Squad-Targetting Trigger/Alias-ness

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So, I can't seem to figure out how to make the squad triggers that everyone I know of uses...

Like, if you're following (which I usually am) and your target calls out a specific enemy number, and then everyone else automatically attacks that enemy and keeps attacking it until the leader calls out a different target. In addition, how does one do that as a leader? To me, it seems that they call it out as soon as they enter the room, so I don't know how that works, either....

I'm rather new to using Lua, and as such, I don't know hardly...anything...about coding. I use MUSH, so I'm trying to figure that out, but it's...difficult. 


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    Some people have scripts that read the GMCP list of creatures in that room and have code to attack in a priority order, when they do so they have a trigger to call out their target, other people have a trigger to capture that line and target the number (which is set as a variable.)

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    Hey Jasted - This should get you started.  This is the trigger shell, with the trigger line for numeric target calls.  I don't know how your system sets targets so I have left the body of the trigger empty.  Happy to help you get it going next time we are both on.



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