Urdnot's First Vision Quest for Brother Jaguar

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This was @Urdnot 's first time doing a vision quest. He said he's not good at this kind of RP at all, but I think he did good for his first time :) .

Urdnot adds the boiling water to the tea and stirs it with a small twig.

Urdnot stands in the centre of the stone circles and listens for your guidance.

As he sits down on one side of the fire, you say, "Please, sit across from me."

Urdnot sits himself down.

You sit yourself down.

You say to Urdnot, "You must understand this--vision quests are dangerous for the uninitiated. As your guide, I will protect you, and the spirits we meet will not harm you on account of my presence. That is my duty. But you must not lose the sound of my voice, for if you are lost in the realm of the Warrior Spirits, you may never return."

You ask Urdnot, "Do you understand?"

Lodge Chief Urdnot Starleaf says, "Yes."

Touching the mark on his face, you ask Urdnot, "You seek a servant of Brother Jaguar, aye?"

Lodge Chief Urdnot Starleaf says, "Yes."

You nod your head at Urdnot.

Waving his hands over the fire and chanting, you say to Urdnot, "Then drink the tea--and listen, listen carefully for my voice."

Urdnot blows on his tea and carefully drinks the lot before returning his attention back to you.

The sound of Moon River running past dims, fading away to silence. One by one, the sounds of the forest reede into the background. Soon, your vision fades, blurring in a swirl of smoke and fluttering feathers. When it clears, you find yourself standing in a wide plain. The long grasses wave in the wind that blows over the plain dotted with the occasional tree. "Urdnot, can you hear me?" the voice of Everiine says.

Lodge Chief Urdnot Starleaf says, "I can hear you."

Your vision flutters, and into it steps the form of Everiine . "Good," he says, folding his wings behind him. He looks across the plain, and his head feathers rustle in the breeze. "We will need to find an animal, a servant of the Jaguar, one known for its ability to adapt," he says.

Urdnot points across the plains to a nearby tree under which a small black bear is sitting.

Lodge Chief Urdnot Starleaf says, "The bear is fairly apt for me, they have adapted to many places and can survive anywhere because they are so adaptable."

The trek to the tree is not long, and you arrive shortly. The black bear's eyes and ears turn toward Urdnot as you approach. "Is that so?" she says in a deep, motherly voice. "You speak well for a traveler. I respect that." She turns to Everiine Silvermoon and nods her head, then returns her attention to Urdnot. "You have a good teacher. Very well, ask your questions, if you wish to learn more about adaptability."

Urdnot stands to attention and gives the black bear a respectful tribalsalute.

Lodge Chief Urdnot Starleaf says, "How would I make sure that my adaptations are improvements? most beasts adapt by being the survivors of any change but without that pressure how do is it possible for me to make sure that I can best serve my forest without such a terminal test?"

The bear's eyes fixate on Urdnot as she ponders the question. "Does the tree know it will stand against the wind until the wind blows? Does the water knows its course until it is run? Adaptability is not safe. The world is littered with spirits and souls who did not know they would fail until they did. The difference between those who adapt and those who did not is only recognized at the end, when those who did are still alive, and those who did not are dead. This is the way of the world." Everiine Silvermoon flutters his wings as he listens to the conversation. "That does not mean that you cannot intelligently and with wisdom plan and adapt. You must account for as many variables as possible, and the more you take into account, the more likely it is that your adaptation will succeed. But can you -know- that it will succeed before it is tested? No."

Urdnot nods his head sagely.

The bear waits patiently for more questions, though Everiine starts to look around the plain. In the distance, the sound of a hunting party echoes.

Lodge Chief Urdnot Starleaf says, "I don't think I have any more questions."

Urdnot thanks the black bear before looking around the plain nervously.

You say to Urdnot, "Are you sure? This is your only chance to ask her."

Urdnot listens to the sound of the hunting party and tilts his head towards you questioningly.

Lodge Chief Urdnot Starleaf says, "I think so, I researched adaptions before coming and that was the bit I was unsure of."

Everiine quickly turns his head to the sound of a hunting horn in the distance. "Then we shall take our leave." Turning to the bear, he bows low, then rises and gives her the tribal salute.

Proudly standing at full attention, Urdnot slams a fist against his chest in a fierce tribal salute that reverberates throughout his body.

The bear nods her head, then appears to take no further notice of her visitors. When you turn, the image of Everiine Silvermoon has evaporated, leaving Urdnot alone. "Listen to my voice, little one," comes the old bird's voice, and the plain around you begins to shift and undulate. The smoke returns, dulling your senses and nearly choking you. When it clears, the sounds of the River and the Forest return, as if they never left. Smoke rises from the dead fire, finally disappearing in a wisp.

Urdnot slowly blinks his eyes clear.

Everiine Silvermoon opens his eyes, letting them refocus on Urdnot. "Welcome back, little one," he says.

Lodge Chief Urdnot Starleaf says, "That was...something."

You ask Urdnot, "What did you see?"

Lodge Chief Urdnot Starleaf says, "A wise Bear a plane and a hunting party in the distance."

Folding his hands in his lap, you ask, "And what did you hear?"

Lodge Chief Urdnot Starleaf says, "That nothing truly adapts, you can grow and change, but ultimately who you are will dictate whether you survive or not so you need to focus on being the best you can be to overcome future obstacles or changes."

Everiine nods, considering your words. "Did you learn what you expected to learn?"

Lodge Chief Urdnot Starleaf says, "I'm not sure what I expected to learn, I went in with an open mind and I did learn."

Everiine nods and gets to his feet, folding his wings behind him. "Then do you consider your vision a success?"

Urdnot weighs up his meeting for a second before nodding his affirmation.

Lodge Chief Urdnot Starleaf says, "I believe so."

Everiine Silvermoon walks up and places a hand on Urdnot's chest. "Then I name you Urdnot Starleaf, Jaguar's Cub. You have begun your journey to a greater understanding of the ways of Brother Jaguar and the Warrior Spirits."
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