My homemade mini-arcade project

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Ok, so long story short, as something for stress relief in my free time, I've started work on what is going to be a self-contained portable 'arcade' unit - basically all I will need to do is plug an HDMI cable into a TV and the power in and it will be good to go.  I've been focussing on constructing the outer box so far while I wait for the other parts to arrive.

This is the pre-painted framework - I made the 'shell' out of .75in thick MDF (multi-density fibreboard)

I didn't take any photos of it with the undercoat in place unfortunately, my camera battery had drained at the time.


This is after the first layer of paint had been put on - I've since done the second coat and am waiting for that to dry before I do the stencil art.  Once that is done, I'm going to screw hinge and the lid onto the case and drill the holes for the arcade stick and buttons.  Having a hinged lid means that it will be easy for me to do repairs plus get into the box to add/remove games at whim.
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