Small log: Azus praises Selenity

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A beam of moonlight comes down from the sky and bathes you in light.

Azus dances down a moonbeam and alights gently on the ground.

Azus gazes at you as she shifts position slightly, her eyes and abdomen glowing
an eerie emerald.

You raise your hand in greeting to Azus and say "Hello!"

A fierce timberwolf tilts back his head in a low, resonant howl.

She is a compound-eyed royal kephera and she stands tall and proud in gleaming
chitin of bronze and brass. Somewhat flat electrum breasts and flaring silver
hips contribute tokens of femininity to her body if not her demeanour, though
they pale in the light of her abdomen, which weighs ponderously upon her; a
crown, a burden, gilded indigo fluorescence beneath copper-plate thatching. Wiry
antennae brighten to pure gold as they bend like reeds from her temples, bulging
at their ends as they swell into the child of coins and roses. Many panels of
turquoise and malachite flare with electric blue light above two aesthetic
vermillion diagonals that bisect her cheeks and frame her nose, small and
unwrinkled above her thin-lipped smile. She is wearing an opalescent crystal
bell, the Commandant's Sash, the Medallion of Many Eyes, a rigid white velvet
shawl, a kepheran gown of glittering amethysts, high-heeled black loti shoes and
a warder's pendant.

You say, "Good afternoon, Khan en-Wilde!"

The smell of wildflowers wafts past your nose.

You hear a faint, ethereal melody, laden in the surrounding air.

Hive Queen Azus Ankhemet, Khan en-Wilde says, "You are a dear, sweet thing,
Female Selenity, and you honour the Serenwilde with your kindess."

You have emoted: Selenity blinks a few times and blushes at the sudden

Hive Queen Azus Ankhemet, Khan en-Wilde says, "I just acquainted myself of the
current news. Your post was touching."

Azus nods her head.

Flustered, you say, "Th... thank you."

You say, "I just, you know. She was part of the forest. There wasn't much
thought that went into it."

You see a deer wander through a clearing in the distance.

You say, "I mean, I cared how the Moondancers might have done it! But I didn't.
It wasn't something special. It was what was deserved of a warrior's passing. I
think, at least."

Bowing her head, Hive Queen Azus Ankhemet, Khan en-Wilde says, "Rarely are more
than words offered to the graves of the fallen."

Gillian flaps her wings quickly and begins to hover in the air.

Shadows grow longer in anticipation for the return of their dark mistress as
Father Sun's chase brings him closer to the world's edge.

Opening her mouth to speak, she pauses and closes her mouth, before opening her
mouth again, you ask, "Why?"

With a shrug, Hive Queen Azus Ankhemet, Khan en-Wilde says, "It is difficult to
remain kind and generous and also devasted when enough loss is piled upon us. We
offer our words, our respect, our gratitude, and remembrance, but I rarely have
I observed a modern burial."

As the sun passes below the horizon's edge, Mother Night unveils her terrible,
shadowy beauty, spreading darkness across the land.

Listening to the Hive Queen speak before speaking herself with a pace that gets
faster as she goes, you say to Azus, "Songs should be at every person's grave,
especially those who fight so valiantly for our home. Those are the sorts of
people that should be remembered most, those who act humbly and don't seek to
have their names known, those who wish to serve the forest with their whole
being. We are all born of the woods, in one way or another, and we all return to
it, one way or another."

Azus nods her head.

A striped badger snuffles about the area curiously.

Becoming flustered again, you say, "Ah, forgive me. I may have spoken too
brashly or out of turn." She lowers her head respectfully. "I get carried away

Hive Queen Azus Ankhemet, Khan en-Wilde says, "Do not apologise for your words,
or for your beliefs."

Hive Queen Azus Ankhemet, Khan en-Wilde says, "Consider them beforehand, and be
resolute with your decision."

Azus nods her head sagely.

You have emoted: Selenity looks up at Azus, eyebrows raised.

Hive Queen Azus Ankhemet, Khan en-Wilde says, "Or so it goes with my Princesses,
at any rate."

You say, "You are really wise!"

With a green glow, Hive Queen Azus Ankhemet, Khan en-Wilde says, "Only on formal

With a wistful look on her face, Gillian touches the Moonhart Mother Tree.

You nod your head emphatically.

Resolutely, you say, "Then I will do my best to think before I speak in the
future and be sure of what I say before I say it."

A soft breeze swirls here, bringing notes of ethereal music.

Across the heavens, the stars and moon challenge night's dark reign, revealing
familiar constellations that tell the tales of myth and legend.

Azus smiles softly.

Hive Queen Azus Ankhemet, Khan en-Wilde says, "Oh, do pardon me. I did not mean
to chide, but counsel."

Shoulders lowering a little, you say, "Though I was mostly worried that I might
have come off as speaking to you as if we are on the same level, like equals,
when I'm just a Chime."

You blink.

You vigorously shake your head in adamant disagreement.

Long pigtails whipping about as she shakes her head, you say, "No, you didn't
come off as chiding at all!"

Hive Queen Azus Ankhemet, Khan en-Wilde says, "Oh, that is a relief. I am so
used to being chiding these days, I can hardly tell when I've stopped."

Azus smiles softly.

Slowly, you ask, "You didn't come all the way over here just to compliment me,
did you?"

Glancing askance, Hive Queen Azus Ankhemet, Khan en-Wilde says, "Well, actually,
I did."

Hive Queen Azus Ankhemet, Khan en-Wilde says, "But I suppose I should get back
to work. My Noyan is missing."

Azus grumbles angrily.

You have emoted: Selenity's cheeks turn bright red. She goes to bring her hands
to her cheeks to hide her blush, but clonks herself on the head with her lute in
the process.

Azus's eyes sparkle with amusement.

You have emoted: Selenity mumbles softly and lowers her lute, rubbing her brow
where she clonked herself.

Hive Queen Azus Ankhemet, Khan en-Wilde says, "I am glad that eohmyen are not
equipped with shofa."

Azus inclines her head politely to you.

Looking away now as well, you say, "Spirits keep, good luck with your work."

Hive Queen Azus Ankhemet, Khan en-Wilde says, "Ayalul en-ailadul, ohmjei."

Azus leaves to the north.
A frost hag spares a glance for Azus as she leaves.
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