Anyone have any tips for Dramube quest?

So, This is my second time doing Dramube and the first time since the changes to races. I am noticing it takes a VERY long time now that I don't have 2+ balance buff and every dig takes 8 seconds with a dexterity buff.

This wouldn't necessarily be so bad if you could -ever- get the right number of turns or more reliably get what you wanted upon putting tokens back in the machine.

Essentially I'm looking for tips on how I could check to see if there is anything below without digging, or ways to get additional corpses for tokens? I've tried seagulls from the Inner Sea but that didn't work and I'm frankly ready to just stop my aetherepic progress here it's been so frustrating.

Just to vent a little, In my most recent attempt, I needed one turn port or turn starboard in 20 tokens, I put them back into the machine until I had none left, and never received a turn, before this, the sandspeeder reset on me inbetween me gathering tokens even though I set a timer and went to get corpses as soon as they respawned.
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  • XenthosXenthos Shadow Lord

    That silver shovel works wonders for Dramube.  I actually bought it specifically for that quest.  If you can't afford one, borrow one!
  • I also bought the shovel for that reason. Hah!

    Davos poke me IG and I got you covered.
  • Yeah I brought a silver shovel for that quest too. it was a real struggle trying to do the quest without it.


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  • UshaaraUshaara Schrödinger's Traitor
    There's also the aethergoop dowsing crystal, which indicates if there's something buried below on a quicker balance. Think it's owner-only though.
  • Go geo. Get beast that instantly digs all levels in one beast balance.
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