Can the art section of the forums be opened up again?

SakrSakr Member Posts: 151 Capable
Can the art section of the forums be opened up again, like the old forums? And can there be a child section for player submitted workshops to teach how to do different art?


  • FaniaFania Member Posts: 34 Apprentice
    Unfortunately, I don't think they are going to set them back up. A few of us asked, but never got an answer from the Admins. I think if a lot of people asked for this they'd re-add the section, but only one person replied to my thread, so maybe enough people don't want to say they want this back. I think it's really needed and I don't think that the other categories are welcoming for artists and writers to share their work. It doesn't just have to be about sharing work, either, there is a lot of great things that come of a community of creative people. I really miss it and hope the Admins re-think the decision to remove them entirely. 
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