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Greetings Lusternians!

As some of you have noticed, many of our newer players never tend to stick around. After investigating the issue, I have discovered many of those who've joined Lusternia are disheartened by the combat system and tend to leave soon after because systems worth mentioning cost money or credit. Many players would be uncertain whether or not they would like to stick around, so having them pay for a system is rather unreasonable. I would like to take this opportunity to enlighten some of us about the HTML5 client. Some of you may not have realized, but scripting in this client is actually done in Javascript (which in my opinion is far greater than working in Lua). If you have a little background in scripting, this link will be all you ever need and maybe more. To work with the actual UI, all you need to do is hit F12 (dev tool box). What I would like to see is a combined effort in developing a system that can rival even vadi's m&m. With all of us working together, I hope to see an increase in player population.

How to contribute:
  • You can leave a post below or email me directly of what you've created (download link, pastebin, google drive, etc.)
Things that need work (minimum):
  • Curing
  • Mapper (the one provided uses images with severe output delay)
  • Bashing
Hope to see something come out of this!


  • DaganevDaganev Member Posts: 755 Master
    I'll be happy to help in anyway that I can.
    Do we know what impact the new html5 client has?
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