In Which an Otter Does Not Get Pastries and Interviews a Goddess

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[Enter The Fulcrux of Jadice, Is littered with cupcakes. So many cupcakes]

Engineer Maligorn Shevat asks, "Do you not approve?"

You bow respectfully to Jadice.

Pejat gives you a respectful salute.

Maligorn doffs a decorated engineer's hat to you.

It is now the 4th of Kiani, 382 years after the Coming of Estarra.

Indulgent Arix says, "I prefer to actually give people the cupcakes instead of leaving them on the floor."

Jadice, the Frost Queen says, "The impulse to make an offering is certainly understandable, but baked goods are a frivolous choice."

Indulgent Arix says, "What sort of things DO You like?"

Indulgent Arix says, "Also, I sense Portia, so more cupcakes are likely imminent."

Jadice, the Frost Queen says, "Maellio, I received your prayer. We shall discuss your invitation momentarily."

Nodding politely, you say, "At Your leisure, Lady Jadice."

Pejat Onz'Verheu slightly twists his head towards you.

Icily, Jadice, the Frost Queen says, "First, however. Arix, do you hold membership in a Divine Order?"

Indulgent Arix says, "I do."

Maligorn glances askance at Arix.

Jadice, the Frost Queen says, "Might I enquire Whose?"

Indulgent Arix says, "Lord Crumkane."

Maligorn wipes the back of his hand across his brow in relief.

Indulgent Arix says, "Imus is as well."

[Ileein Arrives]

Indulgent Arix says, "Hence the baked goods."

Jadice, the Frost Queen says, "And Portia?"

Ileein takes a deep breath as the crystal surface of his face softens and shifts in colour, a muted glow appearing within.

Indulgent Arix says, "Same."

[Polite Introduction Spam]

Jadice, the Frost Queen says, "And have you received instructions from the Lord Crumkane to bring Me these cupcakes, or are you acting on your own initiative?"

Indulgent Arix says, "I have so far brought some sort of food or drink to every newly awakened Divine since I think Lord Hajamin."

Indulgent Arix says, "With the exception of Lady Carakhan who I have yet to meet."

The rime of frost covering Her skin hardening, Jadice, the Frost Queen says, "You didn't answer My question."

Indulgent Arix says, "The offering of baked goods is of my own volition and not requested by a Divine."

With the slightest of nods, Jadice, the Frost Queen says, "And are you aware of any such request, to make to Me offerings of baked goods, having been made by a Divine?"

Indulgent Arix says, "Not offhand. I think t he baked goods are largely due to the rather large number of bakers around lately."

Indulgent Arix says, "Active bakers, I mean."

Jadice, the Frost Queen says, "Very well."

[Arix gives picklecakes to everyone but Mael. Sad Otter]

Pejat ponders a bright green pickle-shaped cup cake thoughtfully, looking it up and down.

Indulgent Arix says, "Does not contain pickles."

Jadice gives a bright green pickle-shaped cup cake to Professor Ileein Shevat.

Indulgent Arix says, "You remind me of Someone."

Jadice, the Frost Queen says, "Ileein, take this and all the cakes here and sort them as you feel appropriate. Store them against future need."

Pejat gives a bright green pickle-shaped cup cake to Professor Ileein Shevat.

Engineer Maligorn Shevat murmurs to Ileein, "I'm sure the Chairman could make use of them."

Maligorn gives a bright green pickle-shaped cup cake to Professor Ileein Shevat.

Observing the cupcake with glimmering orange hues of trepidation, Professor Ileein Shevat says, "They will be filed according to a stringent order."

[Ileein takes all the food T.=.T]

Pejat Onz'Verheu whispers to Ileein, "Can I help in any way?"

Jadice, the Frost Queen says, "Do so with any other cakes which may find themselves at My Fulcrux. Remain vigilant."

Professor Ileein Shevat says, "Constantly, Lady."

Jadice, the Frost Queen says, "Maellio. It is now convenient for us to discuss your invitation."

Professor Ileein Shevat eyes the cupcake in thoughtful silence.

You say, "As You wish."

Indulgent Arix says, "Well, I shall leave now, welcome back to the Basin."

Arix doffs the hood of dazzling pink and fuchsia great robes cordially.

[Asmodea Arrives]

[Arix Leaves]

Asmodea curtseys gracefully.

Engineer Maligorn Shevat says, "Brr."

Maligorn doffs a decorated engineer's hat to Asmodea.

Asmodea bows respectfully to Jadice.

Lady Asmodea Kamau, Aria of the Winter Moon says to Jadice, "Greetings, Lady Jadice."

Jadice, the Frost Queen says, "Greetings, Asmodea."

Lawliet doffs the hood of a set of sterile researcher's robes cordially.

Lawliet bows respectfully to Jadice.

Jadice, the Frost Queen says to you, "Do you intend to make a formal presentation?"

You say, "If such is required or desired by Your person, though as the circumstances have presented themselves that You are already toured the Collective and have in Your service our citizens... I suspect we can skip ahead to the bookkeeping."

Jadice, the Frost Queen says, "As you feel appropriate."

Engineer Maligorn Shevat says, "Please excuse me, my mind isn't as clear as it should be."

[Maligorn Poofs To Go Get Noms]

You say, "Then as is proper for the induction of Citizens of the Collective, be they mortal or Divine, we shall proceed with the proper Articles Protocol."

Doctor Lawliet Letara says to Jadice, "Can I pose a question about Your teachings? I'm interested in joining Your order, though I understand if You're too busy right now."

You say, "... adjusted for content and the Inducted."

You clear your throat.

[Mirai Arrives]

You say, "Why do You wish to join the Collective as a Member of its Divine Consulate?"

Dreamer Mirai Siarani, Unconventional Thinker says, "Lady Jadice?"

Jadice, the Frost Queen says to Lawliet, "My teachings include appropriate deference and decorum. I will certainly answer your question another time."

Professor Ileein Shevat glances over at the speakers, striating streaks of crimson.

Mirai curtseys gracefully.

Lawliet nods her head emphatically.

Jadice, the Frost Queen says to you, "I have been formally invited. Naturally, I am also interested to see what the shards of My creche-mate have wrought."

[Mirai Disappears]

You say, "Noted. And what ideological imperatives do You profess, in order to preliminarily assess the alignment of the Collective's to Your Own?"

Asmodea blinks.

Asmodea curtseys gracefully.

[Asmodea Leaves, Perhaps Confused]

With a minute tilt of Her head, Jadice, the Frost Queen says, "This question is asked of all citizens?"

You say, "It is edited for content. It is the closest logical equivalent to asking a mortal 'What do you offer the Collective'"

You say, "And 'what place do you wish for yourself within the Collective'"

You say, "Sadly, as there are not so many Elders as mortals, there is no codified protocol for this circumstance. Only precedent."

Jadice, the Frost Queen says, "I approve of your commitment to both procedure and politesse. As I have been led to understand My reputation precedes Me, I will keep My answer brief. Loyalty, obedience, and personal composure are idealogical imperatives I believe I share with the Collective."

Nodding his head, you say, "Noted. At this time I shall ask You to review the standard Citizen Contract. In addition, I shall recite verbatim the relevant Legislative Article governing the Divine Consulate."

You give a shimmering crystalline scroll to Jadice, the Frost Queen.

You say, "Legislative Articles - Article I, Section VI: The Patron and the Divine Consulate are responsible for offering Divine perspective and guidance to the Board and the Collective, to examine and critique courses of Board action through the lens of Divinity. The Patron acts as the duly-appointed liaison between the Collective and the Powers That Be, facilitating all Divine Administrative Intervention. The whole of the Consulate act as duly appointed Divine Voices on the Board, and as such may suggest courses of action - in the preservation of good sense, common decency, and democratic due process - for the well-being of Themselves, Their Ideology, Their Followers, the Citizens of Hallifax, and its Cultural Heritage."

[Maligorn Returns, En-Nom'd]

Maligorn clears his throat.

Engineer Maligorn Shevat says, "I have returned!"

Pejat gives Maligorn a respectful salute.

Pejat nods his head at Maligorn.

You say, "If the Contract and relevant Article are amenable to Your person, as You are necessarily unranked and unrankable among mortals, You may verbally acquiesce to their content."

Jadice, the Frost Queen unrolls a shimmering crystalline scroll and glances over the contents.

(Hallifax): You say, "Is there any objection to Lady Jadice joining the Collective?"

(Hallifax): Ileein says, "I present none."

Jadice, the Frost Queen says, "This Citizenship Contract. Is it intended that I will be bound literally by its contents, or have you provided it merely for My perusal and conceptual approval?"

You say, "The latter, as the Article dictating the Divine Consulate supersedes the Letter of the Contract, in so much as the Contract is an agreement bound to mortal constructs of Law. However, the protections afforded therein to all Citizens are still extended."

Jadice, the Frost Queen says, "Very well."

You say, "And, if the Spirit of the Contract were not amenable or at least of interest to the preoffered, I suspect this current situation would be decidedly unlikely to occur."

Jadice gives a shimmering crystalline scroll to you.

Pejat peers about himself unscrupulously.

Jadice, the Frost Queen says, "I consent to the terms, as explained."

You incline your head politely to Jadice.

You say, "Noted."

You ask Jadice to repeat the oaths of the Grand Dominion of Hallifax after you. She does, and you admit Her as the newest, proudest citizen of the Grand Dominion of Hallifax.

(Hallifax): You say, "Welcome to the Collective, Lady Jadice."

(Hallifax): Elanorwen says, "Welcome!"

(Hallifax): Pejat says, "Welcome to Hallifax, Frost Queen Jadice."

(Hallifax): Aydric says, "Welcome to the Collective!"

(Hallifax): Maligorn says, "Hello Lady Queen! It's so good to see You on our Pantehon."

(Hallifax): Maligorn says, "Pantheon!"

(Hallifax): Ileein says, "Welcome, Lady Jadice, to the Collective."

(Hallifax): Jadice says, "Thank you, all."

You say, "A formal invitation to the Board of Directors, implicit to Your acquiescence to Legislative Article I, Section VI, has been extended to You. To formalize Your addition to the Consulate and offer advice to the Board in Your capacity as one of Its Members."

You say, "If that particular course of action was in question."

[Insert Redacted Bookkeeping Things Here]

Jadice, the Frost Queen says, "Is that the formalities concluded, or are there further protocols to be executed?"

You say, "There are none at this time. Thank You, Lady Jadice, for indulging in the niceties of mortal bureaucracy."

Jadice, the Frost Queen says, "I would never expect you to forgo necessary bureaucracy."

Pejat Onz'Verheu raises up his head as a pleased smile creeps across his face.

Maligorn hums a happy tune.

Jadice, the Frost Queen says, "I must return shortly to My meditations. However, I am aware that several of you have been waiting patiently for My time."

You bow respectfully to Jadice.

Professor Ileein Shevat says, "My inquiries are non-pressing; I came largely to observe the bureaucratic process in action."

Engineer Maligorn Shevat says, "Me too! I would also like some of Your time for a question. A very important question."

Engineer Maligorn Shevat says, "Please add me to your mental queue, as it were."

Pejat tilts his head curiously at Maligorn.

You say, "At Your leave, Lady Jadice, I shall be on my way."

Engineer Maligorn Shevat says, "An audience with frosted royalty, so exciting."

Maligorn taps his nose knowingly at Pejat.

Jadice, the Frost Queen says, "You have My leave, Maellio."

With a flourish of your arm, you bow deeply.

As you enter the blizzard within the platinum archway, a bone-chilling cold penetrates your core. After staggering through for an eternity that takes only a moment, the intense cold lifts suddenly as you emerge into new surroundings.


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    Ileein said:
    I would like to state for the record that Maellio did, in fact, receive pastries. After all, they were terribly suspicious and required immediate analysis by an expert.
    Only after the fact and with no guarantee of their arrival.



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