Weapon Types and their related stats

RenthurRenthur Member Posts: 76 Capable
Is there any reason for particular weapons to be used? Or is it always the speed ones used because it requires less tempering? Are the maximum stats for each weapon type higher or just the minimum?


  • ZagreusZagreus Member Posts: 861 Transcendent
    There is, each weapon type has minimums which is all that matters.

    Speed ones are used primarily because the dmg min is lower, meaning you can pump more into precision/speed as a result.
  • RenthurRenthur Member Posts: 76 Capable
    Oh, I hadn't considered that, thanks for the info.
  • XenthosXenthos Shadow Lord Member Posts: 7,020 Transcendent
    They are going to be overhauled though. So this will change.
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