Nexus Question...

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I made some basic things in the Nexus client to allow me to get by with alts without having to faff on with clients etc. One of these is a function for my tradeskill, but I want it to create a notice on the game when a particular "stack" is done. Anyone who has used nexus will know that basic triggers and such have a "show a notice" button for this kinda thing, but I cannot figure out how to call it from a function.

This is an example of my function that I want to insert a notice into:

if (variable1 == "1") { 
    client.set_variable("variable1", "0");
    client.SOMETHING("Finished the tradey thing"); <-----this is where I want it
} else if (variable1 == "0") {
    client.set_variable("variable1", "1");
    client.send_direct("Starting to do that tradey thing");

Everything in the function works, but I cannot for the life of my think how to show some kind of notice/echo/alert.


[Edit - I found a way around it by calling an alias which has a notice attached to it. Messy but does the job.]
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