Adasser Goes on a Vision Quest for Sister Wolverine

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Spirit Concourse.
A great number of small candles light this room, suffusing the chamber with a
warm glow and casting fitful shadows across a rough stone altar, pushed against
one wall of the room. Laid along the altar is a long weaving, covered in
illustrations of great warriors of the past, the ancestors of the modern
Serenguard warriors. Along the walls are more banners and weavings, depicting
battles and triumphs from long ago, and directly opposite the altar is a carved
inscription, reading: "Spirits of fallen comrades, come and be welcome." Set out
upon the weathered rock of the altar are fresh foods, a gift to the ancestral
spirits. It seems you can almost hear whispers, just beyond the edge of your
hearing, and the candle flames sputter in sudden draughts that emanate from an
unknown source. A sigil in the shape of a small, rectangular monolith is on the
You see exits leading north, east, and up.

Everiine kneels and folds his wings silently behind him. In the
faintest of whispers, he prays to the ancestors for protection.

Everiine then pulls one of his feathers from his wing and prays
over it, imploring Brother Eagle for his guidance and protection.

Everiine touches the Mark on his face, causing it to glow a
soft orange. As quietly as he can, so as not to disturb the ancestors, he prays
to Brother Jaguar, asking for His protection.

A shriek of some great bird breaks through the walls of the Concourse, as
warbling through the air.

Not by your own volition, you suddenly snarl: the sound mingling with the bird's
cry, deepening to some powerful sound.

Everiine smiles softly and ruffles his wings. Standing, he
approaches the altar and lays the feather on it. Bowing to the offering and his
altar, he thanks the ancestors and the Warrior Spirits for their unceasing

You close your eyes and inhale deeply, absorbing the scent of your surroundings.

You let loose a long breath from your lungs, exhaling slowly.

(travel to Moonhart Mother Tree, where Adasser tells Everiine he is ready)

Nodding his head gravely, you say to Adasser, an elfen guard, "As am I. May the ancestors and the Warrior Spirits protect us."

You beckon to Adasser, an elfen guard.

Adasser, an elfen guard begins to follow you.

(travel to...)

Grasses beside Moon River.
A heavy downpour soaks the area. This small area of grass leads from the Alabaster Road down to the banks of the Moon River. The road to the south is a line of white stone, threading beneath the tall trees that crowd around it. Moon River to the northwest, however, is a wide expanse of water, a massive river that cuts a path through the trees and forces them apart. Gravel lines the banks as they slope down to meet the river's edge. Two concentric circles of stones are set out in the grasses here. A hornbeam sapling clings tenaciously to the ground here. Reaching up as high as the eye can see looms the awesome presence of a living totem. Adasser, an elfen guard strolls here, alert and vigilant. Hackles risen, a fierce timberwolf prowls about here.
You see exits leading south and northwest.

Everiine gathers a few logs from outside the circles and brings them to the charred, bared center. Building a small pile, he lights a fire in them, bathing the sacred place with warm light.

Adasser, an elfen guard stands completely still, unsure of what to do. He watches as you construct the fire: a mixture of eagerness, worry, and perhaps even a bit of dread evident in his pale blue eyes.

Everiine turns his face up to the rain. "This will not be comfortable," he murmurs to himself, already shaking the water out of his feathered crest. Turning to Adasser, he asks, "You are sure that this is what you wish? And you are prepared for the perils of entering the realm of the Wolverine without a true guide?"

Adasser, an elfen guard takes a deep breath, the raindrops pitter-pattering about him, soaking his clothing. "A-a-aye, High Chief. I am certain," he replies. With a long exhale, the elfen nods his head affirmatively. "Yes," he answers again, this time with more steel in his voice.

Everiine studies Adasser again as the rain clinks against his armour. Finally, he nods, and sets himself to the task ahead. "We are not permitted to bring anything with us on our journey," he says as he unbuckles his scabbards, setting them aside against one of the stones. "We must go alone, without aid." He removes the rest of his armour and clothing--even his jewelry--and either stuffs them in his pack or sets them next to his weapons. The pack is the last thing to go, bulging with items.

Adasser, an elfen guard nods his head, following suit as you get yourself ready. The elfen looks about and stabs his two rapiers into the ground in the grasses outside the circles, pushing hard enough that would make them quite difficult to acquire without some effort. Withdrawing his cloak and skullcap, Adasser quickly peels off the rest of his clothing, which he places into a pile beside his weapons.

(Adasser's appearance)
The infamous elfen known as Adasser stands here, tall, pale, and strapping. Completely naked, his arms, legs, and chest are muscular, perfect for his duties as guard of the Moonhart. His long, blond hair streams down his back, like a curtain of sunshine; his eyes maintain a glimmer of mischief, their glacial blueness like Moon Lake frozen over. Starting at the juncture of his right hand and wrist, a jagged red stripe zigzags on the back of his palm - a mark indicating his service to the Serenguard Tribe.
Adasser, an elfen guard is quite powerful.

Everiine sits down cross-legged on one side of the fire and gestures for Adasser to do the same.

Adasser, an elfen guard bumbles over to the other side of the campfire, falling into a cross-legged position. His chest heaves up and down as he tries to mimic your actions.

Everiine leans over and grabs his pack, muttering about how he "Forgot again..." and pulls out an old pouch. Opening it, he dumps a handful of dried leaves and herbs into his hand, which he casts into the hot embers of the fire. Quickly catching fire, the leaves release their smoky scent, a strong, heady aroma.

Plumes of rich smoke fill the surrounding glade, snaking the sweet scents of anise, loam, and the astringent tang of tea through the air.

Grunting a cough, Adasser, an elfen guard inhales a thick gout of smoke. He exhales, searching for clean air, and wavers in his spot.

Slicking back his head feathers, you say, "Breathe slowly, and let the smoke open your mind," as the temperature begins to drop around you. "As we travel into the realm of the Predator, it is imperative that you do not lose my voice, for it is the only thing that will guide you back." Your vision starts to darken, and the rain turns to sleet, then to snow. "Do not lose it."

Adasser, an elfen guard takes a deeper breath than before, allowing the smoke to curl within his lungs. "Aye, High Chief," he rasps. The elfen's eyes begin to glaze over, straining to see the scene anew. It is true, the rain has chilled to the density of snow and falls in light, powdery clumps. Moon River has frozen over. As Adasser keeps breathing, the characteristic vapour of his breath seeps from his mouth and nose.

As if a curtain pulling back, the scene unfolds in front of your eyes. The frozen river runs not through a forest now, but through an unfamiliar alpine tundra. As Everiine opens his eyes, he exhales a cloud of vapour. His feathers have frozen over, and he shivers with visible discomfort. Eyes glazed, he asks, "Are you here, Adasser?"

Searching for you, or at least the direction of voice, Adasser, an elfen guard says, "I-I-I'm here, High Chief. Where are you?" His blue eyes roaming over to take account of this new place, the elfen rises to his feet. His hair has become an icicle unto itself, a shimmering, blond sheet. With a shiver and chatter of his teeth, "... at least we know we are not in the forest anymore."

Upon hearing Adasser's voice, Everiine blinks and inhales sharply. The glaze melts from his eyes, and your vision and his finally clear, allowing you to see each other. He looks around himself with curious eyes and inspects his ice-laden wings. "Certainly not," he says, standing and folding his stiff wings as best he can. Rubbing his arms, he says, "I have never been to this part of the realm of the Warrior Spirits. I do not think I like it." He comes over and stands next to you, observing his surroundings.

Attempting to keep warm, Adasser, an elfen guard wraps his arms around his bare chest, sliding up and down his forearms to stimulate heat. Speaking through gritted, chittering teeth, "O-ooo-oh?" He turns to look at you for a moment, trying to figure out what to do next.

Snow continues to fall around you, moving from light dusting to heavy flakes that pile in heavy, obscuring mounds.

In the far distance, beyond the horizon, a commotion can be heard--somewhere, out in the vast tundra, a hunting party chases its prey. As he surveys the territory, Everiine notices Adasser shivering, and is moved to pity. The ice around his wing cracks as he forces it open, trying to wrap it around Adasser as best he can. "We will not last long out here," he says. "We need to find a servant of Sister Wolverine who can teach us about ferocity, before we freeze to death."

Adasser, an elfen guard leans into your wings, allowing the scant traces of warmth to fall upon him. He is still shivering, but given time, he forces himself to still. Twitching softly, Adasser's pointed ears flick up and down to the sound in the distance. Eyes turning to the sound, he flees the safety of your wings and leaps through the snow. "What is that!" he exclaims.


Another whistle cries through the air, a long black streak creating the sound. It stops when it lands and solidly plants into the snow-covered ground: an arrow.

Eyes wide, Adasser, an elfen guard exclaims, "BWAH!"

Everiine bounds after the elfen, and after quickly deducing that flying would be impossible, he crunches through the snow in his barefeet. With a deft leap to the side, he avoids the arrow, but tumbles headlong into the snow.

Everiine pushes himself back to his feet, brushes off the snow, and crouches, assuming an alert position.

Adasser, an elfen guard snaps his head, watching as you plummet into the snow. "High Chief!" he shouts again, the sound muffled by another careen of an arrow. The elfen narrowly missing this one - the arrow cuts a clean, red slice across his shoulder. Falling to his knees near you, he mutters, "We are buzzing fireflies waiting for their nets if we stay out in this plain."

Adasser, an elfen guard winces in pain.

Everiine sees the blood dripping to the snow and growls in rage. He jumps in between the guard and what he perceives to be the direction from which the arrow fly. Spreading his wings with a lock crack of ice, shielding his charge from sight, he bellows, "Down your weapons! I am Warrior of Brother Jaguar the Hunter, and His Brother, Eagle, the Seer; High Chief of the Serenguard Lodge and Bearer of the Mark of Nintoba! Let us pass!" Hoping to buy some more time, he yells, "I ask for neither retribution nor pardon--only safe passage for my companion and me. Let us pass!" He waits, unsure if his challenge has any warrant for the servants of the Wolverine, ready to grab the elfen and spring away if more arrows fly.

The sounds of the hunting party finally come into view, dark shapes lingeringin the distance. It is not clear that they heard you as they do not shout in response. Adasser pushes himself to his feet, hand pressed to his shoulder to staunch the blood. *whiiiiiiistle* That appears to be their answer.

Everiine knocks Adasser to the ground and shields him, taking the arrow in his wing. Ripping it all the way through with a painful cry and tossing it aside, he shields the elfen again and helps him up. "Can you run? We need to find a safe haven." Turning his eyes to the horizon, he searches desperately for somewhere to retreat to.

Adasser, an elfen guard gasps aloud as the arrow cuts through your wing, almost instictively reaching out to you to help. He stops himself and nods, your question registering in his head. "Aye," he says, his eyes turning to find something too. "There!" he exclaims with a gesture - a sudden rise in the snowscape. Adasser grabs at your arm, attempting to pull you along as he begins bounding through the snow, almost leaping as his knees rise to chest-level to keep above the icy downfall.

Everiine leaps alongside of you, leaving a small trail of blood behind him. His chest heaves with breaths in the icy cold as the two of you try to make it to safety. In an attempt to at least lessen the trail of blood, he forces his wings closed, trapping the wound between his feathers.

Blood trickles down Adasser, an elfen guard's shoulder as he presses onward, his left hand pressing down the wound while the other pulling you along. As you run and run and run, the figures that were shooting at you become smaller and smaller until they completely wink out of sight. You both manage to the rise of hills, an outcropping of rock, and Adasser pulls you down and ducks beneath some monolith. Peeking his head around the stone, the guard, remarks, "I-------" He heaves, falling into a fit of coughing and hacking as the icy terrain chokes his lungs. "I---- think we lost them."

Withdrawing his hand, Adasser assess his wound. The gash is not too deep but it is certainly a bleeder.

Everiine collapses in the now next to you, choking on his own breath as well. "For now," he manages to say, leaning his head back into the snow. "They will return. If they have the Focus of their Master, they will not give up so easily.  But, we have bought ourselves enough time, I hope, to accomplish our task." He closes his eyes for a few moments and tries to warm his breaths through his nose. Opening them again he asks, "Are you okay?" Sitting up, he gingerly inspects Adasser's wound.

Wincing a bit, Adasser, an elfen guard says, "It-it'll be fine. It should be fine. What about you?" The guard gives you an assessing glance, his breathing finally becoming something stable although he breaks into an occassional cough. With a significant *thud* - the guard plants his back against the monolith, eyes still on you."

Also wincing as he tries to open his wing, you say, "I have suffered worse," but the pain is evident in his face no matter how hard he tries to hide it. "It is painful, but the damage is not too severe. The arrow pierced skin and feather." He gathers up a handful of snow and hold it his mouth, using his breath to melt some of it. Sipping up the melted water, he asks, "Where to now, Traveler?"

Adasser, an elfen guard's face blanches, becoming as white like the fallen snow. "Bwah!" he produces, trying to search for things to say. His mouth hanging open, he finally says, "We need to find a servant of Sister Wolverine, aye?" He does not give you time to answer, his eyes scanning this break in the plain.

Everiine nods his head and sips on the melting snow in his hands. Shifting in the snow (and unable to hide a wince), he follows your gaze, his hawkish eyes piercing through the snow in an attempt to locate the servant.

Adasser, an elfen guard says, "There." The guard points to someplace nearby: an opening, a cave. Turning to you, he gives a wry smile. "If anything, that gives us a moment to think better."

Everiine agrees and pulls himself up into a standing position. The snow sticks to his wings, caked like a white cloak to the flight fins. Extending his hand, he helps Adasser up and the two make their way to the cave.

Taking hold of your hand, Adasser, an elfen guard pushes himself to his feet - withdrawing his hand once standing. As the two of you venture toward the cave, the snows grow heavier: a veritable bizzard all around you. Thankfully, the cave offers some respite. No snow, no wind; however, the chill of the tundra remains. His teeth chattering in his skull, Adasser remarks, "This will give us something at least."

In the darkness of the cave, two pale green dots glow as if awakened by the elfen's voice.

Everiine bends forward and flaps his wings hard, shaking the snow off of them and cracking the ice. Wrapping the cold fin around Adasser's shoulders again, he assess the cave. Upon seeing the two dots, he freezes. "There," he whispers with a slight nod of his head. Though stiff, there is a tenseness in his limbs that signals the old bird is ready to act if danger makes itself known.

Before Adasser, an elfen guard has time to react, he is on the ground, a massive paw pressed against his chest, claws digging into his white skin. The creature is a sight to behold: its coat, cream and dark grey and blotted with dark rosettes; snapping about like a whip, its tail lashes about furious; its head, short and domed. The beast growls and snarls, revealing yellow-white teeth. A snow leopard, a titanic one.

Everiine dives forward and crosses his arms over Adasser's head, positioning them between him and the snarling maw of the leopard. Aware of their dire peril, he yells, "Servant of the Wolverine!" Spreading his wings to appear as looming and fierce as possible, he challenges the creature, hoping to distract it from ripping out Adasser's chest.

Adasser, an elfen guard yelps in pain as the beast digs its claws deeper into the elfen's chest, blood gushing through the wound. The leopard nonetheless raises its head, narrowing its intense gaze upon you. It retracts its paw, elicting breathy gasps from Adasser as it does so, before it attempts take a strike at you.

Everiine thinks quickly and slams his fists down on the leopard's head; not enough to really hurt it, but enough to disorient it. "No one attacks my kin without facing me first, servant!" His eyes blaze with wrath, and a truly horrific, eagle-like screech screams from his throat. "You will either submit to the Serenguard travelers, or you will have to kill me. As long as I stand, you will not lay another claw in him!"

The leopard's snarls resound through the cave, and sudden breaks into a hiss as you bring your fist down against its head. The beast bounds off the crippled elfen, blood still oozing from his chest, and bares its fangs at you at its new location.

Adasser, an elfen guard tries his best to pull himself away, pushing with his forearms to retreat and away from the beast.

Everiine bends down, keeping his eyes firmly on the leopard and pulls Adasser back. Kneeling beside him, he places a hand over as many wounds as he can, pressing on them in an attempt to contain the bleeding. "What will it be?" he demands, fluttering his wings angrily.

Adasser, an elfen guard's body is dragged off, into the hold of yours. He is paler than before, a clear sign of exsanguination from his wounds, the tint of blue appearing slowly - though whether this is from the cold or from bloodloss it is not clear. The leopard stares at the both of you, as if its two pale eyes were bifurcated: one upon you, the other on the bleeding elfen. Yet, the beast does not move, as if it fell into a holding pattern, its front legs against the cave floor while its hinds poised as if position to pounce. "Bw-ah..." Adasser speaks weakly, almost delirious. "W-w-what... servant... *gulp* S-servant, t-t-tell us 'bout ferocity... p-p-please."

The leopard's green eyes blink, as if stunned by the response.

Adasser, an elfen guard swallows loudly, a slight trickle of blood falling from his lips.

Everiine lays both hands on Adasser's chest. Invoking the power of the Yellow chakra, he attempts to give the badly wounded elfen some strength. "Answer him," he snarls. "He deserves that much."

Your vision becomes suffused by bright yellow light as you call upon your solar plexus chakra. Directing the light to Adasser, the elfen's body glows softly. His wounds do not heal, and the blood still pours from him, but perhaps slower. The bluish hue of his body fading.

Adasser, an elfen guard gasps shortly as your chakra's power infuses him, invigorates him. "Please..." he says, still weak but not as frighteningly so as before. The leopard snarls, its eyes narrowing into sharp lines. It approaches the two of you, slowly, carefully.

Everiine risks raising one hand in an aggressive posture. His intent is clear--he will fight to his death if he must. The blood of his companion quickly freezes to his palm, like a stain--no, a badge of honour.

Padding silently, the creature hovers over Adasser's prone body, its eyes fixated upon you. It certainly recognizes your reaction, baring its teeth with a sneering hiss. Lowering its head, the leopard brings itself closer to the elfen, his maw to his ear. You cannot hear a thing, but it is clear that it is communicating with him and him alone.

Adasser, an elfen guard reacts instinctively, trying his best to shy away from the beast's muzzle and maw although his body is unable to move much. The leopard's breath steams between his and your body, warmth like sunlight heating you both up.

Everiine knows better than to interrupt and returns his bloody hand to Adasser's chest, again attempting to slow the bleeding as much as he can. Still, he never lets his eyes off the leopard, nor allows his readiness to lessen.

Still weak, but managing to wince a smile, Adasser, an elfen guard says, "Y-yes... *gulp* that's f-f-fuhr-ocity, yes." His eyes roll in the back of his head, rolling back as the leopard retreats. To you, Adasser glances up and whispers, "F-ferocity. Strike fast and t-t-true. T-tahhhhh-ke--take the first a-and last b-b-bite."

Adasser, an elfen guard gurgles blood a bit and promptly swallows it back.

Growling in a low register, the leopard slinks back: eyes pinpointed on you.

Everiine hurriedly pats Adasser's cheek, trying to keep him awake. "Stay with me... stay with me, Adasser. We're going home." He glances up at the leopard; there is no love in that glance, but there is respect. Cradling Adasser's head to his chest, he closes his eyes, attempting to force his will to bring the vision to a close. "Stay with me," his voice echoes. "I have you."

Adasser, an elfen guard's eyes keep rolling into the back of his head, his body bloody and cold. He makes murmurous sounds, indicating he is still alive but perhaps on the edge of it.

Everiine calls on the Warrior Spirits for Their aid, for he himself does not have enough will to break the vision in which they are lost. The Mark of the Eagle and the Mark of the Jaguar on his body glow faintly with their power, and in his vision, he can see a pinpoint of light--a way out! Desperately, he focuses on it, trying to force his way through back into the mortal world.

A shriek and a snarl. Those same sounds from before ring throughout the cave. The glow of your Marks grows brighter and brighter as the distant light becomes larger and larger. What was once the darkness of the cave swirls like ink blots across vellum, tinted with colour and light. It takes a good long moment, but soon enough you are no longer in the frigid cave but within the Serenwilde Forest once more. Adasser is still in your arms, but blood and wound still marks his prone body.

You yell, "Healer! I need a Healer, now! Hurry!"

You hear a rustling and turn to see @Avurekhos emerging from the undergrowth.
He is followed by a handsome, amber stag with ecru wings, a curious young kitten, and a speckled hedgehog.

Everiine cradles Adasser to his chest, blood dripping from his wing. The elfen in his arms is in far worse shape--blood pours down his chest out of numerous wounds, and he lies pale and unresponsive in the old bird's arms.

A sense of warm serenity settles upon the surroundings as @Enadonella strides in from the south.
A silver, portly pony with feathered wings trundles in from the south.

Avurekhos creases his brow in a frown.

Avurekhos suddenly scoops up Adasser's guard uniform.

Heir Avurekhos Yfae'dren, Tempest of Winter says, "Oh my..."

You yell, "Healer!"

<<Serenguard>>: @Yvonari says, "Father...are you alright?! What can I do? Father!?"

Enadonella gives you the once over.

Avurekhos crosses his arms over his torso, touching the opposite shoulders and bowing his head in reverence to the White Hart for a moment. A soft flowing sound reaches your ears, as you watch a spirit totem shimmer into existence.

Enadonella curtseys gracefully.

Everiine cradles Adasser to his chest, blood dripping from his wing. The elfen in his arms is in far worse shape--blood pours down his chest out of numerous wounds, and he lies pale and unresponsive in the old bird's arms.

<<Serenguard>>: You say, "Adasser needs a healer, and he needs one immediately!"

High Wisdom Enadonella, Chosen of Ellindel asks you, "I...I...what happened?"

You exclaim to Enadonella, "I'll explain later--he needs healing!"

With massive wings of black feathers outspread, a great midnight eagle soars in majestically on air currents from the ether.

Blood pours out of Adasser's wounds.

@Astrasia blinks.

Heir Avurekhos Yfae'dren, Tempest of Winter says, "A healer is indeed needed."

Astrasia Starleaf asks, "Say have you tried giving him chervil?"

Avurekhos peers about himself unscrupulously.

Astrasia Starleaf says, "Atleast to stop the bleeding?"

Astrasia creases her brow in a frown.

Enadonella bows her head and closes her eyes, radiating a brilliant healing aura.

Everiine clasps his blood-soaked hands over Adasser's chest. Suddenly, it occurs to him--his pack is next to him again! He dives into it, pulling out a glowing moonstone vial. He unstops it with his teeth and dumps the healing salve over Adasser's chest.

Without waiting to see the result, Everiine grabs another glowing moonstone vial and uncorks it, dumping a regeneration salve onto the guard.

Astrasia Starleaf asks, "How did this happen to begin with?"

Heir Avurekhos Yfae'dren, Tempest of Winter says to Enadonella, "Shift your aura to Adasser."

Adasser, an elfen guard does not move at all, his body falling to a *thud* upon the ground as Everiine moves. As the High Chief pours salve and potion upon the guard's chest, plumes of steam whisper away from him.

(Adasser's appearance)
Adasser's pale and naked body is strewn with wounds: claw marks and gashes that gush deep, crismon blood.
Adasser, an elfen guard is quite powerful.

A spirit totem wavers fitfully, the healing waves around it diminishing, then finally shimmers out of existence, its power spent.

Enadonella begins to radiate auras, touching her fingers to Adasser's forehead she shifts them. Chanting softly she prays that she does not fail.

Avurekhos nods his head affirmatively at Enadonella.

Everiine Silvermoon ignores Astrasia and frantically digs through his pack again, pulling out a clump of chervil. Returning to Adasser, his face drops... there is no way to make the elfen guard eat it.

Though his body is still caked with frozen, dried, and wet blood, those deep wounds upon Adasser's chest slowly but surely scar over.

The process quickens as Enadonella alights a finger upon the elfen's head, a flash of healing energy surging through him.

Enadonella places her hand on your chest, calmly she says, "Panic will not help us, let us assess and heal. It is what I do best after all." Glancing to Adasser she frowns, concern upon her features breathes in slowly and exhales, all the negative energies seeping from her.

Adasser, an elfen guard's chest begins to slowly rise up and down, breath finally coming back to his body. The rush of magic brings colour to his pale skin, no longer the blueish possibility of death but the undertone of life. He gurgles, spit spewing fom his lips as his eyes roll back to front and focus.

Wearily, Adasser, an elfen guard says, "Bwah."

Heir Avurekhos Yfae'dren, Tempest of Winter says, "Bwah.."

Astrasia's mouth turns up as her face breaks into a smile.

Heir Avurekhos Yfae'dren, Tempest of Winter says, "Adasser returns to us."

Everiine gasps and kneels beside the elfen guard. "Adasser? Can you hear me?" A tear of joy runs down his red, wind-burnt face and he lays a hand on the elfen's bloody shoulder.

Blinking and his breathing labored but sure, Adasser, an elfen guard says, "Y-y-yes... I can hear you... High Chief." The guard gives a weak smile. "L-l-loud and clear."

With relief, High Wisdom Enadonella, Chosen of Ellindel sighs, "Is there something within the forest we should be cautious of, the one that did this?"

Everiine stops himself at the last moment from embracing the wounded warrior in a bear hug, so great is his joy. "You did it, Adasser. You did it," he says, stroking the elfen's head--the only place not covered in blood.

Avurekhos pauses for a second, a slight frown upon his face.

Enadonella looks to you, her expression one demanding of answers, her worry deepening.

Everiine stands and faces the concerned crowd. "You have nothing to fear, no," he says. "It..." he sighs, and continues, "allow me to explain, from the beginning."

Adasser, an elfen guard offers another weak smile.

You say, "All Serenguard are part of the Cult of the Three Warriors. As part of that heritage, Serenguard who wish to deepen their connection to the Warrior Spirits travel on vision quests, to the realms of the Three Warriors, to learn of Their tenets. Vision quests are not taken lightly--the first few are guided by those already experienced on the Path, who will keep the traveler safe."

Enadonella takes Adasser's hand and sits more comfortably by his side. Listening to you she calms a little, keeping an eye on Adasser for his health still she does not relax fully.

Avurekhos nods his head affirmatively.

A trail of vibrant blossoms unfurls from the south, releasing a cloud of pollen that shimmers and coalesces into @Kaiel.
A lustrous wyvern glides in from the south on her emerald feathered wings.

Kaiel peers about himself unscrupulously.

Adasser, an elfen guard stirs slightly as Enadonella takes his hand.

Turning to the elfen guard, you say, "Adasser... Adasser is the first of the guards in the service of the tribe to request to go on such a vision quest. But, he chose to travel the path of the Wolverine--a path for which there are currently no Guides to keep one safe. None wake who have earned the favour of the Predator, and so, few have ever trodden this path."

Heir Avurekhos Yfae'dren, Tempest of Winter says, "I see."

You say, "Adasser was insistent, however. He knew his preparations to be true. And so, we, two travelers without a Guide, entered the realm of the Wolverine to seek Her servants, and to learn about ferocity."

His voice faltering, you say, "We found one. Or, it found us."

You say, "Without a Guide, there was no way to protect ourselves, or to enforce the sacred trust that says the servant must answer the Traveler when challenged. We... we learned about ferocity in the most difficult of ways."

Adasser, an elfen guard's chest rises and descends, his eyes closed as he falls asleep.

Kneeling next to Adasser again, you say, "But, he succeeded. The servant answered his challenge, and whispered into his ear the knowledge he sought. Not my ear... his ear."

Looking at the elfen guard with deep admiration, you say, "He is, truly, one of Wolverine's Kits."

Enadonella looks upon Adasser with mixed pride a the scolding of a mother's concern. Pride clearly winning out she smiles and whispers, so as not to wake him, "Such as I would expect from Adasser, well done."

Quietly, High Wisdom Enadonella, Chosen of Ellindel says to you, "Seems you two have had quite the experience."

Astrasia nods her head in agreement.

Everiine looks at his arms caked in blood, and the blood splatters up and down his body. "Aye..."

Avurekhos smiles softly.

High Wisdom Enadonella, Chosen of Ellindel smiles impishly and says to you, "Shall I bring the rains down for you?"

Fast asleep, Adasser, an elfen guard snores softly.

Kaiel explodes in a cloud of shimmering, golden pollen, which fades as the vibrant blossoms on the ground continue southward.
With a flap of its emerald feathered wings, a lustrous wyvern glides off to the south.

Shaking his head, you say to Enadonella, "Please, do not. I have endured rain, and sleet, and snow, and ice. My only wish right now is to be dry, and to see Adasser safe."

Squeezing Adasser's hand softly, High Wisdom Enadonella, Chosen of Ellindel says to you, "As you wish."

Enadonella suddenly scoops up Adasser, an elfen guard.

Avurekhos peers about himself unscrupulously.

Astrasia ponders for a moment and says "Hrm..."

Adasser, an elfen guard does not struggle in Enadonella's arms, sleeping soundly like a babe.

Enadonella releases Adasser's hand and stands, gracefully stretching. Taking notice of her robes she grimaces and whispers, "Shall I leave you two to be then?"

Heir Avurekhos Yfae'dren, Tempest of Winter says, "I think he's rather comfortable in your arms, Enadonella."

Looking around, you ask, "Who has his clothing?"

Enadonella sits back down and takes Adasser back into her embrace.

Heir Avurekhos Yfae'dren, Tempest of Winter says, "I have his armour."

Avurekhos gives Adasser's guard uniform to you.

You nod your head at Avurekhos.

Avurekhos nods his head affirmatively.

Everiine tucks the uniform under his arm.

You pick up Adasser's delicate unicorn rapier.

Enadonella glances down at Adasser's body more closely, noticing the scars she gasps a little.

Holding out his arms, you say to Enadonella, "I can take him, and stay with him until he wakes."

Reluctantly passing Adasser over, High Wisdom Enadonella, Chosen of Ellindel whispers to you, "Can I stay with you?"

Enadonella gives Adasser, an elfen guard to you.

You say to Enadonella, "If you would like."

Everiine carefully the sleeping body in his arms and sits back down in the wet grass.

Astrasia's mouth turns up as her face breaks into a smile.

With massive wings of black feathers outspread, a great midnight eagle soars out majestically on air currents to the south.

Watching the two, High Wisdom Enadonella, Chosen of Ellindel says to you, "Perhaps I should tend the fae, I will stay ever close."

Adasser, an elfen guard jerks to sudden wakefulness. "BWAHHH!" he screams, falling out of Everiine's arms.

You drop Adasser, an elfen guard.

You blink.

Enadonella pauses, about to leave she turns suddenly and rushes to Adasser's side.

Enadonella suddenly loses focus in her eyes and shudders, then looks curiously refreshed.

Avurekhos shifts his eyes suspiciously from side to side.

Adasser, an elfen guard's eyes quickly scan the surrounding environment, and, upon realizing where he is, he calms. With a breath, he explains, "Bad dream..."

Enadonella whispers soothing words to Adasser, an elfen guard.

Adasser, an elfen guard rises to his feet.

Everiine only chuckles, waiting for the elfen guard to notice the abundance of blood all around.

Enadonella stands with Adasser.

Does so, realizing the grasses are stained with red, Adasser, an elfen guard exclaims, "Whose is that! What! What happened!"

Avurekhos's eyes sparkle with amusement.

Taking Adasser's hands, you say, "It is okay! It is okay... we went on a vision quest... the leopard."

Adasser, an elfen guard's face quirks into something confused, but slowly, everything dawns upon him. "The leopard..." he whispers.

Everiine nods slowly, bending his hand into a claw and bringing it to Adasser's chest. He points to the elfen guard's wounded shoulder, and to the bloody hole in his own wing.

As if dazed, Adasser, an elfen guard says, "Wow. I..." The elfen trails off, becoming silent for a good, long moment. Finally, he speaks again: "I guess spirit-wounds hurt just like real ones."

A wry smile spreads across Adasser, an elfen guard's face.

Cracking a smile, you ask Adasser, an elfen guard, "Did I not tell you that it would be dangerous?"

Adasser, an elfen guard nods, and upon doing so, it finally becomes clear to him that he is naked. With sudden embarrassment, the elfen leaps away into Moon River.

You utter a deep, rumbling laugh.


As Enadonella departs to the northwest, the sense of warm serenity fades, leaving you colder in comparison.
A silver, portly pony with feathered wings trundles off to the northwest.

Moon River through the Serenwilde.
Superimposed over this location, an ethereal forest reaches up to the sky. A heavy downpour soaks the area. The thinning trees still surround the wide waters of Moon River as it continues its flow to the southwest through the Serenwilde. Although willows and ashes still shelter the waters on the western bank, a clearing in the trees has created a slope of grass to the southeast, leading upwards and out of the trees. The river itself flows to the southwest, where the surrounding ground slopes gently upwards. Blinking a slow, gentle silver, a firefly rests here momentarily. Bloody and scarred, Adasser, an elfen guard stands here. A silver, portly pony with feathered wings stands here quietly. A statuesque, urn-bearing ice nymph drifts here, fierce countenance alertly scanning the area.
You see exits leading north, southeast, and southwest.

Taking the uniform out from under his shoulder, you say, "Here, you will need this when you are clean."

You give Adasser's guard uniform to Adasser, an elfen guard.

You give Adasser's other delicate unicorn rapier to Adasser, an elfen guard.

You give Adasser's delicate unicorn rapier to Adasser, an elfen guard.

Enadonella leans close to Adasser, an elfen guard and gently lays a kiss upon his forehead.

Taking back his things, Adasser, an elfen guard says, "Thank you, High Chief."

Adasser, an elfen guard flashes Enadonella a joyous smile.

Everiine enters the River himself, away from Adasser, and begins to scrub the dried blood from his body.

High Wisdom Enadonella, Chosen of Ellindel whispers, "I have to be on my way."

High Wisdom Enadonella, Chosen of Ellindel blows a kiss and says, "You two keep safe within the forest now."

As Enadonella departs to the southeast, the sense of warm serenity fades, leaving you colder in comparison.
A silver, portly pony with feathered wings trundles off to the southeast.

Adasser, an elfen guard offers a wave as Enadonella departs, quickly moving into scrubbing himself clean as well.

The perfect blue of Moon River's waters grow murky as the blood from your respective bodies washes away.

The soft glow of the sun reflects in a beautiful array of colours upon the water's surface, an almost entrancing display of nature's grace.

Everiine steps out of the River, the clean water dripping from his body and wings. Frowning at the downpour, he puts off saddling himself with his equipment again, and instead focuses on applying healing potions to his wounded wing, until the gaping hole closes.

Still scrubbing, Adasser, an elfen guard says, "High Chief..." The guard stops and lingers in the reddened waters. "Did I do good?"

Turning to face you, you say to Adasser, an elfen guard, "Aye.. aye, you did fantastic," he says, unable to withhold his smile. "You confronted a servant of the Wolverine. And you forced it to give up its teaching. To you... not to me, to you."

Proudly, you say to Adasser, an elfen guard, "You are Adasser, Wolverine's Kit, for you have succeeded in your vision quest."

Adasser, an elfen guard becomes bashful again, his cheeks turning bright red, brighter than the blood in the water.

Remaining in the water, Adasser, Wolverine's Kit says, "Thank you, High Chief. You honour me."

You say to Adasser, Wolverine's Kit, "You honour yourself, and your fellow guards, and your kin, your tribe, and your people."

Adasser, Wolverine's Kit beams broadly.

Everiine , who rarely bows to anyone, kneels to Adasser in humility.

Eyes wide, Adasser, Wolverine's Kit exclaims, "Bwah!"

Everiine stands again and pounds his fist across his bare chest in a sign of tribal respect.

Shifting his attention to you, Adasser, Wolverine's Kit powerfully slams a fist against his own chest in a tribal display of respect.

Nodding with a grin, you say to Adasser, Wolverine's Kit, "When you are ready to be seen, I have an announcement to make to the commune."

Adasser, Wolverine's Kit nods his head emphatically.

Adasser, Wolverine's Kit says, "I shall meet you at my post?"

You nod your head emphatically.

Adasser, Wolverine's Kit nods his head emphatically.

You slip into a plain loincloth.

(travel to the Moonhart Mother Tree)

Everiine takes shelter under the wide boughs of the Moonhart Mother Tree and flaps water from his wings, trying to dry off.

Tairan Kaiel Siar'luin, Noyan en-Lam says to you, "Doing alright, Chief?"

Beaming, you say to Kaiel, "Aye, I am now."

Tairan Kaiel Siar'luin, Noyan en-Lam says to you, "Good to hear. How's Adasser?"

Looking to the north, you say, "Oh, you shall see."

Kaiel blinks.

@Vhula's ears perk up with a sudden interest.

Noyarqa Vhula Rual'roth says to Kaiel, "A new uniform, I bet."

Tairan Kaiel Siar'luin, Noyan en-Lam says to Vhula, "The Serenguard always get all the fun."

Kaiel gives a pained sigh.

Noyarqa Vhula Rual'roth says to Kaiel, "Maybe we should introduce Adasser to the shofa."

@Cadwyn, Caillin Lhionney says, "Nope, Spiritsingers get fun too!"

His eyes darkening, you say to Kaiel, "What Adasser and I experienced as most certainly not fun. He nearly died."

A fierce timberwolf tilts back his head in a low, resonant howl.

Noyarqa Vhula Rual'roth says, "Ack, and here we are joking around."

Kaiel coughs softly.

Noyarqa Vhula Rual'roth says to you, "Is he alright now?"

You nod your head at Vhula.

Vhula nods, a pent up breath escaping slowly in relief.

Cadwyn curtseys gracefully.

Tairan Kaiel Siar'luin, Noyan en-Lam says, "A poor choice of words, perhaps. The Serenguard always get all the excitement."

Hair swishing in the breeze, Adasser, Wolverine's Kit strolls in from the north.

You beam broadly at Adasser, Wolverine's Kit.

Adasser, Wolverine's Kit flashes you a joyous smile.

Shifting his attention to you, Adasser, Wolverine's Kit powerfully slams a fist against his own chest in a tribal display of respect.

Cadwyn flashes Adasser, Wolverine's Kit a joyous smile.

(Serenwilde): You say, "Listen to me, my people: Adasser, the elfen guard, has achieved what few Serenguard have ever achieved, and what none of his rank and file have ever attempted. He has crossed into the realm of Sister Wolverine, the Predator, and wrestled with one of Her servants. He has succeeded in forcing the servant to impart its teaching, with neither Guide nor worthy protector to defend him. He has succeeded on a vision quest in the Cult of the Three Warriors."

"Oooooooooh!" Cadwyn says, eyes wide with wonder.

(Serenwilde): You say, "From now on, befitting the honour he has now achieved, he is to be known as Adasser, Wolverine's Kit!"

(Serenwilde): @Arien says, "Prosperous glory and honour to you, Adasser."

(Serenwilde): Vhula says, "Well done, Adasser, Wolverine's Kit!"

Everiine claps his hands on Adasser's shoulders and beams.

With a graceful step back and a sweeping bow, Cadwyn plays a complex sequence of notes. Pale images of ancient spirits surround Adasser, Wolverine's Kit briefly, their voices harmonizing with the song.

(Serenwilde): Adasser, Wolverine's Kit says, "Thank you, High Chief. You honour me. I hope that this experiences helps me to fulfill my duties to Serenwilde to the best of my ability."

Adasser, Wolverine's Kit beams broadly.

You say to Adasser, Wolverine's Kit, "I will let you handle your admirers. This old bird must rest."

Shifting his attention to you, Adasser, Wolverine's Kit powerfully slams a fist against his own chest in a tribal display of respect.

Respectfully, Adasser, Wolverine's Kit says, "Take care, High Chief."

Vhula bows respectfully to you.

Noyarqa Vhula Rual'roth says to Adasser, Wolverine's Kit, "Will you tell us how you fought the spirit?"

Vhula's ears perk up with a sudden interest.

Adasser, Wolverine's Kit exclaims, "Bwahh!"

Shifting your attention to Adasser, Wolverine's Kit, you powerfully slam a fist against your own chest in a tribal display of respect.
Everiine is a man, and is very manly. This MAN before you is so manly you might as well just gender bend right now, cause he's the manliest man that you ever did see. His manly shape has spurned many women and girlyer men to boughs of fainting. He stands before you in a manly manerific typical man-like outfit which is covered in his manly motto: "I am a man!"

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    Stuff like this/you is why if I ever had enough masochism to alt withotu all of my skills, artifacts, and all of that stuff, I'd definitely go Serenguard.
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    I barely have enough time to play Delphas.  How you people can manage to Alt is beyond me.
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    Oh gods, this is going to make me pull out the alt name book again.
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    This was fun! I am really loving the Everiine experience lately. :) Thanks for sharing. X
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    I love that nasty guard he's awesome
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    Totally awesome, @Everiine.  Yeah, I really love it when some Staff/Divine/Ephemeral is online and wants to do some RP.  There's never any telling who they'll possess and drive, but it's always a pleasure.  From all of my interactions in Magnagora, Angkrag, and Nil, I must say IRE has some real first-class Staff, Divine, and assorted Ephemerals.  Thankfully they come from several different time-zones, so there's just no telling when some denizen might wake up and feel chatty.
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