Stonwall's Vision Quest on the Spiritual Path of the Jaguar

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Everiine tosses an old bundle of spices onto the fire, which quickly burns and releases a pleasant scent into the air. "Close your eyes," he says, "and listen to my voice. It is your way home."

Serenguard Stonwall, Jaguar Scout straightens up and closes his eyes, listening intently.

Everiine chants softly over the fire and a tiny point of light appears in the darkness behind your eyes. As it falls, it grows larger and larger until you can see its form--a snowflake, much like the ones falling around you. More snowflakes join, filling the vision in your mind, whirling about you chaotically. Suddenly, they stop, frozen in their places in the air; or at least, they seem frozen, drifting so slowly that you can hardly notice them. Your vision lightens, revealing a light wood next to a plain completely frozen over on a winter's eve. "Can you hear me, Stonwall?" a voice asks before Everiine shimmers into view.

Serenguard Stonwall, Jaguar Scout gives you a smart tribal salute as you appear and replies "Yes".

The vision walking toward Stonwall over the frozen plain, Everiine says, "Good." He tilts his head to one side, listening. "A hunt is going on somewhere in the plain. It would be best if we kept away from it, lest we, too, find ourselves prey. But look around--a servant of the Hunter, an animal known for its ability to adapt, should be around here to meet us."

Serenguard Stonwall, Jaguar Scout crouches down and scans the area for signs of such an animal.

Everiine watches you, but keeps one ear tilted toward the plain listening to the distant hunt in case it comes too close.

Serenguard Stonwall, Jaguar Scout stares at a small bush wondering why it's shadows are the wrong shape before realizing there is a small hyena crouched beneath it. He says "There is a hyena under that bush".

Everiine looks in the direction of the bush. A small hyena creeps out, eyeing the both of you warily. He nods his head in acknowledgement to Everiine, then turns back to you. "You have keen sight for one so big," he says sarcastically. "Or perhaps This One is not as adaptable as he would like to believe. Nevertheless, you came to find me or another of my Master's servants, and found me you have. Now, what does the big one want?"

Serenguard Stonwall, Jaguar Scout directs his attention towards the hyena and slams his fist against his chest in a tribal salute before answering "I wish to learn how you adapt to survive in your environment".

Everiine watches with pride as the snarky hyena backs down. "Oh, This One would much rather be in a nice warm plain filled with lots of tasty prey for the taking, but no, Master says we must live here. This one does not like it here, but This One adapts. Sometimes, This One acts like a cat. Sometimes a dog. Sometimes a rock, but that's not as fun, no." He crouches low, snorting at the snow. "This one does what it must to survive, which is not fair, but This One did not get a vote, so must make do."

Tilting his head and listening to the growing noises of the hunt creeping closer, you say, "You have time for a few more questions before we will need to leave. Is there anything you wish to ask him? He is bound to answer you now."

Serenguard Stonwall, Jaguar Scout ponders the hyena's words and nods sagely and adds "Hunting is fun, you do need to keep that aspect and continue to do it to get stronger. Why do you stay here to do your duty instead of joining the hunt?"

Everiine chuckles at the twinkle in the hyena's eye. "Who said This one was not part of the hunt? Why do you think it hides in the bushes? For my Master's servants, this is our duty, too. It is easy to adapt when one is the hunter. When one is the prey, that is where the true test of adaptation is."

Serenguard Stonwall, Jaguar Scout thanks the hyena profusely pondering over his wisdom.

Everiine snaps his head toward the plain. At the same time, the hyena bounds back into the bushes. Barely a pawprint remains where he stood. The clamour of the hunt--cries, whoops, pounding hooves and paws--washes over you. "We must go," Everiine says, standing between you and the plains. "Listen to my voice again, and do not let it go." The snow that hung in the air starts to fall again, whipping around you in a flurry of icy winds and clouding your vision. As your sight darkens again, you feel once more the snow beneath you, the cold air around you, and the wind on your face. You hear the crackle of the dying fire, and Everiine calling your name. "Are you here, Stonwall?"

Serenguard Stonwall, Jaguar Scout pats himself down and nods.

You say, "Sleep, little one. Then, we will talk about what you saw."

Stonwall closes his eyes, curls up into a ball and falls asleep.

Stonwall stands up and stretches his arms out wide.

Serenguard Stonwall, Jaguar Scout says, "Sorry about that."

Tending to the last embers of the fire, you say, "It is quite alright. Such visions can be taxing on the mind, and therefore, the body."

You ask Stonwall, "What did you see?"

Serenguard Stonwall, Jaguar Scout says, "A hyena."

Serenguard Stonwall, Jaguar Scout says, "Camouflaged in a snowy environment which was impressive."

You say, "Aye, that is no easy feat."

Serenguard Stonwall, Jaguar Scout says, "I've always liked the way hyenas hunt, they chase them until the prey is worn out then dismembers them."

Serenguard Stonwall, Jaguar Scout says, "They play to their strengths, they have great endurance and can outlast their prey over long distances."

You say to Stonwall, "They have taken their forms and their strengths, and adapted their hunting to suit it."

Stonwall nods his head emphatically.

You ask Stonwall, "What else did you learn?"

Serenguard Stonwall, Jaguar Scout says, "That I should hold on to my love of the hunt while keeping hold to my duties to the guild."

You nod your head at Stonwall.

Serenguard Stonwall, Jaguar Scout says, "Hyenas are also pack hunters, so helping my pack, or guild, and being able to rely on their help is always a plus."

You nod your head at Stonwall.

Stonwall ponders the situation.

You say to Stonwall, "It sounds like you were paying attention to what the hyena had to teach."

Stonwall nods his head sagely.

You say to Stonwall, "You have taken the first steps down the path of the Jaguar."

You say to Stonwall, "I name you Jaguar's Cub, and hope that you will continue to learn the ways of the Hunter."

Stonwall nods his head emphatically.

Stonwall thanks you profusely.
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