Jewelry Design Question

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Ok, I don't belong to many cartels, so I may be missing something.  But, I looked at the lower level jewelry designs (baubles, trinkets, etc) and i only saw stuff like prayer beads, needles, studs, etc. Are these the only things that are allowed at those ranks? Or,is it that no one really submitted anything different. So, if I wanted to design some jeweled eggs or something as a trinket, would that get shot down?


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    Yes. If you check DESIGN PATTERNS JEWELRY, it will show you the base pAttterns. With few exceptions, you can't break from this.
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    You will only see designs that you have the skill to make, unless you do cartel <name> catalogue.

    There are set patterns for what we are allowed to make, the jewellery designs are these -

    You may design based on the following patterns:
    [ID]    [Org]         [Type]        [Description]                             
    35      Public        Studs         a silver stud
    37      Public        Rings         an elegant ring set with a black opal
    39      Public        Studs         a gold hoop
    47      Public        Trinkets      a platinum piercing needle
    50      Public        Bracelets     a bracelet
    57      Public        Necklaces     a gorgeous diamond necklace
    58      Public        Wands         a slender wand
    103     Public        Studs         a small hoop earring
    104     Public        Crowns        a pearl and lapis tiara
    105     Public        Crowns        a crown
    108     Public        Heirloom      a plain brooch
    110     Public        Chains        a plain chain
    111     Public        Chains        a plain anklet
    112     Public        Heirloom      a plain circlet
    113     Public        Necklaces     a plain choker
    115     Public        Heirloom      a plain armband
    123     Public        Baubles       a plain pendant
    141     Public        Baubles       some plain prayer beads
    143     Public        Necklaces     a plain collar
    1850    Public        Baubles       a plain pin

  • NieveaNievea Member Posts: 19 Apprentice
    Aww, that sucks. Well, I'll figure something out.

    thanks for the replies. :)
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