A Quandary With Lessons!

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Hello there, lovely Lusternians!

I've been pottering about on my Magnagoran Viscanti Asarian when I've had the time (While running away from the guild tests. Too much like work!), and I bought the one thousand lesson pack twice over. And I'm wondering what exactly I should prioritise first. From the wiki, it seems that 2k lessons is more than enough to max out any one skill, which is very appealing, but..I don't know. 

See, my conundrum is this. I am, first and foremost, here for the roleplay. I honestly do not particularly care about the combat, beyond being competent enough that I'm not a liability and I can actually be an ur'Guard that can fight somewhat decently. PvP just doesn't appeal to me. Too confusing, too fast, too much system stuff involved. I like to keep things simple. But I know that it's a massive part of the game and one of the best ways to rise up through the ranks in city and guild is to stab other players in the face.

I've been considering using the lessons on Forging, because I think it'd be neat to be able to make all the fancy designs and come up with my own, but I'm not sure if that's a wise investment at such an early stage. Would I be able to make much money from it, to perhaps buy credits and thus help me out with getting more lessons? I've also been wondering is it possible to, say...Make up a design for a sword and armour, and have it only available for myself to use? The thought of Asarian having his own unique sword design and such is very appealing, but I have no idea if all designs are public, and the like. 

What do you guys think I should do? I'm a little lost. 


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    Honest answer, I'd be careful about taking forging as a main trade skill unless you want to focus on designing weapons/armour. Forged items don't sell particularly well, nor do you make much in the way of profit on them. I doubt you'd recoup your investment via selling objects unless you were willing to wait a very long time. Poisons and herbs can make you a fair bit if you apply yourself to gathering them (I don't have the patience for that unfortunately) - and as a warrior you're in a good place to take those trade skills.

    You can make designs which are solely yours, but to do that you'll need to buy your own clan and turn it into a cartel. I'm definitely not the right person to ask questions about cartels though - I've never designed anything in Lusternia.

    Not much help really since I don't feel comfortable advising you on how to spend your lessons on a primarily RP build, hope some of it was useful though! 

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    If you can find someone trustworthy with a private forging cartel, you can make things that are specifically for you to use and have them submit it (or even make you Trademaster). You're not going to want to put personal designs into the city cartel, Dreadhelm, though, because every ur'Guard with Forging has access to that. I would definitely say learn enough Necromancy at least to Putrefaction, go Tracking (for easy navigation across Lusternia) and pour the rest how you like -- then, at least, you've set yourself in a position where you can bash back as much gold as you darn well please if you're willing to put the time into it.

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    ..Can you have Necromancy and Tracking at the same time? I thought they were mutually exclusive? I have Necromancy, but Tracking's not there for me.
  • MaligornMaligorn Windborne Member Posts: 3,035 Transcendent
    edited May 2014
    Um, oops. Sorry.

    EDIT: Definitely go with Putrefaction over Pathfinding.

    EDIT DEUCE: Agree with everything Chade said about Forging.

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    In terms of money making, herbs and alchemy are both pretty good money makers even if you don't have a shop. Might be others that are as good, I haven't gotten a grasp on everything yet.

    As for other things... relatively low-investment skills that I've noticed are useful are thirdeye (discernment) and everything up to glasswork in arts. If you want to level and such without bashing as much influencing/dramatics as you can get are obviously useful. Conglutination is pretty awesome if you're willing to invest that much in planar...

    But I think you're asking "How do I invest my weapons so I can buttonmash in group combat without too much effort/coding". Can't answer that, though, since I don't know warrior stuff. I think it's common for groups of warriors to spam something that tries to cut off their opponents head, or their legs, especially in groups.
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