Hair and Beard Curio Appearances

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I'd like to get this thread going so people can find the appearances of curios they're thinking about constructing. I know there's a thread somewhere that has a large number of the older ones, but I don't think it has many of the newer hair curios (exotic, peculiar, and luscious, as well as beards). It'll be hard to match the colours, but I'll post what I have and perhaps others will help chip in. If I could talk the admin into pinning this thread if it takes off, I'd appreciate it.

crimson fur in a soft mane
His soft crimson fur is a smooth mane about his face, flaring outward and flowing down his back.
Loose braids drape backward at the sides of his head, kept in place with gleaming golden wires that
add a forge-like shimmer to the overall appearance of his mane.

rough-shorn crimson hair
His moderately short hair is a deep, fiery crimson in colour, shaved down to nearly nothing around
the back of his head and ears. At the top, his hair spikes outward in errant locks, each a different
length from its neighbor as though cut in haste or without particular care.

lush, wavy beard in rich copper
A voluminous marvel, his rich copper-hued beard wraps about the cheeks and falls in luscious waves
to mid-neck. Despite its volume, the beard comes to a neat, well-manicured point, much like a duck's
tail, right above the collarbone.

scraggly red pirate beard
Naught but a nautical knot, his scraggly red beard has seen far better days and is well beyond
saving with a mere trim or untangling. Crystallised sea salt weighs down the frizzy strands, aiding
in some semblance of a style while the rest curls back wildly about his shoulders.

fiery mane dripping red-gold embers
The evocative dance of fire is brought to reality in his eye-catching mane, each tendril of hair
converging in a conflagrant profusion of red-gold that forms a feverish crown around his head.
Yellow and black rule the wild terminus of each and every hair and tiny, ember-shaped rubies trickle
from some of these completing the illusion.

feathered plumes of argent down flecked with sapphires.
Argent plumes of luxurious down rise from her crown in an avian mane, each longer than the next and
flecked with star-fire sapphires that only enhance their ethereal glow. The gems curl along multiple
vanes and pin-fine shafts, offering whimsical patterns to the naked eye as their hosts flutter
airily with each passing breeze or slightest movement.

frosty mane woven with snow blossoms.
Voluminous waves frame her face in a crystallised mane of pure white, uncombed and wild as the
aslaran of the plains so oft are seen wearing theirs. Silver tendrils snake throughout the feather-
soft strands and petite snow blossoms peek from within, their cold diamond centres reflecting
fractal patterns upon the velvety, alabaster petals that resemble wintry stars.

glamorous emerald horns.
Long, elegant horns sprout from his brow, curling back upon themselves in ornate coils encrusted
with lush, cushion-cut emeralds set in shallow gold depressions. Malefic tips extend dangerously
behind his head, each emerald growing smaller and smaller until naught but pulverised gemstones
grace their needle-sharp pinnacles.

sunset fins
Gradiating from vibrant tangerine to palest rose, her radiant fins are exotic,
web-fine expanses that glisten faintly regardless of whether or not they are wet. They descend like
dazzling sails down each side of her head, fanning outward in a stunning display from time to time.

milky-eyed, gold antennae
Whip-thin and gold plated, these antennae leave conformity behind, ascending from his brow in severe
arcs that are nearly five feet in length. Engravings in ancient script run the full length of each,
and where they curl in before his abdomen the tips terminate in slow-blinking, milky eyes rather
than the traditional capitulum oft found here.

delicate strands of clarion crystal.
Spilling from the crown of her head to her shoulders is a finespun waterfall of sparkling crystal,
each thread perfectly clear and colourless. As she moves, the gentle peal of pellucid chimes sounds
in her wake, soft and soothing.

cinnamon tangles amidst seaweed and shells.
Wild, wet and tangled, the cinnamon-hued curls that coil like a nest of sea snakes upon her crown
descend in waves amidst leafy knots of dark seaweed and the occasional nacreous shell. The tendrils
cling to whatever bodypart they encounter, resembling possessive tentacles as they hang from
cheekbone, throat or curve of shoulder. Small pearls nestle within, oceanic treasures washed adrift
in the havoc that is this hairstyle.

absinthe green horns orbited by drunken fae charms.
Bizarre horns ascend from his crown rather crookedly, not even pointing in the same direction. Their
hue is as darkly green as a glass of absinthe and just as inspiring, the swags of chain that merrily
circle each hosting a flock of charms depicting utterly inebriated fae. Some toast while others
lounge, and still more hold distended bellies, their wide eyes and cheerful grins infectious as they
oscillate around his head.

Faintly glowing viridian antennae
A soft luminescence surrounds the two verdant antennae that emerge from her forehead, pulsing softly to a rhythm unheard. Thick at their bases, which are surrounded by tufts of ebony hair, the glowing antennae taper to needle-thin points.

coiled horns of bloodied hues
Thick horns surge forth from atop his head, twisting out of the top of his forehead and curving
backwards in majestic fashion. Though they are largely a deep crimson, their surface is mottled with
black and deep mahogany, lending them the unsettling hues of clotting blood.

serrated onyx spires beset with dark turquoise inclusions.
Six inches high and wicked-sharp, each spire that rises from his crown is accompanied by a lattice
of dark turquoise that follows the sleek onyx in dizzying fractal inclusions. These glow solemnly,
creating a wintry pattern reflected upon the fathomless gem below.

pearl-studded crest swagged with gold chains
This triangular crest of scintillating scales rises from his brow in dramatic points, the apex of
each bony protrusion studded with crescent-shaped pearls that glow as if the glory of the sea is
captured forever within their milky depths. Swags of delicate golden chain sweep gracefully between
each, their ends weighted with seafoam crystals that drape forward and down his shoulders in
alternating tiers of aqueous abundance.
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