Rift Tracker for MUSHclient [pending rewrite]

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Note that this is first meant to complement my Harvester plugin, but is standalone and can be toyed with for any purposes you yourself might have - meaning it's free for use by anyone who just wants a fun (simple, but fun!) toy, herbalist or not.

So, what is it? This plugin is just a little mish-mash that:
  1. captures the contents of your rift on IR, updating them also on INR and OUTR
  2. utilises a function to print the count of anything, anytime
  3. utilises another function to compare the count of something to a desired total
So let's say you were gathering herbs for a number of kegs, and didn't feel like constantly going through your rift list to see how many you've gathered. Simple enough. Just check IR once, and the rest is simplified by the plugin. You can RC ARNICA, for instance, to return the current count of arnica. Or maybe you have nothing to do with herbs, and just want to see how much cloth you have in your rift for a new cloak? RC CLOTH, boom.

You could also use an alias to hook into an additional function to return how much of something you have, compared to how much you want - this is especially nice as a set-and-forget for large herb orders you're going to fill, or just keeping track of how many kegs of something your rift can support. It's a bit of a process if you're doing something quick, like gathering comms to have something made once, but for the long-term and repeated gathering of riftables, it can be useful.

The plugin includes three basic aliases to return the current and needed amounts of herbs for health, mana and bromide kegs, to demonstrate the last point. Using these as examples, you can easily create your own as the need arises and keep things simple and clean.

Once the plugin is installed, RTHELP will detail the functions as well as giving return examples. As always, ping me if something goes awry or if you have suggestions to change/implement additional things.

Download temporarily disabled, see last post.

Testimonials (by me):


Much useful, very simplicity, wow!


Thanks, Rift Tracker!
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    Known issue #1:
    • while riftCheck successfully returns objects in the rift, and even gives a negative return on most other things entered, the tracker -does not- gracefully account for partial matches (eg. checking for "ood" instead of "wood"). This is due to the tracker's method of searching the table, by first concatenating it to a string, which is needed because of my limited code knowledge. It will throw an error, but the plugin will continue to function as normal.
    Until I am blessed with some stroke of brilliance to account for this, just...don't search for partial words unless you want to deal with a momentary error!
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    Known issue #2:
    • at present, utilising riftCompare requires user-created aliases to be plugged directly into the Tracker script file. As an example, the alias that I'm currently using to compare have/need for a large rift order does not correctly function if created within the world file (as you would normally create an alias). However...creating, copying and removing the alias, and then pasting it into the plugin script (File > Plugins > select Rift_Tracker > Edit) works.
    Edit: Method was uncovered, but maaay nooot be necessary...plugin is undergoing a rewrite with invaluable assistance, and as such the download link has been removed impermanently.
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