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There are some features which seem to be missing or simply buried on these forums.  While I am not sure how easy they would be to add, they are features which I am used to (primarily from the old forums) and whose lack I sorely miss.

1) The full "search" functionality is buried so deeply that finding it is itself a test of your ability to search.  First, you need to click the magnifying glass on the search box on the top right.  Next, you need to look in the little search box and find the triangle.  Then, and only then, by clicking that little triangle can you get at the full "Search" features (allowing you to search by title / category / author / tags / etc).
- It would be nice if, next to the little search box, there was a button that took you straight to the full in-depth search screen.
2) Locating a specific user profile is somewhat difficult as well.  There appears to be no "members" button which allows you to search for a specific profile; instead you need to go looking for posts by the author, or posts replying to that author, and then follow through the links to get to the profile.
3) The report button is gone!  This button was very useful in that it allowed you to actually type a reason in; right now all you can do is flag "abuse," but there is no way of indicating what exactly the abuse entails.  Am I referring to the signature?  Am I referring to a specific word in the post?  Am I referring to the tone?  Who knows?  There's no way to leave a comment explaining myself.


Note that I'm sticking to basic features at this point.  There are more things, of course, but this is the stuff that tends to bother me the most.

Edit: Also, the "search by tags" part of the search seems to be broken.
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