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For all those people who have too many curios to know what to do with or people who just love to organize. These triggers will interpret all your curio pieces and organize them by collection and set, finally listing how many of each piece you have.


Triggers off of CURIOS PIECES. It will hide all the pieces and auto-send MORE until every piece has been analysed. After that it will output the summary.


-Doesn't know what pieces you are missing

-Doesn't put the regular pieces “in order” (though, will always put the Rare at the front)


-Doesn't require you to update a database

-Once you have all ten pieces you can build the curio with the click of a button


-You can click on the Collection name or the Set name to search CURIOS ALL [Collection] or CURIOS ALL [Set] respectively.

-Lists how many of the curio pieces you have. If you have 0, it is a red dash. If you have one, it is a default grey one. If you have more than one of that curio, it displays the number in green. This is assuming you want to know which extras you can trade away.

-Placing your mouse over any curio piece will show a tooltip Description of the curio piece.

-Clicking on the curio piece searches for CURIOS ALL [DESCRIPTION].

-Once you have all ten pieces the Organizer will show “Build Me!” in yellow text. You can click that to build the curio in one instant.

Possible Complications:

-If you happen to have over 99 of one curio piece, it will show “#” instead of the number. The tooltip and search will still work.

-If Estaara comes out with a regular curio piece with the description that is just “Rare”, the code will toss the piece in with the Rares.

-The curio pieces are distinguished by their Descriptions in CURIOS PIECES. If these descriptions are ever non-unique, the Organizer will toss them under one label.

-Just in case the number of characters between Set and Collection or Collection and Description are not 21 and 13 respectively on your mudlet, you can change those numbers inside Curio Organizer Start.

Edit: Link changed to github

For Mister Zvoltz, Pejat has been terminated by the Replicant Dynodeon.


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    100 credits for anyone willing to convert this for MUSHclient.

    Edit: Bounty claimed!

    You transfer 100 credits to Ayisdra. 
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    100 credits for anyone willing to convert this for MUSHclient.

    Edit: Bounty claimed!

    You transfer 100 credits to Ayisdra. 
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    It's in Ayisdra's mush scripts post.
  • I have updated the Curio Organizer to work with the new commands. The Curio Organizer can use Partials to find the names of the pieces you are missing. You can also use Curio Organizer to view the Curio Market for specific curios.

    XML package:

    For Mister Zvoltz, Pejat has been terminated by the Replicant Dynodeon.
  • I'll hijack this thread to share a bit of a simple code to list your curio pieces for trade with the ANY argument.

    It's just a simple (probably badly written) regex to find and send all your curio pieces to be listed for trading that most people can probably come up with themselves. However, since trading curios is almost always better than rubbing them, for everyone involved (Xenthos convinced me of this a long time ago), I figured that the more people who can set this up and put up all their pieces for trade (including those who don't want to spend the effort to write their own regex), the better for everyone.

    This will only list pieces - it won't touch your rares, partials, or completes. It'll list every piece you let it read, though, so if you have a piece you want to keep, you'll need to either put it into a partial, or manually find (and remove) it from the listing once you're done listing everything.

    You can also change the send syntax to list it for a price instead of for any - but I don't recommend this, because only the ANY listing will be free. You will otherwise incur a significant gold cost if you try to list all your curio pieces for a gold/credit value (assuming you have a lot of pieces). You can also swap out the "PIECE" part of the regex with "RARE" and it'll switch it to list rares only.

    Trigger this regex:<br>(\d+)\s+Piece\s+(.*)\s+\w+(.*)\s+Yes<br>
    To send:<br>send("curiomarket add sell piece " .. matches[2] .. " for any")

    Just do CURIO LIST ALL, and then hit MORE until all of your curios have been run through.

    Disclaimer: You'll probably receive a constant stream of lines telling you that you have sold piece xxx for piece yyy. You might want to gag that. No way to stop the messages that get sent when you're offline, though, you'll have to live with it.

    Happy trading.

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