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@Portius Ta da!

I may or may not have got rid of some embarrassing mistakes of mine that I re-did because I can be horribly vain person. Also for context on the full moon I had a moon viewing tea party that ended about an hour to half an hour before this happened.

Adushoc zi'Prouep tells you, "Incoming."

You feel a slight tug within your chest and the air around you sparkles with motes of bright light.

Dakhamunzu flips to the next page in the book she is reading.

Among the sparkling motes of light, a translucent figure appears in the air and then quickly solidifies as Adushoc zi'Prouep comes into view.

You incline your head politely to Adushoc zi'Prouep.

Adushoc zi'Prouep takes a deep breath as the crystal surface of her face softens and shifts in colour, a muted glow appearing within.

Impassively, Adushoc zi'Prouep says, "How may I assist you, Dakhamunzu?"

You say, "I was wondering how I could assist you?"

-look adushoc

Adushoc zi'Prouep is a female lucidian whose translucent crystalline skin gleams a pale green. Her

large eyes are a soft amber, rimmed with beaded crystals. She wears an emerald robe with silver

clasps at the shoulders, allowing it to drape attractively over her elegant form. The borders of her

robe are embroidered with silver stars.

Adushoc zi'Prouep appears to be extraordinarily strong.

Adushoc zi'Prouep's amber eyes flick to your direction, tenatively taking a step from the cloud of sparkling motes she has travelled upon. At your question, she nods. "... I was too late, wasn't it?" she questions: her voice deathly monotone.

Adushoc zi'Prouep slumps down, slowly throbbing a deep amber.

Dakhamunzu closes her book.

You say, "You were, I could tell you about it, if you would like?"

The sound of footsteps echoes through the halls, slowly fading away.

Inclining her head, Adushoc zi'Prouep says, "If you would not mind. If it is a consolation, that eve was perfect for ascertaining Moon's orbital patterns."

You smile and say, "The sky was beautiful."

Adushoc zi'Prouep nods shortly, though her body glows with a cheerful yellow.

You say, "We started off with a small number, just myself and three others. However as the night progressed to day and day to night again more and more joined us."

Head tilted to the side, you say to Adushoc zi'Prouep, "Oh excuse my rudeness, please do sit."

The Serenwilde Archives.

Superimposed over this location, an ethereal forest reaches up to the sky. There are 3 dark brown

leather chairs here. Ivy strands wrap around an impressive chair here. An intricately engraved desk

of chestnut sits in the corner with its drawers open. Adushoc zi'Prouep stands here with emerald

robe flowing about her crystalline form. You may use the LIBRARY commands here.

You see a single exit leading east.

At your request, Adushoc zi'Prouep moves to one of the leather chairs nearby, slipping onto it in silence. Once seated, her attention narrows upon you: an almost overwhelming intensity. The lucidian's body still gleams yellow, but it is now muted - and with her emeraldine hue, it shimmers celadon.

You say, "Ah, and I also haven't introduced myself. I am Princess Dakhamunzu of Ankhemet Hive. I believe you are female Adushoc?"

You say, "The High Wisdom mentioned that both you and Elder Tokota might be joining us."

Adushoc zi'Prouep's head cants to one side: if there was ever an expression of surprise for a lucidian, this certainly would be it. "How di--..." As she speaks, her glow shifts to an erratic swirl of colours but mid-sentence ceases to a subtle light. "Yes, I am female Adushoc."

Her antennae testing the air surrounding you, you say to Adushoc zi'Prouep, "However you are probably impatient to hear what you missed. Do you know anything about faeling poetry?"

Adushoc zi'Prouep says, "Is it customarily in Kepheran culture to emphasize the gender of surface-dwellers?"

Calmly, Adushoc zi'Prouep says, "And no, I am not aware of faeling-style poetry."

Adushoc zi'Prouep takes a deep breath as the crystal surface of her face softens and shifts in colour, a muted glow appearing within.

You say, "Ah, it is a verbal habit I picked up from Queen Azus. I do not know if other kephera refer to upworlders in such a way."

Adushoc zi'Prouep offers you a short nod.

Without a hint of emotion, Adushoc zi'Prouep says, "I see."

After a thoughtful hum, you say, "It's more commonly know as a haiku. Three lines with the first and last being five syllables and the middle line having seven."

Meeting your gaze, you say, "To be a true faeling poem it must in someway reference nature."

Adushoc zi'Prouep flickers curious shades of light green, her head tilting slightly.

A few scattered leaves skitter across the floor on an errant draught.

You say, "With it's apparent simplicity, short and concise style I thought it would work well for the celebration. The theme of nature it holds made it perfect."

Adushoc zi'Prouep says, "Naturally."

With a wry smile behind clicking mandibles, you say, "Of course there are more details to consider when one is composing a truly profound poem but the party was meant to be enjoyable and not nit picking the details."

Adushoc zi'Prouep does not appear to move whatsoever, her body as still as a statue. As she listens, she flickers from her curious shade of green to a relaxing blue - her body aglow in teal. "Where did the celebration take place?" she asks.

Inclining her head, you say, "Beside Moon Lake, just west of it in fact. The lake side is quite placid there."

You say, "We spent the Full Moon composing these short poems and sharing them with one another. I could share some of mine with you if you'd like but if you want to hear the others you might ask those who attended."

You say to Adushoc zi'Prouep, "I do not wish to share their poems without their knowledge."

The sound of the wind battering the windows echoes through the building.

Nodding, Adushoc zi'Prouep says, "Intellectual property is a valid thing, for artists and scientists." Her blue hues deepening to some indeterminate colour, she adds, "Would you recite one of yours?"

With a small smile, you say, "Of course. Would you like to hear one I composed in jest when a friend looked too tired to stay awake any longer or one I composed in full spirit of the occasion?"

Her face straight like a mirror's surface, Adushoc zi'Prouep says, "Whichever you prefer."

After a thoughtful hum, you say, "Perhaps the one that I composed in full spirit. I like the other one better but this one will give you a better idea of what the gathering was like."

You recite, "Moonlight on water."

You recite, "Moon's soft gaze is upon us."

You recite, "Gentle reflections."

Dakhamunzu's mandibles click together firmly to indicate she is done.

Finally settling to a shade of purple, Adushoc zi'Prouep says, "It is very fine. I imagine it was much beloved by the audience."

Her eyes and abdomen flash for a brief instance and she ducks her head before, you say to Adushoc zi'Prouep, "There were better ones. Thank you though, for your compliment."

You say to Adushoc zi'Prouep, "The High Wisdom did not say why you and Elder Tokota planned to attend and you have indicated that you did not know that the purpose was poetry. May I ask why you wanted to come?"

Adushoc zi'Prouep shifts subtly in her seat, almost fidgeting until you speak. At your thanks, she shifts from purple to a delicate, rosy pink.

It is now the 19th of Klangiary, 402 years after the Coming of Estarra.

Flatly, Adushoc zi'Prouep says, "Elder Tokota invited me as he intimated that he might be able to offer an example of stargazing. But as I take it, he was not present either?"

You say, "No, he was not in attendance. Would you like to visit him now?"

Dakhamunzu peeks out the window.

You say, "I do believe it is nighttime night."

You cough softly.

You say, "Sorry, I seem to be stumbling over my words. I do believe it is night time."

Adushoc zi'Prouep shakes her head. "I imagine he was perhaps busy with one of those colts. Toma, or Laka, or the other one. He and I can speak at a separate date."

Adushoc zi'Prouep's crystalline form shifts to a cool sky-blue colour as she looks about.

You nod your head at Adushoc zi'Prouep, showing your acceptance.

The sound of soft, padding footsteps echoes through the quiet halls.

You say to Adushoc zi'Prouep, "Witch Kazel was kind enough to finish off our celebration with fireworks, at which point we went our separate ways."

Tilting her head to the side, her antennae bobbing with the motion, you say to Adushoc zi'Prouep, "Do you have any questions?"

Adushoc zi'Prouep says, "Ah." Her blue hue shifting to an odd hue of orange. "That explains those lights I saw."

You say, "Witch Kazel is quite fond of fireworks."

With a shake of her head, Adushoc zi'Prouep says, "No questions. You have been quite informative."

You smile and say to Adushoc zi'Prouep, "I'm glad to hear it."

Adushoc zi'Prouep rises to her feet. "I should be going now. Thank you. And I apologise for my


You say to Adushoc zi'Prouep, "If I ever arrange for a similar event I shall try to have word reach you of it."

Dakhamunzu stands to her feet and politely inclines her head towards you.

Adushoc zi'Prouep appears to puff up slightly as her entire body glows a cheerful shade of citrine yellow.

Adushoc zi'Prouep says, "I appreciate that, Princess Dakhamunzu."

Flatly, but with a polite nod of her head, Adushoc zi'Prouep says, "Good evening."

Adushoc zi'Prouep searches the air in front of her, then tugs upon an invisible strand of force.

You say to Adushoc zi'Prouep, "Spirits keep."

Adushoc zi'Prouep turns translucent and then vanishes, leaving behind a cloud of sparkling motes of light.

Dakhamunzu hums thoughtfully before returning to her seat and propping her book open once more.

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