HTML Client effecting Mudlet Issues?

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I'm posting this here mostly if it gets repeated.

Osali managed to unintentionally send some code (remember what you see here is not exactly what was sent).

You tell Ember Osali, "// do you remember what you were doing?"

X tells you, "Yeah, the special characters are not showing up here, but they did in whatever he
sent... and he's gone quiet about it."

Osali tells you, "I was just saying "It is then" because of what [ed: x] said."

You tell X, "I'm talking to him. He's saying he is using the online client. I'm
thinking maybe a copy and paste thing?"

Osali tells you, "I was trying to register. Could that be why?"

You tell Ember Osali, "// Not sure. Almost more seems like a bad copy and paste."

X tells you, "I'm not really sure what's up... if it's an issue with the online client that is
very bad."

Osali tells you, "Which, I wouldn't see why that would do anything like that."

You can hold your breath no longer and gasp for air, fighting to bring oxygen back to your deprived

Osali tells you, "Hmm....OH! You know when you're trying to select some words and the screen goes

Osali tells you, "I mean, not yellow, blue."

x tells you, "((the characters in that log are not the characters I got - that must be just what
your machine subs in for an unrecognized character.))"

You tell Ember Osali, "// I don't use it, but I think I follow."

Osali tells you, "Like, it goes blue when you select words."

You tell Ember Osali, "// go on."
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Osali tells you, "Holding the left mouse button down and dragging. I did something earlier, and my
whole screen was blue."

Osali tells you, "Like, I selected everything. And, I was trying to get rid of it by clicking around.
 Think maybe that did it?"

You tell Ember Osali, "// Possible. It does kinda look like it is trying to paste some html code.
I'll report it as best I can and we'll see if it makes sense to the admin. Thank you."

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