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Xenthos An'ryshe
  • Events! The Good, and the Not-So-Good

    Events here are one of the main things that I absolutely love about Lusternia, because they force you to react out of your "comfort zone".  Unexpected scenarios, completely new situations, and you have to actually be invested in the things... there's a reason that I show up whenever an event is happening.

    Players (and the administrative staff, especially the volunteers else they'd not be volunteers) are exceedingly invested in this game- some perhaps in monetary terms, but more importantly, we are all emotionally invested.  This means that we are all going to take things personally at times.

    What this does not mean is that we don't want to participate in events (or want any particular individual to avoid participating)!  These are the things that give Lusternia amazing depth, since they build off of the histories and the lore.

    It's easiest to post long things detailing what you felt went wrong in an event; just from many years on these forums, it's pretty common for people to post more often about the things that they did not like instead of what they did.  Again, this does not mean that the event itself was disliked, or that everyone wishes it had never happened.

    I feel like a thread that discusses events, not just focusing on the negatives but also the positives, would be beneficial; it will allow us to inform the volunteers who are driving things of what we especially liked as well as what we would like to see done differently (not that it necessarily will be, but there's always going to be a desire for some constructive criticism; I mean, none of us are perfect whether we are running events or participating in them).

    So, in no particular order, I have some comments on the most recent event(s):
    1) Xynthin.  I mean, oh my god.  Before the end of the event when he went crazy (I'm really sad about that, by the way, I thought there was so much potential there for something greater / enduring, even if he became something else), it was obvious that the person/people playing him had put a lot of time into investigating the role / building up the personality.  There were just so many little things that leaped out at me as we spoke / I read the logs of other people (especially Tacita's) speaking with him.
    2) Shikari.  Xenthos (rather obviously) was going through a significant identity crisis.  I feel like the Gods were being pretty absent on an actual physical level to let the event go forward, but there was all kinds of NPC interaction, and Shikari's NPCs were supportive when he sought them out.  <3
    3) Rowena.  What the bleep.  I am supposed to HATE HER.  She's supposed to be the hag that nobody likes, who spits on people on a regular basis.  Then she goes and pulls a Shazbat-bomb and wipes out a horde of 80+ dominators, after running around with us and murdering them on a one-by-one basis.  This is so darned unfair.  But so full of awesomeness.
    4) The visions from the Wheel.  !!!  <-- This is not enough, but I don't really know how to say in text just how well-crafted these things were.  There were well-known people in the visions, there were less well-known people, but they were all players and it was giving us a view of what 'could be'.  This helped make the whole thing seem more real.  This was a grind-event done Right- the reward was more the visions than the actual curio pieces (for most people involved).  Plus, on top of that, there were the visions of the past that gave more insight into how things occurred, bridging a few gaps in the histories.  Just... this was a completely inspired idea, and it was done perfectly from my standpoint (though I feel the vision with me would not quite have happened that way <_<).

    Really, I dislike that Crow is always ineffectual, but that's pretty much just how he is at this point.  I'm pretty used to it by now, but I can understand that people who haven't seen it before would take it hard when they're all oriented around how Crow is "Great Crow, Mighty Crow, grovelgrovel".