in her collection. Her face, patterned in orange and white fur, looks remarkably round, her cheeks particularly so when she stuffs one item or another into her mouth for safekeeping. Monkish gear of red leather covers her body and graces her full figure, bearing numerous pockets into which she has placed either belongings of particular significance, or, at times, cookies the exact shade of her fur. Despite her family name, the furrikin only has a stub of a tail, which protrudes imperceptibly from the back of her armour. Her small hands often clasp together in excitement as she moves about, arranging her precious things over and over again.

The safe-keep room has been around since the beginning, so it's really neat to have a denizen to look after it who also happens to be a shopkeeper. I also really like that she really seems to fit in with the room itself, organising things in her own way which seems like it'll be basically as chaotic as it already is just the existing chaos is wrong.


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    Some of her ambients ^_^

    Ginger Tailsnap pauses, lifting a small item from the room and stuffing it suddenly into her mouth. Her cheek pouches out with the added volume.

    "No, no, no," Ginger Tailsnap murmurs, taking something and moving it one inch to the right. "There. That's better."

    Ginger Tailsnap speaks softly to herself as she bustles about, taking stock of everything in the chamber.
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