Institute - A basic combat system for Institute guild members (requires m&m to function)

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About two months ago @Portius commissioned me to develop a basic combat system for Institute guild members. He generously added that the system could be shared with the entire community to use as they see fit, so big props to him for that. It covers tarot, harmonics and aeonics. I went a little overboard on the tarot part and made it use GMCP inventory to check if you have cards out to avoid inventory clutter. This made things a bit more complex, especially since I don't actually have an institute character, but after a lot of testing and me basically learning how a whole new guild works it is now finished and ready for distribution.

I've put the system on Github as it will form a nice addition to my code portfolio. This also means it is safely hosted 'in the cloud' and you're all welcome to do with it as you please so long as you respect the license, which is GPL v2.0.

If you just want to use the system, ignore all that, instead go to Github and press the 'download as zip' button and follow the instructions in the README file that is also displayed all nice and formatted on that page. It explains all the aliases and some more.

As for support, stuff may break over time. I may or may not fix it. I'm not actively playing right now, but I'm still around as I keep the curio site going (yes, there might even be updates soon now this is done! I have all your messages with missing pieces sitting in the backlog together with a few suggestions I'd like to add). If you find a bug post it here, and I'll see what I can do. If you want it to do more stuff, feel free to build upon it yourself, or throw credits at another coder to have them do it for you (said coder must respect the license though!). I delivered the work to @Portius as agreed upon and that is that for me.

As per usual, take a backup of your stuff before importing this, because if stuff breaks it really isn't my fault. It shouldn't though, but you know :P
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    I've got my own stuff, but this is cool. Thanks for putting out there!
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