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Since there isn't one already, I'm listing here workshops that I found interesting and helpful in learning more about drawing. Feel free to post your own as well!

ImagineFx: (The files listed have the support files as well so you can paint alongside with the workshop. Really helps with developing your own art skills), they have a monthly magazine for fantasy art.

This one is about making a monster by using a photo by Dave Rapoza. His website is

This one is about painting a Kraken by Bart Tiongson 

This one is about learning how to paint in a Frank Frazeta style. 

I'm working on a piece now, and when I'm done I'll show how I did it step by step with gimp.


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    These are shorter tutorials that I really like:

    Concept Art has a lot of great tutorials but I really learned a lot from this one:

    One of my favourite sites with tutorials for illustration

    This is a great website that gives you posed figures to draw from (sans-skin)   (website is down now, but hopefully up soon!

    I have more, too, but I'll have to remember them first!
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    That watercolor one blew my mind. I've always been more of a writer, except for an "I can draw!" phase in high school in which lots of weeaboo stuff was churned out. Ugh.

    Seeing some of these tutorials is really making my "draw something" itch act up though.
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    Mine too Lillie..

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