Curing Systems for Healers

AerotanAerotan Member Posts: 534 Expert
Thinking of jumping back onto one of my healers, but wanted to know if there are any curing systems that take advantage of the healing skillset for Mudlet or the HTML5 client.

Preferably one that's inexpensive or free, since I also want to make rent this month. >..>

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  • AerotanAerotan Member Posts: 534 Expert
    The healing plugin and an alt system would translate to 33 credits, right?

    I didn't doubt m&m's efficacy at curing, just my own ability to keep two copies of m&m running concurrently without breaking things. Again. (Or muster the credits, which might take me a week or two since all I have are dingbats and bound credits.)
  • VadiVadi Member Posts: 256 Gifted
    Yeah. m&m will be fine as it'd be in two separate profiles.
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