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Hi! I'm Eboni, better know as Nievea in game. I just wanted to say hi. I'm hoping to get back into the game. I played a Shadowdancer and loved it. But before I left, I joined the Bard guild in Magnora(sp?) whose name escapes me. All I have to say is "wow!" I've been gone for about 6 years and I've completed overwhelmed by what's changed since then. I've attempted to keep up to date, but all I have to go the newsletters and such. 

Since I left, I've been playing some MMOs, and one thing I did enjoy was collecting things. I've been trying figure out this Curio thing. Is it a collectable or something? I would love to put something in my empty manse!



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    Yes, curios are collectibles. They aren't a very friendly collectible if you're like Xenthos and are obsessive compulsive about catching them all (tm). Some of the older curios are pretty much nearly impossible to complete until the admin do another crate-sale, and even then, still fairly difficult. Some of the newer collections (and quest collections) can still be completed since more people are trading pieces, though.

    Basically, a complete curio is a non-decay, resetting item. Quite a number of them are just cosmetic (with ambients and reactions when you rub, poke, touch them etc) but they are the older curios that are fairly difficult to get nowadays. The newer ones come with a variety of small perks, some of them provide a small boost or defense to a certain damage type, some of them can be enchanted with a spell and act as a permanent enchantable jewelry etc etc.

    Each complete curio has 10 unique pieces, one of which is a "rare" piece. You attach individual pieces to each other, when you have collected all 10 different pieces of a curio and attached them all together, they turn into an actual object. Until then, they just stay in your curio database.

    Curio pieces can be traded to other players for another curio piece - therefore you need a curio piece in order to initiate a trade. You cannot trade a piece for only gold, but you may add gold or other perks to an agreed upon trade. You can trade a fully completed curio to another player for gold, without need for a curio in return, though.

    Each curio belongs to a "collection". A "collection" is basically a small number of curios (usually 4) that are released under the same theme. For example, the "vernal collection" is a collection of 4 curios that are themed after the Vernal gods. A collection sometimes have a special collection power that can be activated only when you have collected all curios of that collection. The vernal collection allows you access to a special room with exits leading to some vernal themed areas.

    Some collections are also part of a larger "group". These "group"s are basically vague ways of categorizing curios, for example, some share the same group because they were released at the same time. Whereas some are put under the same group because they possess a specific property common to all of them.. For example, the Vernal collection is part of the group which is called the Quest curios - they can ONLY be collected by completing quests. The oldest group is the "Czigany Curios", which are the cosmetic ones. There are way too many curios to list out. This page has some listed, but it's also a little out of date, and the game has since released quite a few new curios since it was last updated.

    You can get curio pieces in the following ways:
    - Buy them from the website when curio crates are being sold.
    - Buy them from the in-game curio shop with gold/credits. (Only certain sets)
    - Convert lessons into curio pieces (30 lessons -> 1 random piece)
    - Complete a quest that gives a curio piece as a reward.
    - Complete a trade skill task that gives a curio piece as a reward.
    - Trade a piece with another player's piece.

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    Thanks so much for a very detailed write up. I wish that I came back sooner. I was trying to decide which IRE game to play and I think this is what is going to hook me again. I love collecting things.
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    Where is the curio shop? Its not something I've heard mentioned 
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    Below the central artifact shop room.
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    Acrune said:
    Where is the curio shop? Its not something I've heard mentioned 
    Easiest way to get there:  TELEPORT ARTIFACTS (takes you to the artifact shop) then DOWN
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