Asatir forms his first pact (Log provided by Leisane b/c I was on my phone)

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Asatir nods his head emphatically.

Asatir bows his head solemnly and clasps his hands together before him.

Penitent Asatir says, "Duke Ashtorath, Your fire burns deep within my core. This is the fuel that drives me, the force behind my ambition."

Penitent Asatir says, "I would serve You above all and dedicate myself to Your wrath and fury."

Esca n'Lochli folds his hands into his sleeves as he waits far to the side of the loft, watching Asatir from beneath his hood.

You have emoted: Leisane n'Lochli rolls his symbol over in his hand, allowing the smell of charred flesh to rise in the air as he watches Asatir silently.

Penitent Asatir says, "I would use my rage as a weapon against my foes and a tool to improve myself.

Penitent Asatir says, "To You, Duke of Inescapable Damnation, at this hour do I eternally pledge my servitude and my very soul."

Asatir prostrates himself before Ashtorath, professing his commitment to hatred and rage. He is slammed to the ground by one of the huge, horned hands of the Demon Lord.

Ashtorath the Raging exclaims, "You better serve me well, Asatir! I will tolerate nothing else! Rage against the Light! Hate all life and let your fury rule your being. Together, our rage shall flatten all opposition!"

With a howl of rage, Ashtorath the Raging backhands Asatir, knocking him backwards with his huge knuckles.
Asatir has been slain by Ashtorath the Raging.

The demonic hordes scream the name of Asatir, as Ashtorath forms a pact with him in hatred and fury.

Esca taps his fingers together and murmurs, "Excellent..."

The ghost of Asatir turns to a dark, murky miasma, which slowly solidifies into a foul, undead creature.

You smirk.

You say, "Well done, Penitent."

Heresiarch Esca n'Lochli says, "Indeed, you will serve the Duke well, I feel."

Penitent Asatir says, "Thank you both. I didn't want this to be a dry mechanical affair."

You say, "Mmm, it rarely is when it involves our Lords and Lady."

Heresiarch Esca n'Lochli says, "Your first Pact is a serious matter, even moreso than the ones to follow. It is a signifier of the path you shall walk."

Penitent Asatir says, "I understand. I strive to walk it well."

The ghost of a smile passes fleetingly across Esca's lips as he glances at Asatir.

You say, "Strive to do nothing, Penitent. Do it, or do not. You are the path you set before you."

Esca nods his head sagely at you.

Penitent Asatir says, "Wise words. I feel I have already gained something of value from this experience."
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