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I have started work on a Free and Open Source curing project that will fully utilise the new overhaul system. As I would like this to become a community project where anybody can contribute, critique and suggest features, I have gone ahead and created this thread.

What I need:

Logs! Lots of logs. While you are free to use any method to make said logs available, it would be highly appreciated if you could use the service at http://www.logsty.com
(Please prefix your log title with '[Overhaul]' and upload any logs as HTML).

If there are any ideas or general thoughts in the interim, please do not hesitate to contact me.



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    I'll keep this post reserved for code snippets so that any people wanting to write their own system can make use of them if they desire.

    1. Master afflictions table.
    2. Cures by affliction.
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    Oh logs would be good.  Could we post the links to the logs here so we can all review and analyse them?


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    Yep. I think that can be arranged.
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    Is there going to be an automated curing system for all this, like firstaid? I'm on an adventure living in Taiwan right now and my ping, while not as bad as one might expect, is still not combat-ready by the usual IRE standards.  I go up to 500ms now and then.  If we had an automated curing system that shifts the burden to your prioritizing (like in Imperian) and used strategems then lag would not matter very much for some classes or so I would assume.
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