Lusternia's Tenth Anniversary Quiz: Questions and Answers

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As hosted by Yomoigu and Lisaera.

NEW QUESTION: "What ocean lies beyond the Razine Mountains?"

[spoiler]CORRECT ANSWER: "Amberle Ocean"

NEW QUESTION: "Which Edifice of Power raised the Vernal God Vestera?"

[spoiler]CORRECT ANSWER: "The Bubbling Cauldron"

NEW QUESTION: "Which Elder God did Morgfyre impersonate upon His return to the First World?"

[spoiler]CORRECT ANSWER: "Hajamin"

NEW QUESTION: "What physical trait did the false Carakhan possess which the true one lacked?"

[spoiler]CORRECT ANSWER: "Legs"

NEW QUESTION: "Who is the captain of the gnomish vessel which travels through Aquagoria?"

[spoiler]CORRECT ANSWER: "Captain Beehab"

NEW QUESTION: "What are the two restaurants located within the Gourmet Ghetto?"

[spoiler]CORRECT ANSWER: "Chez Magnifique and Bistro Noir"

NEW QUESTION: "Which two ancient cities are claimed to be the origin of the Vernal God Tzarakiko?"

[spoiler]CORRECT ANSWER: "Alin'dor and Lancenti"

NEW QUESTION: "Who is the taurian scientist who believed he could reawaken the splintered Elder God Tauro?"

[spoiler]CORRECT ANSWER: "Mwauka"

NEW QUESTION: "In what order were the four remaining cities of the Basin of Life founded?"

[spoiler]CORRECT ANSWER: "Gaudiguch, Hallifax, Magnagora, New Celest"

NEW QUESTION: "Name the officer of the Ur'Guard who Ladantine sent to retrieve the Horn of Urlach"

[spoiler]CORRECT ANSWER: "Captain Galvorg"

NEW QUESTION: "Following the Vernal Wars, who was the first to contact the fae and develop the skills of the wiccan?"

[spoiler]CORRECT ANSWER: "Ellindel Treeheart"

NEW QUESTION: "What was Brother Crow once known as before the onset of the Wyrd?"

[spoiler]CORRECT ANSWER: "Raven" "Brother Raven"

NEW QUESTION: "Which forest was subverted by the corrupting influence of Mantekeen?"

[spoiler]CORRECT ANSWER: "Icewynderkyl"

NEW QUESTION: "Name the four members of the Crimson eyes who discovered the Traitors in the Vortex."

[spoiler]CORRECT ANSWER: "Ologri, Panamandius, Braun, Igaso"

NEW QUESTION: "Upon which volcano did the Elder God Dracnoris splinter? (Old name only)"

[spoiler]CORRECT ANSWER: "Zokona Volcano"

NEW QUESTION: "Although I am so many faces and the spirits call me Queen, my service is to the forest kin and everything that's green. Who am I?"

[spoiler]CORRECT ANSWER: "Maeve"

NEW QUESTION: "No spirit sings of this foul beast for its claws run deep and low, and when it is not locked away, its tendrils only grow. What is it?"

[spoiler]CORRECT ANSWER: "Slaghora'ruin"

The divine voice of Yomoigu, the Pyresmith reverberates powerfully, "Congratulations to Maligorn, winner of the 10th Anniversary Quiz with 17 points! Right behind him with 16 was Akyaevin, and Tomo nabbed 3rd with 11! Congratulations to the winners, and thank you to all who participated!"
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