Speaking with the Predator (the good one)

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This is from the Anas'im'aeklas event. Since it was an ongoing event, I didn't share it on the public boards, since I didn't know how plot-related it might be. Once the event was over, I completely forgot about it until seeing the favorite/most-memorable moments thread.

Wolverine is the only one of the Warrior Spirits that has a denizen. She is part of the collegium.


You kneel before a wolverine spirit, swearing your allegiance to her.
A wolverine spirit locks eyes with you and taps the ground with one paw.

You say to a wolverine spirit, "Great Sister Wolverine, Fiercest of All Predators, I ask again, in desperate hope, if You or any of the Three Warriors have ever heard of the Anas'im'aeklas clan, or of Diakala. We believe that their return is an ill omen for my tribe and my people."

A wolverine spirit says, "Hail, Everiine - Serenguard. I have been hearing your whisperings and questionings."

Everiine bows even lower, placing his head to the ground.

A wolverine spirit fixates her black eyes upon you, her gaze penetrating you as if it were her claws or fangs sinking into your flesh.

You say to a wolverine spirit, "I know that I am not with honour in Your eyes yet, Great Sister. Yet I come to you, in fear and in hope."

A wolverine spirit says, "Your respect is suitable, Serenguard."

A wolverine spirit raises her snout as if she were smelling the air. "Know this, I am not the wisest of the Three Warriors - I am cunning incarnate, predation supreme. I have hunted the mysteries of Life and of the spirits.

Everiine listens, his face kept to the ground.

A wolverine spirit says, "My knowing of the Anas'im'aeklas is limited. It is a secret that is guarded, that is ancient. You must be its vanguard when they make their move - that is all I will tell you. That is all I can tell you."

Face to the ground, you say, "Your words are wise, Warrior Spirit. I shall take them back to my people, that they may enlighten and prepare us for the task ahead."

A wolverine spirit says, "Rise then, Serenguard."

Everiine stands slowly, keeping his eyes low out of respect for the Great Spirit before him.

Hesitantly, you ask a wolverine spirit, "If I may... I have been looking for Your Brother Eagle, to ask of Him the same questions I have asked of you. But I could not find Him in His perch in my visions. Do You know where the Seer has gone?"

A wolverine spirit lets loose an angry snarl as she gnashes her teeth. "Eagle is flying, Serenguard. He flies toward darker skies, in preparation. That is all I will tell you. Try not my patience."

Everiine backs away, bowing low again. "Thank you, Mighty Predator. I shall bother you no more."
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