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    Caerlyr said:
    This is the one most of us use:
    I'm surprised that hasn't been updated in years. I recall seeing and using some of the tips off that site a few years back. Interesting nonetheless :(
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    is there any info on mirror army quest?
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    1) Which side, and 2) What specifically are you looking for?  These are some of the quickest quests in the game once you know what you are doing; the hardest part is finding all the hiding spots for the objects needed to repair the devices (that said, some of them are hidden very well).
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    Just be sure to read all of the room descriptions very carefully. Once you know all the hiding spots you're pretty much golden; as I recall, the Mastermind (for either side) isn't terribly tricky, and like many Lusternia quest puzzles it's a real-life puzzle with solving tips available online.
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    I see like for Gaudiguch or Hallifax?
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    The two sides of the quest are nearly identical, except that the quest giver is different (it should be obvious which one is which) and you hunt different critters during the quest. They're of more or less equivalent difficulty. The quest givers live in the areas above the mountains; one is in the western mountains, and one is in the southern. If you see rocs and manticores (I think, it's been a while), you're going the right way.
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    Sorry to revive a dead thread, but I hate making conspicuous new ones to ask questions that probably only I care about lol.

    Are there any quests on or involving Astral? It's such a cool area that I would like to appreciate beyond the wall of spam that is astral bashing lol.
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    The Presidio of the Damned has, as one of its sub-quests, a component that requires an Astral Virgin to complete.

    There is also the art of making firegems for the Zoaka quest, which requires usage of astral nodes to imbue it with energy.
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    I am having trouble finding the starting point for Bottledowns. I want to do the gnome side (He assisted the artisans of Bottledowns Village in stopping the Figurine Army.) and would appreciate a hint to put me in the right direction. I've been told that this one requires that figurine army side to have been done first. How do I tell if that's been done already, and where do I want to start looking for the start to the gnome side?

    Please try to answer with as few spoilers as possible, since I like to try to work these out as best I can with as little of a guide as I can manage, and I'd like to work out the rest of the quest myself. Thank you!

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    Fig army has to be out. Out = Amana is queened or whatnot and figurines are on facility invading.

    Find a named kiddo in a secret section of bottledowns to begin the quest.

    I hope you like hidden room objects.
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    Reason why I didnt first utilize this dead thread for my quest info was that it was originally made to ask a quick question by a player (as you can see in this thread's description, it was answered ages ago).

    It is why I then created this thread:

    It is designed as a hub for walkthroughs and questions. Feel free to add your own there.
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    Oops, wrong thread.

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    Ok, so I finally got around to Bottledowns (from here on there be spoilers, for people who care) and I've gotten the weapon part from Seedie and Perry without any trouble, but I've hit a snag on Grumpel and Mannie. I found all of Grumpel's parts, and he told me I need to get another part from Mannie. The problem is that I can't find a way to get Mannie to do anything. The only response I got was from mentioning the rebellion, which made him tell me that he's already done his part and to leave him alone.

    Is there something I need to do there to fix that, or do I need to wait for a reset?
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    Greet him.

    And no, I'm not joking. You have to greet him a few times, and he should give you the item you need.
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