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    I tried starting a response five times now and kept deleting it. There's nothing I can say that feels adequate or appropriate, and it all doesn't feel real at points, this person who I only really knew as a character. I hadn't gotten to know him irl.

    But what a character it was. I'm impressed easily but even taking that in account, Vathael stood out. He was so decked out, so damn good at PK and involved in so many things in his heyday and even after that that he was among the few who had become household names, legends. People just joining Lusternia would probably hear of him before they actually saw him, and as everyone's comments seems to suggest, to interact with him was to come away with a positive memory. Feyrll having been Vathael's parent, I also got a glimpse of more family oriented RP and he excelled at that as well. What an utter sweetheart.

    I have no reason to think of Vathael's player as anything but decent, funny, clever and kind-hearted. Lusternia and the world are a little less with him gone.
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    Back when I was playing Lusternia years ago- Vathael taught me a lot, coding, PK- and the like. We moved around IRE a bit, to Aetolia, and Achaea, but he always found a way back to Lusternia it seems. He was a good friend, and a good person- You will be missed man, very much.  I only just heard of this and I am utterly shocked- Only two days ago I had messaged him on Aetolia and Achaea, just to see how he was doing.
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    Vathy was absolutely one of my favorite people that I ever met on Lusternia. He was very passionate, sometimes to a fault. For a long time he and I did everything together in lusty. We were good friends, and I will miss him dearly.

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    That quote actually made me cry. They say these things get easier as time goes on, but so far that's not proving true. Most days it's agonizing. I suspect there is no getting past it, but rather slowly learning to live with it. He is very much missed, and I find it very true that he lives on through everyone who has memories of him.
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