Coming out dormancy, new character?

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Hey all :)  It's been a few years since I've played Lusty, probably 4-5. I always appreciated the game and the players. I was fortunate to be around a bunch of great RPers when I used to play. I really would like to get back into it, and I'm thinking of a fresh start with a new character. I'm comfortable with most alignments, so that's not a huge issue. In another game I played the darker/evil alignment for a long time. So I *might* be ready for something different. But, in the end, I'll go with what has the most opportunity for interaction with other players.

Some of the other games have some lower activity levels I've noticed while peeking around. Does anyone have suggestions on which cities are pretty active?  It's kind of thrilling and scary at the same time coming back (I'll definitely need the noob tutorials to remember how to sort myself out!)

I appreciate your input! 


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    Welcome back! :D

    All six cities/communes are pretty active, if you're on at the right time. People's schedules line up at different times, but evening EST American is probably when you'll find most people about. All also have strong RP'ers in them, but you may have to seek them out yourself--people are more than willing to engage in deep RP with you if they know you're looking for it.

    Don't worry about being a returning noob! We're in the midst of a radical overhaul, so we're all on a big learning curve right now. You'll need to know that curing has changed significantly, as have races. Curing is being reduced to only a few cures, and race stats are out--races instead give different perks at different levels.
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    Definitely make ac throwaway character or two to check out what sort of activity is going in your chosen org during your normal play times. I'm PST, and honestly Glom always has a good smattering of people around during that time . But yeah, throwaway character or three to see if peep are on when you are. Use them to check cwho since regular who tends to lie.
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