Cleave vs striking?

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Okay, so the question is... Which do I use in combat, CLEAVE or STRIKE (from TARGETING in knighthood) for jab types? I have an auto-raze set up, but I was unsure which to use. From what I can tell, striking would be far more efficient, but as the newb I am... I'm not 100% sure.

Also, in the process of enhancing my UI I'm unsure which afflictions I want displayed, such as being PRONED, ENTANGLED, BLIND, etc. Thought you guys might be able to help provide me a list of what would probably be needed as a Warrior Pureblade Totem:Stag.
Other suggestions of what I should put in there are welcome as well.

Here's what my UI looks like



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    Use strikes normally for jabs, cleave is only for if they have rebounding/shielding up as it makes the attack use more balance than a normal attack.  For two-handed weapons I tend to not use raze, and my tracking will cleave instead of a regular strike (or swing) if they have rebounding up.


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  • FarsykFarsyk Member Posts: 9 Novice
    @Turnus, where do you usually cleave when razing down someones rebound/shield?
  • TurnusTurnus The Big Bad Wolf Member Posts: 581 Transcendent
    My attacks have a variable that says what limb I'm targeting. So my strike head attack puts in "head" as the limb variable. Then it checks if rebounding or shielding is up. If it is, it'll cleave $limb, which in this example would be head. You can customize to your hearts content that way.

    If I'm doing an assault, it'll only autocleave of shield if up, not rebounding.

    I can't answer on the gui stuff, I haven't really delved into that and keep it minimal myself.


    The original picture of Turnus is still viewable here, again by Feyrll.
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    Yeah, so when you are building wounds you should use strike, and then cleave when they shield/rebound, as @Turnus said, and then save your swings/maneuver swings or whatever for those moves like amputate that only can be done with a swing.
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    Where did you get that UI?

    As for tracking, you are going to want to know when they have an affliction that prevents stance/party such as paralized or clumbsy or prone etc. You will also want to track afflictions that are a requirment for other afflictions. And you will want to keep track of afflictions that prevent them from curing, or cure more slowly.. such as slickness, slit throat, blackout, stun etc.
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