Player Credit Purchases and Org Credits

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Using my new insight into the current state of Hallifax's financial accounts, a thought occurred to me that spurred a bit of clan conversation, and now I feel like seeing what other people think about it.

I'm looking back on the changes I missed over the last few years and seeing where attempts were made to keep the money coming in, namely in the form of dingbat, and now aethergoop and wonder crystal promotions. 

This does what I assume is a decent job of keeping credit purchases rolling, judging by the popularity of aethergoop and wonder crystals right now, but just reading the city logs shows what's going on... there's definitely less credit purchases going on nowadays, which is cutting into the bottom line of org credits available for various things.

So I guess the question I feel needs answering is, has it ever been considered to raise the percentage of org credits granted for player purchases to offset the reduced frequency?


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    I can say that when a promo like this goes on, yes less credit purchases. But these promos last a month, next month depending on the promo/if there is a promo... Never know, might be like this month, might not.

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    There is generally a pretty steady stream of credits from the elite memberships. However, the 'bonus' credits for having a long term membership aren't counted for the purposes of how much each org gets. That would be a good place to change without mucking around in the system too much, as that's almost certainly set by IRE. 

    It would also be interesting for orgs to get involved in the credit market, as long as there were controls in place to prevent speculation, as org money supplies could easily thrust credit prices extremely high. With dedicated effort by all of the orgs, we could fairly easily push credit prices pretty low by using org banks to buy credits up and sell them lower, which has the added side effect of offloading some of the banked gold onto the economy, such as it is. Alternately, some kind of scheme where org credits are alternately bought up and then sold for lower prices to provide competition for the credit market would be cool, if orgs had some revenue stream outside of credits.
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