HTML5 Influence System

DaganevDaganev Member Posts: 755 Master
Before I start reporgramming my scripts from Nexus, I figured I should ask. (Search is not being friendly for this right now)
Is there a current package for influencing on the HTML5 web client?  If not, and if people help me, I'll make it available when I'm done.


  • RialormRialorm Member Posts: 1,055 Transcendent
    There isn't, but there is the free bashing and influencing system for Mudlet. Unfortunately as for now it depends on you having m&m, which you probably will have to purchase if you used to play on Nexus.
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  • DaganevDaganev Member Posts: 755 Master
    Are there any Lusternia scripts for the html5 client?
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