The Taroch Symposium

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So, the long awaited Taroch Symposium finally happened. It was a little later than planned, and I wish there had been more entries, but overall I'm pretty pleased with things. Sorry to those peeps who couldn't be around for it, but at least you get to live vicariously through the log!

(Hallifax): Vivet says, "Citizens, the Institute will be holding its first Taroch Symposium since
any appreciable record has been kept on the matter. We have decided to make the event open to
invitation to the whole city. Any who wish to attend are encouraged to make their way to the Matrix -
 I will pick you up to take you to the Fellow's Lounge shortly."

(Hallifax): Vivet says, "If anyone else is interested, please let me know so that I might wait for
you specifically."

Lord-Librarian Portius Windwhisper, Weaver of the Aurora
Professor Ileein Shevat, White Omen
Primus Vivet Pavok
Pejat Onz'Verheu
Kalakarin, BTS.
Force Commander Elanorwen Pavok, Divine Taster

(We all enter the super secret special place!)

You say, "Please note that the mechanism which you just witnessed is classified. Tell nobody of this.

Pejat Onz'Verheu says, "Understood."

Professor Ileein Shevat, White Omen crosses the lounge to an overstuffed leather armchair, settling
down and watching attentively

Primus Vivet Pavok says, "That aside, the Taroch Symposium is a celebration of new studies and works
completed, and that is what we are here for."

Primus Vivet Pavok says, "Sadly, while I heard a fair few people experimenting with ideas to set
into motion, only one actual study was published. As such, it will make for a quick showing."

Primus Vivet Pavok says, "And was appreciably easy to judge for."

Primus Vivet Pavok says, "Conducted by our Professor Windwhisper, he has continued his
investigations on fungus by examining how various levels of intoxication affect resistance to the
poisonous varieties."

Primus Vivet Pavok says, "You might take the time to peruse the work now, and bring any questions
you might have to Professor Windwhisper's immediate attention."

This ledger has been covered in a single thin layer of shimmering
moonstones. Gold leaf has been used to create the title and author of
the ledger, making it very ornate. Each page has been carefully lined in
black ink, creating a neat surface with which to record experiments and
notes. The margins of the pages have small notations on highly
experimental research projects, and appear to be theoretical in nature.
The bookmark is a simple leather bookmark, with a single large moonstone
in the centre of it.
It is entitled "On the Effect of Habitual Intoxication on Susceptibility to Mushroom Poisoning" and
the author is listed as being Lord-Librarian Portius Windwhisper, Weaver of the Aurora. It is
written in the common tongue.
It weighs about 2 pounds and 0 ounce(s).
It bears the distinctive mark of Shifting Current Arsalil Zayah.
It has been stamped with the seal of The Skyscribes Bookbinding Cartel.

(You should be able to read the book in your friendly local library by now!)

Vivet begins to wield the Sceptre of Temporal Alteration in her left hand.

Professor Ileein Shevat, White Omen says, "Indeed. You worked closely with Gaudiguchian citizens
throughout this experiment, Professor. If I may ask, what did you find was the most problematic
aspect of this subject choice?"

You say, "I expect that my colleagues that help acquire them would like me to note that as the most
difficult part, and on the whole it likely was. At a personal level, however, I found that the
suppression of empathetic emotions to be the most difficult aspect of the experiment. I found myself
struggling not to take pity on them, even though they were enemies of the state."

You say, "But such is our duty, I suppose. To do grim work for the advancement of knowledge, when
such things are necessary and proper."

Ileein nods his head at you.

Pejat Onz'Verheu asks, "Will this work be published in the public record, or will it only be
available to Hallifax?"

You say, "It will be duly published after the symposium's conclusion for the greater glory of the
Collective and the advancement of science within the Basin as a whole."

Showing that he understands, Pejat nods his head slowly.

Pejat Onz'Verheu looks thoughtful and says, "I see."

You say, "The publication might offend those who dwell in that smoking city in the desert, but if I
let that stop me from doing things I would not get anything done."

Ileein appears to puff up slightly as his entire body glows a cheerful shade of citrine yellow.

Pejat Onz'Verheu says, "Of course. I would not want you to stop your work."

Professor Ileein Shevat, White Omen says, "A repeat experiment with a higher sample size would be
ideal, but of course that hinges upon acquiring a large sample size. Likely somewhat tricky."

You say, "Indeed. My thoughts are much the same, and I know precisely where such a sample might be
found, but I could not convince anyone to provide me with an army to acquire it."

Primus Vivet Pavok says, "I believe I might have missed it - what method was used to determine that
the subjects had indeed succumbed fully to the poison? Your records have it timed to the second, so
it does spark some curiosity, for the sake of considering sources for error and allowing as precise
a repeat as possible for any who wish to emulate the study in the future."

Primus Vivet Pavok looks thoughtful and says, "I would assume a pulse check, but verification is
always appreciated."

You say, "The standard methods seemed adequate. Their pulse and breather were monitored as a
preliminary measure, but as is customary where precision is required, I applied a harmonically
charged opal crystal to the subjects. When it failed, it was a sure sign of death."

Vivet nods solemnly.

Primus Vivet Pavok says to Kalakarin, "How about you, junior fellow? If you might wish to prepare
anything in the near future, even questions about methodology might be good at this time."

Kalakarin ponders for a moment and says "Hrm..."

Kalakarin, BTS. says, "I would take some time to consider it, saddly I missed part of the
presentation due to soul aeon."

Primus Vivet Pavok says, "Very well."

You say, "Quite alright. I am always open to questions on any of my works, at any time, from any of
my comrades. Ask when questions come to you."

Primus Vivet Pavok says to you, "Hmm, do you not have a copy of the study for yourself? Perhaps he
might hold onto it otherwise. Apologies, but I can't recall if you needed it back or not."

You say, "It is the library that requires it, but any citizen will be able to read it there."

Kalakarin nods his head affirmatively.

Primus Vivet Pavok says, "True, true!"

Primus Vivet Pavok says, "Having accomplished this, then, and being the undisputed stand-out of the
Symposium, I now grant you, Portius Windwhisper, the Taroch Prize."

Vivet bestows the guild's highest honour on you, with a tap of the Sceptre of Temporal Alteration.

You say, "I have served the Collective for eighty years, Primus, and never before have I been so
highly honored. Thank you."

Primus Vivet Pavok says, "A moment, while I process the auxiliary prize."

Professor Ileein Shevat, White Omen applauds politely, the crystalline chiming soft in the plush

Pejat Onz'Verheu quickly looks up to Ileein from the work, and begins applauding while looking
around to determine why exactly he is applauding.

Primus Vivet Pavok says, "I suppose the next step would be to start a basic scroll for keeping in
our guild library."

Primus Vivet Pavok says, "Simply to list Taroch recipients and the works that won them their prize."

Vivet tugs her chin thoughtfully.

You say, "That would be wise, I expect."

Ileein nods his head.

Primus Vivet Pavok says, "It would be a less obtrusive place for the record to be kept."

Professor Ileein Shevat, White Omen says, "That would seem appropriate. Or perhaps a plaque in the
Hall of the Fellowship."

Primus Vivet Pavok says, "We have other guild business to discuss, but we might dismiss our guests
now, if they would rather not hear all of that."

Professor Ileein Shevat, White Omen says, "Ah. Indeed."

Primus Vivet Pavok says, "Ooh, hmm! A plaque could be interesting as well."

Pejat Onz'Verheu asks, "Shall I dismiss myself?"

You say, "The idea of a plaque appeals to my latent vanity."

Primus Vivet Pavok says to Pejat, "I think I will need to take you out."

Pejat shakes his head.

Pejat blinks.

Primus Vivet Pavok says, "Hmm. Well, we might need to select a new Patron then."

Pejat Onz'Verheu laughingly says, "Oh yes. Monolith sigils. Quite good to have."

Primus Vivet Pavok looks skeptical and says, "But again, this is more guild business for us to

(And then that guild business happened, at it wasn't interesting to anybody except us.)
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