Trying to better combat - seeking Ideas on monk/tahtetso combat

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as I got very little people to ask during my playtime (read: most of the time zero), I wanted to know if somebody would indulge me again helping me figure out what I can use to actually kill people or maybe has some logs for me. Currently, I only see two options and I'd rather not be just a two trick pony. Meaning, I do try to figure out kill strategies that I can actually use. So far I got two strategies that might work, though sparrings showed that they only work in certain situations and I'd rather have more ideas.

Also, I've been considering transcendenting harmony for it's deathtouch thing, but then realized I see no way I could push somebody below 2/3 in health, let alone a second statistic. curing of most people is just too good for that.

So basically... I guess, it's a "give me some ideas what I could rely on / look into". I don't require you to explain me every last detail, I think general pointers would suffice. I kind of love figuring out different strategies, if I have something viable to work with, which I sadly don't.

I'd be very happy for some viable input!
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    I've never played the class personally, so I'm not 100% sure of the specifics, but you will want to look into how you can cycle or stack shattered ankles, and how long of a window of prone time it can give you for free hits on your opponent. Figuring out how to chestpain either before or after and then pulling off your insta during that window when they can't get up is probably the most viable of strategies for Tahtetso.

    Other than that, you can try laying out the afflictions you can do and seeing what cures you can stack. Then narrowing in on the useful ones and fashioning a stacking strategy is the probably the next best way to think about strategies.

    Of course, you'll need to think about how to bypass stance/parry while actually making your forms.

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    I believe Tahtetso pk goes vaguely like this:


    I'm only partially joking. Basically you just spam hemi all the time. 
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    @Celina ah well... that's the 'one trick pony'. Not feeling like being one, hence my question :-)
    @Lerad Thanks... will try to figure something out with that info, but it leads all back to the same insta... which I would have liked to have an alternative to.

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    Only other alternative is to damage them out, really, which will likely require the hemi train to stack wounds to get to the point where your forms do harsh damage. I've only ever been a hemi train to insta tahto because it works, and works pretty good.
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