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    I'm not much a fan of newton either, but for probably different reasons. Outside of the quests, there is very little draw - and while most Lusternian quests have at least one obnoxious element - the Newton quests are bad. I have a step by step walkthrough and still don't really understand how it all fits together.
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    At least for the gnome side, there are two places where the quest gives very, very little direction as to what you are supposed to do, and where to go. That's understandable for some of the other quests, but for newbies, who are just starting to learn their way around, and most of the time haven't grasped the basics of the game, it's pretty terrible. Also, the respawn timer, the short period of time the portals stay open, the constant up and down and back again, all added to the fact that they have only so many levels before they aren't able to complete them, it's pretty darn rough.
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    There are quests there too, huh? Would have been nice to know that during the tutorial...
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    I think the main issue is that IRE wants Lusternia to "get people into the game" as quickly as possible, and you skip a lot of things when you do that.
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    I never liked Newton itself, but the problems with Newton as an area doesn't have much to do with the new intro. The intro does introduce the newbie to the quests there, and does mention that they are quests - they're just not told the significance of these quests. However, I personally also feel there is no significance to the Newton quests. It's just like many other MUDs out there. The areas that are used for the tutorial have a storyline that is usually ignored and the newbies simply go in, get what they need (exp/gold/quest rewards) and get out. Newton is pretty much the same, just that it has nothing going for it except the gold.

    I don't think I've even thought of Newton as an actual part of Lusternia and the game storyline until writing this post - to me, it's always been cut off from real Lusternian lore. Gnomes and finks? Trapped in a war? W/e.

    I don't see anything wrong with the intro rushing through Newton and its quests. Even if the newbie never ever returns to that area, nothing of value is lost, beyond a little bit of easier gold. I'd rather Ieptix and/or the admin working on the tutorial improve the mechanical aspects of it - teaching the stuff Everiine mentioned, enabling the prompt earlier, removing plain clicking and teaching exploring etc rather than try to "work" the Newton quests into a more visible spot in the tutorial. That can die in a fire. Or not, I can't care less.

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    Read the tome in a hidden library in Newton. It actually is part of the game's lore, strangely enough.
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    I loved Newton. When I started it was the honour quests there that got me hooked, for me the puzzles and story are what sets Lusternia apart. Questing in Newton with the hints teaches the basics for most other quests in the game.
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    Dunno if anyone has mentioned this or not - didn't go back and read the previous pages, but at present in the new tutorial, there is no prompt telling the newbie that they can hand the finks in to bolt for gold and the corresponding quest - all it does is tells you to kill the finks, get the widgets then go straight to the golden portal to the next area after you give the widgets to cranky.
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