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So  back when Nyxx was in Glomdoring ther was a player named Belibi. He doesn't play anymore... but he coded for me a really basic and simple harvester that stopped harvesting when a room got down to 10 plants remaining, I had to check PLANTS in a room before it'd let me harvest and it'd remind me in bright blue if I didnt check PLANTS and it had a feature to HSTOP (stop harvesting) if I had to run out of a room during an emergency (like i'm being attacked by astralbeasties)... my computer recently crashed (the hard drive got fried via a power surge) and I lost EVERYTHING... even the 50k words of my novel I was writing....-mutter- but besides that I obviously lost all my systems and everyhting for lusternia... which is fine, most of htem I can redownload.. but this one I can't find anywhere and since he doesnt play anymore I have no way to get it back.. I know next to NOTHING about coding (so little that I find m&m to be way too complicated and convoluted for me to use and thus I don't use it... need to know too many different commands to turn parts of it on or off, etc. it's crazy) and I certainly havent the foggiest how to code my own...

Anyone wanna help me out here?
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