Post Your Beauty Submissions!

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Now that the Beauty Seal has been claimed (congrats to @Tacita as well as everyone else who placed), post your beauty submissions here!

I'm going to post mine in spoilers to take up less room. (having trouble with this, meh.)

Cartel PDA [spoiler] Item: Viola  Type: Instruments  Org: PDA  Designer: Vermyne
Commodities: wood 100 silver 40 gems 9 lightessence 1
Mortal Reviews: Allowed
Container: No  Can Have Lock: No
IMPORTANT: The main noun MUST use one of these: VIOLA
a maple viola adorned with luminous silver filigree
A maple viola lies here, silver filigree gleaming.
A fine piece of craftsmanship, this viola has been wrought of pale maple
wood, the natural grain oiled and polished to a soft gleam. Cut in the
traditional shape, the body flows with elegant lines, the sound holes
cunningly shaped as long-stemmed roses, mimicking the usual "f" shape.
Inlaid filigree of silver adorns the body, intricate wisps that bear
resemblance to smoke and fanciful flora, the design emitting a gentle
white luminescence. The softly glowing embellishment meanders across the
back before curling around the sides and licking gently at the front. A
crystalline plate forms the chin rest, sculpted carefully for optimum
comfort against the face. A matching panel of translucent crystal
overlays the fingerboard, revealing the wood grain beneath. Silver
strings stretch taut, held in place over the silver bridge and twisted
carefully around the maple pegs, each one carved to resemble a viola

Cartel Wildecraft[spoiler] 
Item: Throne  Type: Thrones  Org: Wildecraft  Designer: Qistrel
Commodities: emerald 900 ruby 150 onyx 75 silk 75 greentint 50
Mortal Reviews: Allowed
Space: 70%  Furniture Type: Normal Furnishings
Outdoors: No  Container: No  Can Have Lock: No
IMPORTANT: The main noun MUST use one of these: THRONE
a verdant starleaf throne crawling with ladybugs
Curled on the ground here is a large starleaf throne carved of emerald and crawling with ladybugs.
Oddly carved, this throne resembles a large starleaf curled upon the
ground and arching upwards to provide a surface to sit upon. Five
splayed leaflets curve up from the ground to a height of perhaps two
metres, and seem to be covered with a multitude of ladybugs. Further
inspection shows these to be intricately carved of ruby, inset with onyx
bits to provide spots. The leaves themselves are veined just like an
actual starleaf, larger veins radiating smaller ones to reach the
entirety of the leaf. Set into the middle leaflet is a small seat,
covered in silk to soften the edges of the emerald and dyed a verdant
hue in order to blend in with the rest of the piece.[/spoiler]

Cartel Inkblot
[spoiler] Item: Tattoo  Type: Back  Org: Public  Designer: Regnaso
Commodities: goldtint 75 faeleaf 25 redtint 10 greentint 10 purpletint 20
Mortal Reviews: Allowed
Tattoo Weight: 100
love's divine sacrifice
Inked into the back is a clear painting of two divine. One, recumbent on
a dais of samite-covered marble, is covered in horrific wounds. The
other, as handsome as the first and seemingly younger, leans over the
first god and presses Their lips together in one last kiss. Both forms
seem indistinct, the colours seeming to bleed into one another and
making it hard to distinguish where one god ends and another god begins.
Underneath in gilded letters are the words, "I Love You".[/spoiler]

Cartel Aerochem
Item: Gown  Type: Highfashion  Org: AeroChem  Designer: Zyphora
Commodities: cloth 27 gold 3 redtint 3 pearl 3 diamond 3
Mortal Reviews: Allowed
Layer: NORMAL Bodyparts: chest, gut, arms, legs, back, ankles, waist
IMPORTANT: The main noun MUST use one of these: GOWN
an aethereal wedding gown of iridescent white satin
Neatly folded, a wedding gown of white satin has been placed here, embellished with crimson 
This aethereal wedding gown is sewn from sumptuous bolts of lustrous
satin, the material a soft cloud-white in hue; its faint, aurulent
iridescence is redolent of the airy evening mists, serenely brushing
past the towering spires of Hallifax. Fashioned with an elegant
sweetheart neckline that traces graceful contours over the decolletage,
the bust of this gown is accented by a high empire waist, a satin ribbon
of dusk-gold acting as a sash. The band is adorned with intricate, deft
embroidery of fiery crimson thread, coalescing into the shapes of
bird-of-paradise blooms, imbued with the nuances of a sunset ablaze. The
gown is tailored to trail gently across the ground, with the
crimson-embroidered hem echoing the deep auroral gold of the waistband.
The back, however, is the true defining point of this luxurious wedding
gown; cut into a split-back design, a swath of matching gold fans out
from the waist to starkly contrast the snowy fields of the surrounding
white satin. Gracing the border of the fanning satin, elaborate floral
designs cascade downwards to flourish into a veritable bird-of-paradise
grove upon the stately chapel train, dragging elegantly behind the gown
by nearly three feet. The torso bears a corseted back, allowing the
dress to be adjusted to the curves of the feminine form with darkly
aureate ribbons. Glistening with the transient brush of light,
embellishments of shimmering diamonds and nacreous seed pearls are set
into ornate embroidery in white thread, the ephemeral patterns nearly
invisible unless presented at the proper angle; the needlework graces
the bust of the gown, curling around the torso to end at the base of the
corseted back. Ensconcing the figure in soft cloud-white and sunset
fabrics, this gown is intended to evoke and lend emphasis to the natural
radiance of a bride upon her wedding day.[/spoiler]

Cartel Pavlov

Item: Tapestry  Type: Tapestries  Org: Pavlov  Designer: Entrias
Commodities: silk 175 goldtint 50 redtint 25 faeleaf 25 coal 25 greentint 25 purpletint 25 
yellowtint 25
Mortal Reviews: Disallowed
Space: 25%  Furniture Type: Wall Furnishings
Outdoors: No  Container: No  Can Have Lock: No
IMPORTANT: The main noun MUST use one of these: TAPESTRY
a tapestry devoted to Inedra, Oracle of the Aesthete
Covering the wall here is an intricate tapestry depicting an eerily beautiful sculpture.
A dim glade is depicted on this tapestry, beams of light barely
penetrating the forest canopy. Despite this, the figure in the centre of
the tapestry is easily viewed: Inedra, Oracle of the Aesthete. Bearing
the purest marble skin and crowned by silver hair laced with roses, this
woman is immaculately beautiful and without flaw. Her eyes, oddly
oversized and a clear golden hue, seem to pierce the onlooker with a
knowing gaze. Swathes of dawn-hued silk and royal purple velvet drape
across her form as she reclines in a small golden throne, one hand
resting on the head of a large, regal falcon at her side.

Cartel Swansong

Item: Cake  Type: Cakes  Org: Swansong  Designer: Entrias
Ingredients: fruit 3 grain 2 milk 1 sugar 4 spices 2 kafe 1
Mortal Reviews: Allowed
IMPORTANT: The main noun MUST use one of these: CAKE
a commemorative cake of Hallifax's return
A sugar-coated blackberry cake rests here in an orderly fashion.
Octagonal in shape, this palm-sized cake smells heavily of mountain
berries. A ring of blackberries crusted with sugar surrounds the outer
edge of the cake's top layer of dark frosting. Winding through the
middle of the frosting is a small strip of emerald-hued fondant, shaped
like a road and leading to the feet of a small rock candy figurine.
Obviously lucidian and vaguely feminine, the blue candy figurine wields
a marzipan miniature of the Hand of Tzaraziko raised in a triumphant
display of fortitude. The cake below the icing is soft and crimson in
hue, and appears to be flavoured with kafe and raspberries.
Picking off the decorative figure atop the cake, you pull gently at the
miniature Hand of Tzaraziko, revealing it to be a small marzipan fork.
Using it to dig into the cake, you proceed to devour it from the top
down, tossing the blackberries into your mouth and rolling them around
in your mouth before swallowing them. After eating the top layer, you
dig into the bottom, the taste of kafe and raspberries blending well
together. Finally finishing the cake, you bite into the makeshift fork,
snapping it between your teeth and chewing it up before downing it. With
a last, regretful frown at the rock candy figurine, you bite into it,
finding it to be filled with blueberry jam. A few moments of crunching
and the deed is done, the cake completely devoured.
Inhaling deeply over this cake, you smell berries and kafe, as well as a hint of almond.
Nibbling delicately upon the cake, you taste both blackberry and a hint of almond.

Cartel PFF

Item: Fullplate  Type: Plate  Org: PFF  Designer: Entrias
Commodities: steel 175 platinum 50 gold 25
Mortal Reviews: Allowed
IMPORTANT: The main noun MUST use one of these: FULLPLATE, PLATEMAIL, PLATE
ceremonial fullplate of matte black steel
Carefully tended fullplate has been left here, piled neatly.
Formed of thin steel plates, this set of fullplate seems more decorative
than protective. A majority of the metal is matte black, reflecting no
light at all, and lightly engraved to give the appearance and pattern of
cloth. The centre of the cuirass is divided into three sections, with
the outer two sections sandwiching a central plane of white platinum.
The platinum is also engraved to appear as cloth, and features a trio of
golden "buttons" set into the metal, further giving the appearance of a
shirt under a tuxedo. At the top of the gorget is a small steel bowtie,
seemingly riveted into the plate with a metallic ribbon to give the look
of being tied around the neck. The cuisse and greaves are the same matte
black material as the rest of the plate, rising to a slight point as if
creased and ending in a pair of heavily shined sabatons. Curiously
enough, crimson gold has been folded into a small sharp-edged flower and
riveted to a small pocket forged into the left breast pocket of the

Cartel Windhammer

Item: Rapier  Type: Masterweapons  Org: Windhammer  Designer: Zyphora
Commodities: steel 100 leather 50 sapphire 50
Mortal Reviews: Allowed
IMPORTANT: The main noun MUST use one of these: RAPIER, SWORD
an argent steel rapier with lightning-wreathed hilt
Glinting with cool refulgence when caught in the light, a rapier wrought of steel has been laid here 
to rest.
Forged from cold steel, as pale and lustrous as the silvered ridge of a
thunderhead, this rapier serves host to a keen, double-edged blade,
honed to razor sharpness. The long, slender blade has been tempered in
flame to a subtle blue cast, shining with glacial refulgence with every
wayward glance of light. Its stark lineaments defined in subtle streaks
of stormy pewter-grey, the forte of the blade flows gracefully into a
magnificently-wrought hilt, sculpted to guard the hand; this protective,
swept hilt seems the coalescence of manipulated bolts of electrostatic
energy, sculpted from silvered-blue steel to envelop the hand and a
portion of the forte in chalybeous lightning. The guard is unadorned,
and the grip is bound with ashen leather, enabling the rapier to be held
securely. Serving as counterweight conducive to the fluid strokes of the
blade, the rounded pommel has been embossed with gathering storm clouds,
a peerless, storm-grey sapphire inlaid at the very base. Flawlessly
balanced, this elegant, slender weapon is effortless to wield and
flourish, allowing for attacks as destructive and swift as flashes of

Everiine said: The reason population is low isn't because there are too many orgs. It's because so many facets of the game are outright broken and protected by those who benefit from it being that way. An overabundance of gimmicks (including game-breaking ones), artifacts that destroy any concept of balance, blatant pay-to-win features, and an obsession with convenience that makes few things actually worthwhile all contribute to the game's sad decline.


  • IasmosIasmos Member Posts: 461 Virtuoso
    The winning design... has grammatical errors. Still, I love the imagery of it.

  • TacitaTacita <3s Xynthin 4eva!!!11 Member Posts: 789 Transcendent
    I've looked over it several times since you posted and I cannot find an error - do you mind if I ask where you have found one?
  • VivetVivet , of Cows and Crystals Member Posts: 2,223 Transcendent
    Where light catches them these shards, I reckon.
  • TacitaTacita <3s Xynthin 4eva!!!11 Member Posts: 789 Transcendent
    It would perhaps be clearer if there was a comma after them as illustrated below, but I do not believe it is wrong.

    Where light catches them, these shards, which range from tiny to the size of a human palm, glisten in haunting clarity with an entire rainbow of colours.
  • VivetVivet , of Cows and Crystals Member Posts: 2,223 Transcendent
    Ah, yeah, that seems right now.
  • IasmosIasmos Member Posts: 461 Virtuoso
    "On closer inspection, ..."

    Just the two commas missing. Nothing major.

  • ArimisiaArimisia Member Posts: 428 Expert
    I never place but I always try. I only got one design in this year though.

    From my cartel Fat Man's Paradise:

    Item: Platter  Type: Gourmet  Org: Fatman  Designer: Arimisia
    Ingredients: fruit 10 milk 5 sugar 5 spices 5 grain 5 snowball 3 kafe 3
    Mortal Reviews: Disallowed
    IMPORTANT: The main noun MUST use one of these: PLATTER
    a tantalising platter, containing a banana split
    An inlaid platter holding an embossed boat-like dish has been left here, frosted over from the chill of the banana split contained within.
    Contained in a silver embossed, boat-like dish upon a matching platter
    are three generous scoops of velvety soft ice-cream that make the centre
    piece of this delicate item of resplendent dessert. Precisely placed on
    either side, a banana has been cut in half and carefully placed around
    the ice-cream to hold the whole vision together in near perfect repose.
    The first scoop of ice-cream is a white with brown specks of ground
    vanilla bean revealing its flavour. Nestled closely against it is a
    scoop of lush pink ice-cream with bits of strawberries distributed
    evenly throughout. On the opposite end, a tan coloured scoop of
    ice-cream sits with flecks of kafe scattered throughout. All of this is
    topped with a thick strawberry rum sauce, oozing over each creamy scoop.
    An assortment of several types of nuts have been sprinkled over the
    whole of the beautiful crimson sauce followed by freshly cut
    strawberries, raspberries and blueberries placed variously around the
    dish. The crowning glory of this culinary masterpiece is a topping of
    wispy cream that has been beaten into stiff peaks to hold up a single
    perfect cherry.
    Picking up a small silver spoon, you sweep it effortlessly across the
    soft ice-cream and all its contents trying to get a bit of everything.
    Quickly, you pop the spoon full of deliciousness into your mouth so as
    to not allow any of it to drip. A wealth of flavours hits your tongue
    all at once, the tepid reduction, with sweetened strawberry sauce mixed
    with the tang of rum warms your mouth, the creamy ice-cream melting
    quickly upon your palate. There is a small crunch from the nuts and
    further sweetness from the fresh berries and then finally the light,
    tender sweetness of the banana seems to melt just like the ice-cream. If
    it were possible, the next bite seems to be even more delicious than the
    previous. Too soon, the dish is completely empty and scraped clean.
    An array of fruits and spices permeate from this dish in perfect harmony. Exotic fruity scents mesh together with an underlying vanilla and kafe.
    A wonderment of flavours washes over your tongue, starting with the sweet yet tangy strawberry rum sauce followed soon after the chill of ice-cream and the delectable sweetness of exotic fruits.
    The soft, hollow voice of Nocht, the Silent resounds within your mind as His words echo through the aether, "Congratulations, Arimisia. Your mastery of vermin cannot be disputed."

  • TarkentonTarkenton Traitor Bear Member Posts: 2,555 Transcendent
    Odd spot to ask this, but I'd assume that since the Beauty seal is done with, any designs created from now until next Ascension could be in the running, yeah?
  • ArimisiaArimisia Member Posts: 428 Expert

    Tarkenton said:
    Odd spot to ask this, but I'd assume that since the Beauty seal is done with, any designs created from now until next Ascension could be in the running, yeah?
    yup! you have all year to exercise your creative muscles and get something you want to use :)
    The soft, hollow voice of Nocht, the Silent resounds within your mind as His words echo through the aether, "Congratulations, Arimisia. Your mastery of vermin cannot be disputed."

  • AyisdraAyisdra Member Posts: 1,257 Mythical
    Item: Pendant  Type: Baubles  Org: Cvines
    Commodities: platinum 5 beryl 5 pearl 5 powerstone 5 gems 5 diamond 5 silver 5 gold 5 redtint 5
    Mortal Reviews: Allowed
    IMPORTANT: The main noun MUST use one of these: PENDANT
    an astrological pendant of the stars
    A soft glow emits from a forgotten pendant on the ground here.
    Attached to an adjustable braided platinum chain, a small masterfully
    detailed pendant hangs freely off a loop. A beryl sun and pearl moon
    clasp allow for easy wearing. Down along the sun side of the chain are
    pieces of glowing golden beryl interwoven into the chain, each glow a
    bit less the farther away from the sun clasp, symbolising sun rays. On
    the moon side are pieces of evenly glowing pure white pearl,
    representing moonlight. The small pendant is a clear crystal sphere that
    holds an elegantly detailed display of the night sky inside it. The
    details of the night sky within the clear sphere has been painstakingly
    placed on a highly accurate level. Each of the twelve constellations has
    been placed in white diamonds, a soft glow to them to give a shimmer of
    light to make them stand out against the other stars within. The other
    celestial bodies are also within the small space, each with their own
    appropriate glow as well. The planets move in sync with real time,
    several small silver gears barely visible within the darkness turning
    them along their paths through the signs. Dangling from the pendant
    itself is a small golden astrolabe. While non-functional, the astrolabe
    is just as detailed as the main pendant for its size, complete with all
    the marks of a full size astrolabe, dusted with red tint to make them
    stand out more.

    Yes. I may have went overboard with the commodities.
  • EritheylEritheyl ** Trigger Warning ** Member Posts: 1,697 Transcendent
    I -couldn't- enter this year because of reasons, but this was to be my submission:

    Commodities: marble 150 ruby 230 emerald 230 beryl 230 onyx 230 silk 40 iron 20 redtint 35 yellowtint 35 bluetint 35 wax 15
    a monolithic throne of Ivory sacraments
    Bearing glittering gemstones and ritualistic artistry, a great throne of rock dominates the area.
    Sustained upon a jagged base of gem-flecked stone, as if coaxed from the
    depths of the earth itself, this throne is immense yet simultaneously
    delicate in appearance. Seamlessly does the throne itself climb upward
    from its base, the same dark rock bearing glittering clusters of rubies,
    emeralds, yellow beryls and contrasting onyxes throughout the whole of
    the piece. The seat is little more than a worn hollow lined with layers
    of multicoloured silk, each bolt draped carelessly and left to dangle
    across the rounded protrusions that are the arm rests. Hardly unadorned
    in turn, the smoothed alcove of the throne's back is instead awash with
    primitive smears, streaks and whorls of ivory powder paint. Depicted in
    these maddened traceries are a number of figures and rough scenes: a
    winged wyrm poised atop a great pyramid, impressionistic bodies in the
    throes of orgiastic revelry, moths drifting betwixt melting structures
    and a faceless dancer cradling a lone candle. Neither discarding nor
    overshadowing the beautiful gems offered forth by the stone, this art
    instead seems to have been tailored to fit the organic shapes and even
    colours as they appear of their own accord. A deep hollow has been cut
    into the stone just below the apex of the back, dozens of wax candles
    having been left to melt and fuse into a single, wick-filled expanse of
    white, red and copper. At first appearing no different from the flecks
    so commonplace within the stone, tiny characters are visible tracing
    copper-inlaid scripture all throughout the throne's surface; though far
    from legible except to the practised eye, it clearly marks this piece
    as not only one of expression, but also hallowed significance to its
    intended patron.
    Sergio Drabardi, the Ascension Gala Announcer says, "Please welcome to the Ascension Gala the conflagrant Lord Eritheyl of the nascent House Ryseni, the Ponderer of Dreams."
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    edited February 2014
    I had a couple designs for Beauty, all discarded because of the Knowledge Victory. They were designed as a set of tattoos for the whole body, so just posting some of them here might not capture the whole I wanted to convey, but here goes. I'm especially fond of the Lotus, and might create multiple designs of it in different colours. 

    Shortdesc: Mist kissed lotus blossoms

    Longdesc: A single blossom of fuchsia and cream petals with a sun touched centre blooms upon the foot. Each crown petal has been delicately crafted with a faint brush of pink near the centre, before intensifying to an almost shocking pink near the tip. The petals curl softly up around the centre, and an oh so faint shade of black has been brushed across the outermost petals, creating a shade that further enhances the sunny core of the flower. A gentle silver mist spreads out on either side of the flower, and a few petals have had a single droplet of water condensate upon it. These tiny droplets leave a barely visible trail as they make their way down to disappear into the core, and this trail has been carefully designed to look like the stains left by tears upon a rosy cheek. Hovering in this misty world, the lotus seems to stretch up towards the sky above, as if it seeks to leave the marshy confines that the flower grows in.


    Shortdesc: An inviting chain of white water lilies.

    A chain of thirteen white and yellow flowers has been stretched around the entirety of the waist. Each lily has exactly sixteen crown petals, arranged in four groups of four with the two largest sets giving the flower the appearance of an eight pointed star. The tip of the crown petals pointing straight to the side all touch one another, creating a complete circle of white without a single break. Though they all have the distinct shape of an eight pointed star, each flower has been individually designed, creating minor differences between each. The lily placed middle and front has a core of a more intense sunny yellow than the others, while another of the lilies have a faint hue of lavender darkening the otherwise pure whiteness. A green mossy backdrop is drawn further up on the body, while below the backdrop appears as murky water, and these earthen greens and muddy blues work to further enhance the brightness of the lilies. From the centre of each lily, a thick green vine extends down into the murky waters.


    Shortdesc: A flowing waterfall

    Longdesc: A cascading wall of water falls down from the shoulders, painting the upper back in various bright hues of blue, ranging from periwinkle and celeste to navy. The upper and central outline of the scapula has been rendered in teal, and the extension has been painted in mixed greys and greens in order to create moss clad rocks that help guide the waterfall to the spine. The waterfall pools near the middle of the back, and thick clouds of silvery mist spews out in all directions, providing a transparent ethereal veil across parts of the waterfall and the lower reaches of the moss rocks. The pool itself is coloured a rich ultramarine. Bands of onyx and silver painted upon the blue blackground spread out in crescents from the mist where the waterfall meets the water surface, creating the highs and lows of the waves that caress the surface of the pool.  


    Shortdesc: Marshy fields of common heather

    Longdesc: Countless tiny pinpricks of violet and lavender stretch out across a backdrop of green moss, jade leafed branches and thin brown stems. The green fields stretch out and up towards the shoulder blades, and from there they slowly arc down to meet near the lower back while leaving a large crescent between them. Each of these delicate blooms have been carefully painted and cupped, and the stems of the flowers are bent every so slightly away from the open crescent, as if a wind or some other force gently nudges them away. A few occasional spots of yellow are scattered somewhat haphazardly across the field, which upon very close inspection appear to be bees flitting from flower to flower. They seem to congregate mainly on the left flank, some flitting towards the heather while others carry their tiny pollen-drenched bodies away.

    Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.
  • KiradaweaKiradawea Member Posts: 1,750 Transcendent
    And I just realized I managed to post the old first draft of my designs. Oh well. There were a ton of great designs for Beauty this year.
    Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.
  • HiriakoHiriako Member Posts: 374 Expert
    Item: Tattoo  Type: Back  Org: BloodArts  Designer: Hiriako
    Commodities: goldtint 60 purpletint 30 coal 30 redtint 10 faeleaf 5
    Mortal Reviews: Allowed
    Tattoo Weight: 100
    the dessicated remains of the Great Seal of Keph
    The scapulae sit as a frame for this tattoo, the image of a waxen sphere
    carved out of rock sketched in outline across the back. Centred within
    the cave is the ovular seal of the splintered Elder Goddess Keph, though
    the markings which identify it are difficult to read at best. The wax
    runs, spilling onto the floor of the cavern in a bubbling, viscous goo
    that envelops the bodies of slain kephera wardens around the seal. The
    source of dessication lines the walls of the cavern, as a veritable
    brigade of scorpions stand with stingers raised into the air, carapaces
    black as night save for the red glint in each pair of eyes. A hooded
    figure stands to the side, gnarled hands barely visible as they peek
    from beneath the voluminous arms of her robes, sleeves lifted only by
    the blades of nekai. The glint of enamel exposes her teeth, a silent
    smile at the success of her children and students.
  • ShaddusShaddus , the Leper Messiah Outside your window.Member Posts: 8,203 Transcendent
    I really, really like that book.
    Everiine said: The reason population is low isn't because there are too many orgs. It's because so many facets of the game are outright broken and protected by those who benefit from it being that way. An overabundance of gimmicks (including game-breaking ones), artifacts that destroy any concept of balance, blatant pay-to-win features, and an obsession with convenience that makes few things actually worthwhile all contribute to the game's sad decline.
  • DaraiusDaraius Shevat The juror's taco spotMember Posts: 4,769 Transcendent
    I was tempted to make that cake irl.
    I used to make cakes.

    Estarra the Eternal says, "Give Shevat the floor please."
  • ThayanThayan Member Posts: 74 Master
    a golden, sunlit butterfly gown of iridescent azure silk
    A ball gown lies in a heap of iridescent silk, its shimmering butterfly wings 
    lit with a golden, sunlit glow.
    Worked from exquisitely fine, rustling silk, this fanciful gown gently
    enfolds the wearer in beauty, like the delicate embrace of fragile
    wings. The tapering, close-fitting bodice is sewn from ebon silk velvet,
    as dark and softly furred as a butterfly's body; reaching a graceful
    point at the waist, this bodice is succeeded by a waterfall of rippling
    silk forming a wide, gloriously full floor-length skirt. Numerous layers
    of ebon silk are secreted beneath, fluffing the skirt until it opens up
    and out like an inverted flower; laid over these, layer upon layer of
    crisp silk in shimmering, iridescent shades of azure, cerulean and
    cornflower-blue lie draped like the open wings of a mooncloak butterfly.
    The fine silk has been delicately painted and embroidered to resemble
    the original subject as closely as possible, mimicking every striation
    of vivid colour and every velvet-dark ebon marking. The artist has
    varied from the original pattern in one respect, however: powerstones
    and aureate beryl gems have been crushed to a fine powder and trailed
    over the gown in graceful curves, limning the wings in gold. The crushed
    stones cast a gentle golden glow over the silk like late summer
    sunlight, granting a new brilliance to the shining blue hues in
    reflected glory. Flimsy cerulean ribbons barely adhere a pair of tiny,
    capped gossamer sleeves to the bodice, mere delicate wisps of azure
    fabric gracing the arms like puffs of wind liable to imminent escape.
    Another set of silk-fashioned mooncloak wings adorns the rear of the
    bodice; resembling the flowing skirt in every particular save hue, these
    bear the airy touch of lavender lightening the rich blue iridescence.
    Thin wires lie concealed within the layers of silk, allowing the wings
    to stand proud of the shoulders as though the gown's wearer, too, were a
    delicate wisp of a butterfly, spiralling above the Caoimhe Dell under
    the morning sun.
  • IdrazilIdrazil Member Posts: 84 Capable
    Item: Fullplate
    Type: Plate 
    Org: CrimScy 
    Designer: Idrazil

    Commodities: flower 10 steel 150 cloth 60 silk 30 silver 5

    a mosaic fullplate woven with blooming wyrden roses

    An abandoned fullplate of blooming wyrden roses emits a sickening aroma here.

    The breastplate of this distinctive armour is nimbly crafted from cast
    steel plates entwined with thorny vines over an under-dress of resilient
    plant fibres plaited into a rough, all-weather fabric. Carefully woven
    together with the vines of wyrden roses is a mosaic of matching metal
    elements, which form the embossed image of the Master Ravenwood Tree.
    Barely noticeable, silvery trails of spider webs are fused with the
    crawling plants as they creep out and along the suit in a tight embrace.
    The sleeves of the suit are fashioned from extremely tough and durable
    plant fibres enclosed in a masterfully made chainmail. Layered over are
    long, leaf-shaped scales of shiny black steel, which overlap and clack
    like eerie chimes with each and every movement. Prickly tree branches of
    the Wyrd are twisted and intertwined together around the wearer's
    shoulders to form uncanny-looking pauldrons, seeking to entangle rather
    than to deflect the enemy blade. Embossed with the intricate imagery of
    wyrden flora, the elegantly curved steel greaves are fastened with
    strong silk strands over sturdy broadcloth padding. The blooming of
    several creeping roses emits a sweet, sickening aroma and adds a touch
    of beauty to this already stylish looking fullplate.
  • KaalakKaalak Member Posts: 515 Fabled
    edited February 2014
    Not submitted but since we are sharing walls of text:

    Item: Greatrobes

    Appearance: pristine white robes dedicated to Zvoltz

    Dropped: Neatly folded with severe creases, a white robe lies here, searing white quartz glittering on the cuffs.

    Examined: These flowing robes of pristine white, suitable for precise laboratory work, are cut with hard angles in a militaristic style emphasizing the physique and readiness of the wearer. Full length sleeves, crisply pressed, are affixed with cufflinks of searing white quartz in the form of jagged lightning bolts in homage to Lord Zvoltz. A standing circular collar clenches against the throat above sharp, square-cut shoulders.  The robes are single breasted with an angled point sealed to the left breast with a regimented line of mirror-polished silver buttons extending down the front smartly and terminating at the waist. The icy white cloth descends to below the knee, ending in a flowing circle and permitting several degrees of freedom in movement. Below the collar, wires of shimmering silver bent into exacting right angles and perfect circles decorate the circumference of the robe around the chest and back, forming interlocking designs of strict Order, obvious to the initiated. A hood of greyish pellucid material hangs at the back of the neck to veil the wearer's eyes from any untimely fluid spatter.

    Still very happy I got to work 'Pellucid' into a design.
  • PersayisPersayis Member Posts: 50 Capable
    I'm horrible with keeping up on forum talk, I'll have to paste mine in when I get home. There were some gorgeous designs this year! I want a tapestry >.>


    Mysrai strokes the decapitated head of Persayis tenderly.


    Mysrai Thrice-Crowned intones, "DZA NA III."

    You say, "Dzaa."

    You nod your head emphatically.

    Mysrai nods solemnly.

    Mysrai gives you a peck on the cheek.

    Reality solidifies, mending itself into a single paradigm as Mysrai departs.

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