Cleaning up the emote list

SakrSakr Member Posts: 151 Capable
So with many of the different emotes you can do, I went through yesterday the ones that shouldn't be targeted towards yourself, due to awkwardness or other things. An example would be:

  1. burp            No    No              
  2. - You let out a massive belch directly into yourself's face. How rude!


  1. tigger          No    No              
  2. - You pounce playfully on yourself.

So I went through Emotes A - C  Emotes D - F and Emotes T - Z

I could do with help going through emotes G - S, which I'll list below. So please put it on a pastebin or something and bug it. Also, so people don't go over the same ones, please note which letters you are going through. And see which ones sound awkward or should be impossible to do please. And thank you!



  • XenthosXenthos Shadow Lord Member Posts: 5,971 Transcendent
    Er... does it really matter? You don't need to use them on yourself, and I'd rather they focus on other things.
  • EnyalidaEnyalida Nasty Woman Member Posts: 4,384 Transcendent
    We already went through  with Iosai (a few months ago) and tested a huge slew of emotes and deleted the ones that were abjectly impossible to do to yourself. 
  • SakrSakr Member Posts: 151 Capable
    Well, I'm sure that another glance is needed through the list. I've noticed many emotes that cannot be used on yourself, so I guess thank you for that. But that doesn't mean that others are not still existing, which is ticking some kind of twitch in me to discover and ask to be fixed.

    For example, grabbyhands me

    You grab and slap at yourself's hands in a childish attempt to get your attention.

    gambol me

    You gambol about playfully with yourself.

    ignore me

    You turn your back on yourself and pointedly ignore yourself.
  • ZyphoraZyphora :: the sun in her splendour :: Member Posts: 398 Transcendent
    When I wanted to congratulate myself on finally achieving Demigod:

    hug me
    This emote cannot be used on yourself.

    u__u Okay.
    Motes of light around the caldera pulse brightly as a soft voice echoes,
    "But She was lovely, and all She touched became lovely, too.
    And She touched the Architect's heart, a place that no other had claimed with their artistry."

    "Or if you pick up something a little too heavy for you, does it hurt?
    It is only a little pressure on the understood boundaries of yourself."

    - Sunshine, by Robin McKinley
  • CyndarinCyndarin used Flamethrower! It was super effective. Member Posts: 4,508 Transcendent
    Zyphora said:
    When I wanted to congratulate myself on finally achieving Demigod:

    hug me
    This emote cannot be used on yourself.

    u__u Okay.

    No friends. Not even yourself.
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