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So I just hit demi, and the first thing I decided I needed to do was replace my XP tracker with an essence tracker - Idk about others but I'd never be able to motivate myself to hunt if I couldn't accurately gauge my progress. And now I can! And you can too, if you want, because here is the script. Please do let me know if there's anything you'd change, haha.

Credit for inspiration must be given to the unknown author of my old XP tracker script, which has been rescued through so many wipes of my mudlet that I no longer remember where I got it. I DO know that I was pointed to it by Daem, and the original package put it in a folder called "Valonah's stuff" - So thanks, Daem and Valonah, and whoever else may have been involved. The main trick I borrowed is storing the last 50 kills in a table to get reliable averages - clever, and MUCH better than just recording from kill to kill like my first draft did.

P.S: I don't know how to make mudlet packages so this was a blind stab in the dark. I THINK it works? Someone should test it for me.

P.P.S: It'll need to be initiated with its reset alias (EDIT: "ESSENCE RESET" fyi) - if someone wants to explain how amateurish that is, please please tell me haha. If you end up using this then maybe expandalias it in your login trigger, that's what I've always done.

EDIT: Went back and added to it so that it now works with influencing, and if someone else gets the kill (obviously misleading if you are not in a squad with that person). Why did I decide to edit the XML by hand? Who knows. But this is tested and it works!
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    wow I KNEW i would do something dumb. Right now this only works with vadi's m&m, give me a minute to fix it...
    Fixed. Idk why i'm doing all these edits, nobody's even seen this yet.
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