Tarot Hermit Script

AisonAison Member Posts: 29 Apprentice

Is there a hermit script available for Mudlet? Willing to pay 5 credits/dingbats for one to be made (negotiable). Basically what it would do is, you'd OUTD HERMIT and then ACTIVATE HERMIT with the syntax "herm" or what have you. Then you'd place the activated hermit in your pack (or whatever container). It'd create a list of hermits you have as each have individual numbers when activated, so you can have multiple ones in your pack at once. Then when you want to use them (FLING HERMIT AT GROUND) you can use the syntax "herm1" or "herm2" etc. It would need something to reset it on occasion since hermits tend to decay on you occasionally when you forget to refresh them.


Please contact in-game if you need anything else. I understand it's a fairly simple thing to code, but it's very convenient and I miss my old script that I can no longer find :( and can't code for crap myself. Dilemma. Thank you!

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