Astrology Script and GUI for Mudlet

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This is the Astrology script that I have been using for a while now. The bulk of the work was done by others, but I've tweaked it a bit here and there.

The script includes a date parser, so that you never have to STARGAZE to know what the current rays and sphere status is. To use it, first check the DATE and then "timegaze"

It also includes a GUI with tables of the current rays based on date, spheres based on date, and a table for your target's nativity. To adjust the positioning of the GUI, go into Scripts -> Astrology -> astrowindow_startup, and adjust the x and y numbers.

Image example of timegaze, Nativity and the gui tables:
Download Link:

A few tips on mechanics and strategy:

 - If there are multiple planets within a sign, when you astrocast that sign, it will choose one of the rays randomly.
 - If aeon is available, abuse it. Rays are on a 2.5s eq, and are semi-masked. This quick of aeon is really powerful. Bonus if asthma is also available.
 - Make sure you get all the damage buffs you can. Truefavour, Gedulah (if Guardian), Kirigami, War karma.
 - Sun rays can be surprisingly useful. Because of the fast eq, they can do pretty good damage, but see the above point.


 - Meteor is the pseudo instakill for Astrology. It can only be done in outdoor rooms. To check if a room is outdoors, do FLYERS.
 - Meteor does damage based on the number of negative spheres on a target. At 4 spheres and with enough damage buffs, you should be able to kill 95% of players.
 - Once you summon a meteor, it will land in 6 seconds. It takes 3s eq after summoning, and you can do other actions before it lands.
 - If you or your target leaves the room, the summoning will fail.

If you have questions relating to the script or Astrology, ask me here or in game.

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  • TarkentonTarkenton Traitor Bear Member Posts: 2,555 Transcendent
    So, on a tangent, if you duck out of the room then go back in before that 6s is up, does it still fail?
  • ShedrinShedrin Member Posts: 905 Transcendent
    edited August 2015
    Tarkenton said:
    So, on a tangent, if you duck out of the room then go back in before that 6s is up, does it still fail?
    The meteor will succeed. This is the same as Soulless, and I think other timed instas.

    edit: To clarify, this is if the target moves out and back in, if the summoner moves out at any time, it fails.
  • MaligornMaligorn Windborne Member Posts: 2,788 Transcendent
    This thing is pretty damn nifty, recommend it 100% for all astro players. Makes the skillset fun!

  • TarkentonTarkenton Traitor Bear Member Posts: 2,555 Transcendent
    Gotta be out when the timer is up then, okay. Good to remember. I should kidnap you to the arena to see if I can tank it at all :D
  • CyndarinCyndarin used Flamethrower! It was super effective. Member Posts: 4,508 Transcendent
    It's those other 5% that are a real bitch. It's why I finally gave up on Astro. :(

    That being said, it's a fun skillset, and this looks awesome! I had the script and it was fantastic. The GUI is fancy.
  • SaranSaran Member Posts: 1,718 Mythical
    Trying to play around with this, does anyone know of a way to have the gui pop out into a separate window. It's really great, I just also like having my screen smaller :(
  • ShedrinShedrin Member Posts: 905 Transcendent
    edited October 2016
    GUI updated with the new sphere effects. Also includes a few tweaks I've done to show the ray effects when you use them and if the room is indoors or outdoors.
  • GeroGero Member Posts: 72 Adept
    Any chance some kind under paid soul could convert this over to mush pretty please?
  • HavastusHavastus Member Posts: 346 Expert
    So I've been reading through the code here, trying to understand exactly how it all works, and I have a quick question. Mainly, how is it exactly that you're calculating all of the astral sphere effects and their potency/costs/whatever? I see a lot of magical "epoch" numbers, but am not sure how you calculated them.

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