More aware tracking hounds, ecology familiars and ribbachi.

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..and anything else that can be ordered to move, look and listen remotely.

Maybe optional autolook and mapview on entering a room? Also, a GMCP event on bond moving and looking containing the same stuff the normal room event has?

Any combination of the above, really. Please. :)

Or the go-ahead to write a system to the same effect.


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    You can do this reasonably easily already, with mudlet anyway. I use my keypad for movement, so when I switch to controlling something else just swap out the keypad mappings to be 'order BLAH move east;order BLAH exits' etc.

    The mudlet mapper let you center by roomname quite easily too. The slight issue is with areas with several rooms with the same name. For that I've thought about using the exits to spot the correct one but haven't done it yet.
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    There's also some add-on (I think, maybe Vadi made it just for me? Can't remember -- I'll look for it) that allows you to track your bond on the Mudlet mapper in a different colour to you. I found it monumentally useful, except I loved Runes more than Ecology, so that didn't last long. 

    I will be back with more information!

    EDIT: Okay, turns out it was very simplistic, but here's what I was using:

    As it is, this will highlight the room name on the map that the bond moved to. That means that it will highlight all rooms of the same name, which makes moving around the Starry Sea really awkward. Vadi says you can make it work better than this if you track which direction your bond moved to, rather than rely on room name. We never got around to that. Silly Ecology being inferior to Runes.

    But, maybe it's a start for someone?
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    Keep in mind that A] the ribbachi (and presumably hunting pet) control range is about the same distance as the PATH FIND <room id> range, and B] ORDER <ent> MOVE <dir> does not take ent balance. This means that if you want to sneak a ribbachi into, say, Glomdoring, you can do MAP GLOMDORING 0 0 0, fiddle with the coords until you get the room you want, note the room id, go within range, use PATH FIND <room id>, and then either code a thing to take that output and turn it into ORDER <ent> MOVE <dir> commands or manually feed it into a text file where you find/replace ", " with ";ORDER <ent> MOVE ".

    That said, ORDER RIBBACHI MAP would have been super excellent.
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    Alicia was working on something for me on Mushclient that almost worked. If she is ever able to come back, I'll see if she can finish it and we can distribute it.

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