Seeking poteen pot pieces

LavinyaLavinya Queen of SnarkAustraliaMember Posts: 3,479 Transcendent

Poteen Pot: Missing
Fistful Of Rye: Missing
Washed Sand: Missing

Have these random bits and pieces to trade:

4360    Piece    Curry Bottle         Curry        Seventh Pinch Of Curry
5294    Piece    Leprechaun Pot       None         Peppermint Shamrock
5503    Piece    Harlequin Mask       None         Harlequin Chin
7363    Piece    Jewelled Dragonfly   Flutter      Lower Left Wing
8012    Rare     Butterfly Mask       None         Butterfly Mask Head
8485    Piece    Jade Moth            Flutter      Fangs
9264    Piece    Glaring Eyeball      Face         Lower Lid
9321    Piece    Sand Bubble          None         Sandworm Tooth
10133   Piece    Kelpie Mask          None         Kelpie Upper Mouth
10389   Piece    Chicken Mask         None         Chicken Left Cheek
10764   Piece    Ruby Rib             Bone         Middle Top
10793   Piece    Maiden Mask          None         Maiden Mask Strap
12942   Piece    Gleaming Saw         Tool         Lower Bottom Handle
13765   Piece    Tin Tinker           Figure       Left Hand
14122   Piece    Crystal Comet        Astro        Center Tail
14780   Piece    Spiderweb            Spider       Left Legs
15738   Piece    Red Heart            None         Rainbow Candy
16510   Piece    Runed Torch          Light        Upper Handle
16522   Piece    Golden Bumblebee     Flutter      Fifth Leg
16871   Piece    Jewelled Dragonfly   Flutter      Middle Legs
16931   Piece    Gem Swan             Bird         Right Wing
17089   Piece    Rosemary Bottle      Pasta        Second Pinch Of Rosemary
17092   Piece    Jewelled Dragonfly   Flutter      Upper Left Wing
17100   Rare     Iron Spy             Figure       Head
17153   Piece    Murex Beacon         Light        Fifth Row Of Spines
17205   Piece    Crystal Lightning    Sky          Fifth Rune
17207   Piece    Murex Beacon         Light        Fourth Row Of Spines
17214   Rare     Spiderweb            Spider       Spider Head



  • ArimisiaArimisia Member Posts: 428 Expert
    ya know.. had I know this last week... >.>
    The soft, hollow voice of Nocht, the Silent resounds within your mind as His words echo through the aether, "Congratulations, Arimisia. Your mastery of vermin cannot be disputed."

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