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SylibusSylibus Member Posts: 3 Inept
I can't seem to get Mudlet to accept my trigger to highlight my target in lines, like basically making their name orange or bright red in their attacks and such so that it is easier to track them.

Anyone got the script line?


  • SyrenniaSyrennia Member Posts: 249 Gifted
    edited December 2014
    From memory...

    Pattern: ^t (.+)$
       target = matches[2]:title()

       cecho("\n<white>[<red>Target<white>]: <green>set target to: <red>"..target)
       if target_upper then killTrigger(target_upper) end

       target_upper = tempTrigger(target, [[selectString("]]..target..[[",1) fg("red") deselect() resetFormat()]])

       if target_lower then killTrigger(target_lower) end

       target_lower = tempTrigger(target:lower(), [[selectString("]]..target:lower()..[[",1) fg("red") deselect() resetFormat()]])

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